Consider That A Promise (Pokemon)

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this is just a quick short romantic paragraph of a story im working on

blu has always been quiet around sally, and he is sick of hiding his affections for this gardevior

Submitted: January 03, 2013

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Submitted: January 03, 2013



i walked into the hallway of the house... looking for the one i care and love for... nothing holding me back, nothing to lose.
i see 2 doors... im scared, what if she gets scared of me? what if im just some heartless monster to her?
No. i will not cower again! i will stand up for my heart aching love
for this sirknight!
i open the door to my left and walk in slowly
and there she is... that amazing body and beautiful dress
she turns around... she looks at me and smiles
i must ask her
she asks me in curiosity "...? Blu? what are you doing here?"
i replied in a nervous tone "i.. i a- am here to t- se- see you!"
the smile on her face couldnt make me any better inside... that scar on her left eye was because of me... i am a monster, but i must confess to her.. she is the love of my life and i must show her, for i am dying slowly and must release this hatred for myself
she walks slowly towards me
she is giggling... i feel like i want to rip my throat out!
that scar looks so painful... and yet she smiles
... god what did i do!
she said in a cheerful expression "im so happy that you are here blu! you always make me smile!"
holding my tears and anger back i said "why? i have done so much damage to you! how could you still care for me?!"
she said "because your no monster to me silly! your a friend and a pokemon i care for... no matter what you do to me!"
she wraps her arms around me
she whispered softly into my ear "please dont leave me... i need you more than ever"
with so much strength i try to hold my tears back... how can she just smile... how?!
i cant hold it any longer!
i burst into tears
i said in a depressing tone "i have to leave you... for i love you to much to hurt you again sally! im sorry! im so sorry, please forgive me... but i must leave"
she looked into my eyes... her amazing purple eyes
she smiled and said "if you love me? you would stay!"
i asked "but i cannot, i will hurt you again!"
she smiled and replied in a cheerful tone "please dont leave me blu! i love you too! ive always loved you... and if you go... i dont know what i would do!"
she hugged me tight
i felt so bad inside... how can she love me? after all ive done?!
i said... quietly into her ear "My hearts true desires. My love... for you, i am no longer scared"
she locked lips with me... 
the passion she felt for my heart... breaks me slowly inside...
she said "dont leave me... my knight in shining armor! blu.. please stay with me"
i whispered into her ear "my love, consider that a promise"

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