Never Let Go (Pokemon)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a continuation from "Deathly Offspring"

Submitted: January 02, 2013

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Submitted: January 02, 2013




ah it was a nice sunny day, perfect to practice my fighting skills...
as always... my sparring partner machamp would practice his hand to hand defence...
as i would practice my kicking and my reflex
he said "after you finish Stretching, assume offence stance and i will attack"
after i stretched my legs, i got into my offence stance...
he rushed at me
he first tried to knock me down... funny thing, he was REALLY slow..
i kept dodging his fists, trying to get him offguard
after a couple of dodges, he started to lose guard
i finially find an opening, i get a good strike into his chest
he falls down gasping for air
"oh shit! are you alright" i asked
he replied "yea -cough- -cough- good hit -cough-"
i help him up
he looks at me and laughs "you should of -cough- -cough- seen the look on your face"
i started to notice he was coughing out blood
i ask "dude.. are you sure your gonna be alright?"
he replied "nope.. but ill check with the medic"
machamp walks over to the medic
the medic gives him some water and a towel
i wave goodbye as i walk towards the jocks lockers
i get undressed out of my combat guard and into my jeans and jacket
as i walk outside the gym, i notice the new guy (typhlosion) trying to get his bag out of a tree
i walk over and ask "how did you get your bag up there mate?"
he replied "some asswholes took my bag and threw it up there!"
so i ask "do you know who they are?"
he replied "lucario's gang"
i ask "want to talk to them?"
he nodded and we walked over to the sports field where lucario and his friends hang
they all look at typhlosion and laugh
i walk up to lucario and ask "why pick on this guy?"
he laughed and replied "because he is fag!"
i frown at him and said "you are going to apoligise and get his bag"
he laughed and got a bat out "or what, feathercunt!"
i replied "i will hurt you"
he laughed and swinged at me...
he was a shitty fighter
after two swings i crossblocked him and forced him face first into the concrete
his friends surrounded me...
they all swung at me, after a couple of minutes i took everyone out...
i walked over to lucario and grabbed him by the ear "now apoligise"
i right hooked him and said "A P O L I G I S E !"
he started to cry "s..s...sorry man"
i walked him over to the tree and made him grab typhlosions bag and hand it to him
i push lucario onto the floor and he runs away
typhlosion said "wow... thanks.. uh"
i said "blaziken..."
he shaked my hand and said "... can you hang with me for today?"
i nodded and we visited the libary
he asked "do you read books?"
i said "sometimes... i spend most of my time training"
he replied "ohh... so your a fighter... ok"
i noticed he was a little scared of me so i said "dont worry mate! im a friendly fighter"
he smiled
he asked "what class do you have next?"
i said "ugh i have science"
he smiled and asked "with Mrs Light"
i said "yea.. you too eh?"
we both laughed and decided we would hang together
we made our way to Mrs Light's class
we entered class and sat at the front...
Mrs Light said "Good Morning class! today we will study pikachu's lighting theory"
Mrs Light turned around to start writing on the board
my eyes went directly down to Mrs Light's Arse
dat ass!
fuck im a perv
typhlosion noticed i was staring and he tapped me on the sholder "dude... focus, we could get good grades if we work together"
i nodded and started to read on the lightning theory...
after an hour of reading the bell goes
Mrs Light asked "blaziken and typhlosion will you please stay... rest of you can go"
when everyone left
she walked towards me..
and asked "you need to stop focusing on my arse and focus on work"
my face went red "whoa! i nev-"
she cut me off and said "i saw you..."
she was a latias after all...
she said to typhlosion "your work is amazing!... you should help blaziken with his work"
he nodded and we both left the classroom
he asked me "... dude... really?"
i said "aw comeone she is hot!"
he laughed and replied "you really need to find a girlfriend"
i said "what about you"
he was nervous and said "can we speak about it somewhere quiet"
so we walked over to the circle garden, its always quiet and no one ever hangs here
his face went red and said "well... im more... into guys.."
i asked "so your gay?"
he replied "i guess so"
he was scared
so i said "why are you scared?"
he replied "because people dont like me because im gay"
i said "i accept you as gay and i still find you as a friend"
he smiles and hugs me
my face went red
he said "oh.. u... uh.. sorry"
he then said "i just... ive never had a friend before"
i smiled and asked "why dont you come over to my house after school"
he nodded
after school we met at the back gate and walked over to my house
when we reached my house he said "whoa!... you live in a mansion!?"
i replied "yea... my dad built it... he was an alchemist"
we walk in...
i asked "do you want anything?"
he asked "do you have any scotch?"
i nodded and i got me and tyhposion a bottle each
we sat down in the living room
i asked "can ya tell me a bit about yourself?"
he smiled and said "well... im 16... my fave color is red, i am gay, and i love reading"
he then asked "what about you?"
i replied "im 16 aswell, my fave color is white, i havent decided my sexual preferance, and i love kickboxing"
we both took a swig of scotch
he asked "can you use alchemy?"
i replied "... yes i can"
i get a knife and i jab my wrist... it starts to bleed
i stand up and i click my fingers and my hands catch on fire...
typhlosion looks at me with awe "DUDE THATS AWESOME!"
i start to get dizzy...
i fall on my knees
the fire cancels
he asked "are you ok?"
i replied "alchemy is very tireing and if i use too much to quickly i lose alot of blood ... since im a basic alchemist"
i sat back on the couch and relaxed my legs
he asks "any family"
i replied "well... my dad created the most useful object in in world... my mother... well she wasnt an alchemist, but she had great medical training"
i then asked "what about your family"
he had a really sad expression "my mother has cancer... she doesnt have long, and my father left us years ago"
i felt sorry for him "i.. i am so sorry..."
i ask "do you have a home?"
he replied "yea... i just... hate being alone"
i asked "wanna sleep here tonight?"
he smiled "yes... do i sleep on the couch?"
i laughed "no mate... i have 2 beds in my room.. ill show you!"
we walk upstairs into the main hallway...
we walk into the last door in the hallway
there are 2 beds in the room... both opposite sides of the room...
i take my jeans off
he blushes and asks "whoa!... um.. why are you getting undressed!?"
i laughed and replied "i always sleep in my underwear... i hope you dont mind?"
he looked down and said "wow... your big- i mean! yea... im ok"
i got under my bed blanket and typhlosion got under his...
i said "goodnight buddy"
he said "goodnight blaze"
i slowly close my eyes...
i hear my alarm...
fucking alarm
i get up and i still see typhlosion sleeping
i had an evil smirk...
i moved his blanket off him and got an ice cube...
i lifted his shirt up and placed an ice cube on his belly
i watched him shiver up and start shaking...
he jumps up "OH GOD IT BURNS!"
he looks at me "um... what did you do?"
i was laughing at him
i said "we need to get to school"
he got up and replied "oh shazms!"
we both got dressed into our normal clothing, i would wear a longsleeve shirt with jeans and typhlosion would wear a shortsleeve shirt and shorts...
we both went downstairs to make breakfast...
i asked "do ya like pancakes?"
he smiled and replied "i love pancakes"
i cooked typhlosion and i some pancakes
we sat down at the table
he asked "oh mah gawsh! you make the best pancakes ever!"
i smiled
after we finished eating pancakes...
i asked "you wanna ride with me... i own a motorbike"
he smiled and replied "ohh yes! i love going fast!"
so we walked to the garage and i get on my motorbike... typhlosion gets on behind me
i said "you have to put your arms around me..."
he blushed and replied "alright... like this?"
he puts his arms around me... his hands on my crotch
i quickly say "to low!"
he puts his arms up and said "shit sorry!"
i start the motor..
and off we go
we leave the garage...
a few minutes of riding we make it to sinnohvale high school's bike rack...
we both jump off the motorbike and i lock it up and we walk towards our first class... english
we enter the classroom...
we sit next to eachother
Mr Enery walks in and asks "can you please take out your textbooks"
me and typhlosion get out our textbooks and turn to page 12 
we read the rules of conversation.... 
after a few minutes i notice an error in rule 34
so i put my hand up
mr enery said "hmm? oh yes blaziken?"
i said "sir... the way 'your' is used is wrong... it should spell you're"
Mr enery checked the book and was amazed...
he said "You're Right!"
he took the books and said "students... while i take these books back to the office, do something productive"
me and typhlosion go outside and sit on the bench...
2 pokemon join us...
1 starts flicking typhlosion "yo fag?... gonna suck some dick eh?"
typlosion said "please stop it... go away"
he replied "make me fag"
i get up and said "look dumbass... you are going to walk away!"
he looks at me and laughs "isnt it little daddy waddys alchemist... go make some potions loser..."
i said "get up and face me!"
he stands up....
i get a toothpick out and jab my wrist...
i show him my bleeding wrist "leave him alone... last chance"
he laughes "OR WHAT!?"
i flick my fingers and my hands catch on fire
he looks at me "COMEONE PUSSY!"
i looked at him... "warned you"
i draw a symbol on the ground with my blood...
i punch the symbol... and 4 hands come out of the ground and grab his legs...
he started screaming as i walked slowly towards him... the other guy watching in shock
i put my hand on his face (note my hand is on fire) and started to burn his face...
after a few seconds his face was swollen... i let go of his face... he falls to the floor
the second guy lunges at me... i dodge and i touch him on the back with my bloody hand
he looks at me... i show a very evil smirk
he notices he has my blood on his back..
he is terrified...
i bring my hand into a clicking position...
he begs me to stop... "DUDE WAIT! PLEASE NO!"
i smiled "too bad..."
i click...
he bursts into flames...
a pokemon buts him out shortly after with water alchemy
i sit with typlosion.. "you alright pal"
he looks at me "did you really have to badly hurt those people"
i said "no... i  d... d..."
everythings moving... shit I OVERDID IT!
"i.... d... d-"
i fall to the floor everything fades to black
last thing i hear is typhlosion yelling "SOMEONE GET A MEDIC, BLAZIKEN ISNT BREATHING!"
im in a medic's room...
i open my eyes... i try to move my arms... but im handcuffed?
there are a police force is in the room im in
a gun is pointed at my head "you do any of that alchemy stuff... im gonna kill you"
i roll my eyes...
a medic comes in with typhlosion
the medic said "look blaze... you lost ALOT of blood"
i ask "how am i still alive"
the medic said "there were some bloodpacks left over"
typlhosion said "i dont want to lose you... your my only friend"
i smiled.. i looked at the medic and said "you have 10 seconds to get these guys out of here before i kill everyone in this room"
the medic shakes in terror... and asks the police force to leave...
its just me and typhlosion... alone in this room...
i ask "can you remove these cuffs?"
he replied "why?"
i said in a friendly voice "so i can hug you"
he blushed and removed the cuffs
i leaped at him and hugged him...
he said "..i.....i..."
i cut him off and said "you like me?... i kinda knew it"
i leaped in and kissed him
his face went bright red and he asked "i ... i thought you were straight?"
i replied "so did i... so did i"
i start to get sleepy...
i tell tyhplosion "i would like some rest please"
he waves and walks out
shortly after fall asleep
i awake in a emergency room
with a bunch of people surrounding me
i ask "what happened?"
one of the workers said "you had a heart attack in your sleep"
i ask "where is typhlosion"
he replied "he is with a relative..."
i try to get up, one of the workers try to hold me down
i said "let go of me!"
i grab one of the needle feeders in my wrist and jabbed the worker in the neck
i kick the other workers onto the floor
i get up and struggle to walk through the hallway
my chest is heavily bleeding...
the bandage around my chest is soaked
i keep thinking to myself "shit... im going to die... goddammit!"
i hear typhlosion "mom...?"
i try to dash into the room...
i open the door...
his mother isnt breathing
her life support responder wasnt showing anything
the look on his face... was so worrying
i walk up to typhlosion
i ask "you alright mate?"
i see tears going down his cheeks
he replied "im fine..."
he pushes me away and walks out of the room...
i look at his mother...
she is smiling
i know alchemy... i can bring her back!
i try to find typhlosion through the hallway
i can bearely move due to my condition
after a few minutes of walking i find him standing outside
i join him
i ask "are you really alright?"
he starts to cry
he hugs me saying "no im not, my fucking dad left her to die here! and now i got no one!"
i pat him on the back saying "you still have me"
he said "i wish i could see her again"
i replied "ive been practicing blood transmutation, i can bring her back"
he looks at me and said "... are you sure?"
i replied "i could try... but remember alchemy is fair trade... i can cheat the trade system i use a drop of my blood"
i said "i know it seems wrong... but you need to carry your mothers body, meet me at my house"
i dash off to my house while typhlosion gets his mothers body...
after an hour i get home...
i set up the achlemy revival ritual by drawing a 'revival' pentagram with the symbols 'survival, temptation, courage, blood, life, death'
after a few i hear typhlosion waiting at my door...
i let him...
i walk him to the garage where i sat up the ritual
i asked "can you put her body in the middle"
he nodded... he puts his mothers body in the middle of the pentagram
i ask typhlosion "you need to slash your wrists and place your hands on the floor"
we both slash our wrists... and we place our hands on the penagram
i ask "alright... are you ready?"
he asks "dude... what do i do?!"
i replied "just close your eyes"
he closes his eyes
he said "i.. just want to let you know... you are the greatest friend ive ever had"
i replied "im your only friend"
he said "shut up! lets hurry"
i start the trasaction
the pantagram lights up...
typhlosions mothers body starts to float...
i hear typhlosion "ITS WORKING!"
typhlosion gets knocked into a wall... 
i get knocked back... everything goes dark...
i wake up in a white... blank world...
there is a person looking at me
he said "get up"
i get up
i ask "who are you?"
he replied "im the law of trade"
he asks "you want infinite knowlage so you can save more lives... yet you avoid the rules of alchemy"
i ask "what happens?"
he laughs "you pay up.."
my leg starts to vanish....
he replies "your paying the price... an eye for an eye boy HAHAHAHAAA!"
i open my eyes...
my left leg is missing and blood is splirting out...
i scream out "ARGHH, FUCK! ARGHHHH!"
i hear a voice "blaze?..."
he looks at me... he is in shock
i replied "listen... im losing ALOT of blood... i need you to find something to stop the bleeding before i pass out"
he looks around for anything... he takes his shirt off and tries to stop the bleeding
i ask "i..i...cant feel my left leg"
he replied "BECAUSE ITS GONE!"
i said "i know that... just i cant FEEL anything, no pain..."
he picks me up and carries me to my room
he places me on the bed...
he wraps his shirt around the opening of my missing leg
he kisses me and said "im going to call 911 please dont try anything stupid"
i nod and try to stay awake
i he leaves the room to get the phone
i hear him yelling "911 Please, my boyfriend is losing ALOT of blood, its his leg, no it isnt there, HE DOESNT HAVE THAT LONG PLEASE HURRY!"
he comes back in and tries to keep me awake
he said "if you close those eyes... you wont wake up"
my eyes kept trying to close...
so sleepy
i couldnt keep them open any longer
my eyes slowly closed
while they were closing typhlosion was shaking me "NO NO, DONT YOU CLOSE THEM! PLEASE DONT LET GO! NEVER LET GO!"
my eyes closed
i open my eyes...
its all empty, white room
a man walks up to me and asks "you broke the rules"
i said "where am i?"
the man replied "you are dead"
i grab the man and start yelling at him "I AM NOT DEAD! I LOVE THAT POKEMON OUT THERE AND I WILL FUCKING SEE HIM AGAIN!"
he laughs at me and said "you... such a sad person, all you think about is yourself and that pokemon out there... thinking your a god got you killed"
he then said "but heh.. this is your first time... ill give ya a warning"
i asked "wait... who are you"
he replied "im the fucking Grim Reaper baby!"
he clicks his fingers and a flash of light goes by
i open my eyes to a bunch of medics trying to revive me in hospital
one of them was using a defib unit
the medic said "CLEAR"
my whole body jumps... i cant move...
one of the medics is holding a bloodpack... which is leading through a needle in my leg...
one of them said "OI mate WAKE!... HE IS RESPONDING!
i notice my left leg is back... didnt i lose it?
i sit up and ask "what happened to my leg"
one of the medics said "some guy donated his leg bone, his leg was almost identical to your leg bone structure... but wasnt perfect... your leg might feel weird"
i ask "may i see typhlosion?"
the worker asks "is he a friend?"
i replied "more than a friend... gay"
he said "Ohh! sorry ill go get him"
the other workers leave the room...
i get out of the bed and try to practice my high kicks with my new leg... a little weird but i can easily get use to that after some sparring
door opens...
when i saw typhlosion...
he was in a wheelchair....
i asked "did you hurt your back?"
he shook his head
he said "i donated my leg to you"
tears went down my eyes...
i burst into tears
i said "why! you didnt need to... why would you?!"
he smiled and said "dont be sad... you were dying..."
i replied " -sniff- but you will be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life"
he said "i love you to much to leave you"
i asked "can you still feel your lower body"
he replied "i cant walk... but other than that im fine"
i said "how about i repay you"
i started to rub his crotch
he smiles...
i remove his jeans...
already hard?
i start to rub him...
he closes his eyes and smiles
i use my mouth
he starts to moan...
he started to push my head down while i was sucking
he said "why dont we rub eachother?"
i replied "um.. we could try it"
i moved typhlosion onto the bed
i sat with him...
i started to rub my cock with typhlosion
he loved it...
he asked "ever tried anal?"
i replied "no..."
he said "fuck me hard"
he rolls on his stomatch
i put some lubricant on my cock
and i slowly enter typhlosion
he... he is so tight!
he said "your so big! cum in me!"
i felt... pleasure
i said "im going to.. im.. ... im cumming!"
he said "oh yes! me to! ENNGGH!"
he said "-huff- -huff- that was my first"
i replied "same -huff-"
we cleaned the cum off eachother
he hugged me...
he said "could you help me onto my wheelchair"
i help him up and i helped him on the wheelchair
we both smiled
typhlosion said "im glad we did this"
i replied "me too, im glad it worked!"
we both laughed!
i walked out of the hospital, while pushing typhlosion...
typhlosion asks "do we have to go back to school?"
i replied "how about we go to a different town?"
he asked "where?"
i replied "i have friends in sinnoh"
he replied "lets see them"
me and typhlosion went to my house to get my motorbike
we got on the bike and we went off
after a few hours of riding we made it to sinnoh
i asked "do you know leafeon and glaceon?"
he replied "no... why?"
i said "im good friends with them..."
he asked "how old are they?"
i replied "both around 15 years old"
we parked at leafeons home...
we hopped off the motorbike...
typhlosion got in his wheelchair
we both moved to leafeons door
i push the doorbell
-ding doon-
i hear a female's voice  "who is it!"
i replied "its blaze!"
the door opened
it was glaceon and leafeon
leafeon said "Oh my!... well hello you two?"
i asked "may we come in?"
she nodded and let us both in
we sat in the main room
glaceon asked "well... its been a long time since you came here"
i replied "5 years i think?"
leafeon asked "who is this young gentleman?"
typhlosion said "im... his... uh?"
i cut him off and said "he is my boyfriend"
typhlosion smiled
glaceon said "i thought you were straight?"
i sighed
i said "i thought aswell hehe"
i asked "where is pidgeot and espeon?"
i saw a tear go down leafeons eye..
she started to cry
leafeon said while crying "mom and dad have been missing for 10 years"
she continued "i dont know where they are!"
glaceon hugs her saying "its alright... its not your fault"
a flareon walks in 
flareon said "mom? why are you crying?"
leafeon said "im not sweetie please go to your room while the grown ups talk"
she walks into her room
i said "im... so sorry"
leafeon said "its ok...its just that i miss mom and dad"
i ask "me and typhlosion have no where to sleep..."
leafeon said "we have a spare room, you and your friend can sleep in there"
typhlosion said "thank you ma'am"
leafeon smiles
i notice its getting dark
glaceon asks "how long have you boys been together"
i replied "for about 2 days now"
typhlosion laughs
he said "love at first sight eh"
we all laughed
i ask "may we visit our rooms?"
leafeon nodded and walked us to our room
i thank her and open the door
there are two beds...
thank god!
i get in the bed on the left, typhlosion gets in the bed in the right
as im about to close my eyes he asks "do you think this is right?"
i sit back up and ask "what do you mean?"
he replied "what we are doing?"
i ask "what do you mean?"
he replied "us.. what about us"
i said "i think we are doing what we think is right!"
he asks "so its wrong?"
i said "no... it isnt"
he replied "but you said"
i cut him off and i said "i never said what we are doing is wrong, i love and care for you"
he replied "im sorry... i just, dont know what to do"
i roll over to look at him
and i ask "why are you asking me now?"
he replied "because i trust you"
i said "... get some sleep"
i roll over to face the wall and i slowly close my eyes
i hear typhlosion "good night blaze"
i hear a female voice "Get up sleepyhead"
i get up and i see flareon
she smiles
she said "breakfast is ready!"
i said "... thanks"
i get up and i wake typhlosion
we walk into the main room...
we sat on the floor...
leafeon brang us both a plate with meat on it
typhlosion said "thank your very much but i dont eat meat"
i look at typhlosion and said "are you serious!?"
he looks down... with a said expression and said "im sorry... i just.. dont like the thought of killing innocent creatures for food"
i said "dude im sorry... i didnt know"
i ask leafeon "may i also have his food... while you get something for typhlosion that doesnt contain meat?"
she nods and gives me his plate and she walks back into the kitchen
i ask typhlosion "i never knew you were a vegetarian"
he replied "im not... i just dont like to eat a creature who has been killed for no reason"
he looks down
i pat him on the back "its okay mate!"
he smiles
i start to eat my food
leafeon walks in with some apple's
she asks typhlosion "you eat apples"
he smiles and replied "i love apples ma'am"
she places apples down infront of typhlosion
he smiles at leafeon and starts to eat...
i asked "wait... dont you Bakphoon's eat meat?"
he laughs and replied "yeah... but im not like normal Bakphoon's"
i said "do you know much about leafeon's race?"
he said "yup.. i use to study Leafia's when i was young"
i smiled...
i said "what about my race?"
he replied "alright!... um your a Bursyamo... your usual hight is 1.9m and your normal weight should be 114.6lbs"
i replied "holy shit! you know quite alot"
he smiles and said "yea... im kinda a nerd"
i smiled "heh... you sure like apples"
he laughes "their so juicy!"
after we finished our food we washed up and i asked leafeon "do you have a room i can practice my defence in?"
she smiles and replied "yeah.. we also have a sparring partner"
a Blacky comes into the main room
he asks "who is this?"
i replied "im blaziken... you can call me blaze if you want"
he laughs "you want to spar!"
i replied "yup.."
he asks "if you want to spar... follow me"
i follow the Blacky into a room
he said "my name in umbreon... im espeons brother"
i noticed he had two metal arms
i ask "why do you have two robotic arms?"
he replied "oh... after leafeon and glaceon got married and had a kid... i looked for garchomp with pidgeot and espeon... when we found garchomp... he used some sort of 'magic' and blew my legs up... and he kidnapped pidgeot and espeon"
i said "you mean alchemy?"
he asks "what is alchemy"
i explain "its fair trade... example i give blood... for power of any kind..."
i slit my wrists and i click my fingers
they catch on fire
umbreon asks "oh! is that all you can do dear boy?"
i laughed "you wanna see power?"
he nodded...
i got out my alchemy dagger...
and i stabbed it through my sholder
i shake my hands...
umbreon asks "isnt that painful?"
i replied "it fucking hurts"
i draw a pentagram with the symbols 'energy, recreate, destroy, corrupt'
i clap my hands together... and my hands start to glow of dark energy...
umbreon asks "alright... fight me"
i replied "i can use alchemy on you?"
he laughed and replied "come on! rush at me!"
i charged and grabbed him... and i threw him at a wall...
i said "OH SHIT!! sorry!"
i run over to umbreon and i check to see if he is ok...
he laughs and said "left your guard down"
i see a sword through my chest
i ask "wha... wh... alchemy?"
he said "no... its soldiers skill"
i click my fingers
and i grab the blade...
it vanashes
oh shit...
blood is gushing everywhere
he asks "you should'nt move... your bleeding really heavily"
i said "im... -cough- fine!"
i rush at him...
i got a few good punches into his chest..
he got under me and got me twice in the back
i jump in the air and chant "DEATHRAIN!"
i aim my palms at him and a rain of blades rush at him...
all this smoke comes up...
i look around for umbreon...
i cant see him!
i hear a voice "VECHA"
he gets me really good in the legs...
he disabled my left leg.. (SINCE IT MECHANIC)
i fall down...
he walks up to me...
he laughs "you should practice"
i laugh "you should'nt get so cocky"
while i was down i managed to draw a pantagram while there was smoke...
he walks into the pentagram
a ring of fire surrounds us...
i stand up...
i chant "CAGE"
4 hands come out of the ground and grab umbreons legs
he looks at me and said "if you keep this up, you will die"
i laugh...
i cant control myself
a bunch of chains come out of the walls and grabs umbreons arms
i tried to stop... i could'nt
i ask "what are little dogs made of?"
the chains start to tighten
he growls...
typhlosion comes in saying "hey blaze i heard alot of banging... whats go- BLAZE WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?"
i said "Im GoInNa KiLl HiM"
i could'nt control myself
the chains tighten even more
i could see umbreons wrists bleed....
i kept thinking "FUCKING WAKE UP... SNAP OUT OF IT!"
leafeon comes in... she looks at me
she charges at me "STOP IT, YOUR KILLING UMBREON!"
she tackles me...
the chains break...
my body gets up and pushes leafeon off
typhlosion grabs me...
he starts yelling at me "LET HIM GO, I DONT WANNA HURT YOU!"
i start to gain control of my body
i shake my head...
i stand up...
i said "i am very sorry umbreon... i lost control"
he replied "its alright..."
everything starts to move...
not again
i said "im ver- ve- leafeon... im ve-...v...v"
everything turns to black
i hear a voice "Oh no!... Blaze!"
i wake up in a room... typhlosion is tending my wounds and leafeon is tending umbreons
i sit up "what the hell?"
leafeon looks at me with anger "what the hell is wrong with you!"
she starts to yell at me "YOU NEARLY KILL UMBREON FOR WHAT REASON!?"
i replied "its fair trade... alchemy is fair trade... i must of traded sanity for power... im very sorry"
she glowls at me "you still should'nt have attacked umbreon! you should control yourself!"
typhlosion said "you should rest"
i said "get the hell off me... i need some air"
i get up and walk outside
i look at my body...
i am covered with bandages
i take a deep breath
i hear a voice "why were you hurting uncle?"
i turn around, oh its flareon
i replied "how old are you?"
she replied "im 12"
i said "good... alchemy is fair trade... an eye for an eye..."
i continued "sometimes i run out of things to trade... so i trade sanity for power.. its like i have a demon inside me"
she shivers in fear "does that mean your evil"
i replied "of course not! it just means i can lose control of power sometimes"
she smiles and walks inside
i hear a older voice "i can use you"
i turn around again... its umbreon
i said "im very sorry for nearly killing you"
he laughs "oh well... it WAS fun though"
i replied "wait... how are you fully healed"
he said "oh hehe that would be latias! she injected me with genetic radiated cybernetic medicals back in the great sinnoh defence... i can regenerate my wounds"
i smiled "ok then... what do you need me to do?"
he said "i want my brother back..."
i asked "i thought he was dead?"
he replied "he was CAPTURED with his wife"
i asked "how can i help?"
he said "look... garchomp is a VERY bad person... and i want him dead"
i replied "why dont you use the pearl of wishes?"
he said "because... i was the last person to use it... and i wished the pearl was destoyed"
i asked "ok... let me get ready"
i walk inside and i ask typhlosion, leafeon and glaceon "ok everyone... i need blood samples of all of you!"
typhlosion asks "why?"
i replied "me and umbreon are going after garchomp... and this guy sounds tough...i wont have enough blood to trade if i use my own"
leafeon growled at me "are you trying to get yourself killed?!"
i frowned at her "will you stop yelling at me! IM TRYING TO SAVE YOUR PARENTS!"
i saw tears going down her cheeks
i said "im sorry! im trying to help you"
she said "just... take the damn samples"
she gives me a blood sample
typhlosion gives me a blood sample
glaceon gives me a blood sample
i ask "why is your blood container cold glaceon?"
he replied "i have cold blood"
i walk outside..
i ask umbreon "what about my leg?"
he looks at my leg "is that godmail?"
i ask "godmail?"
he explains "godmail is really tough steel... it cant be snapped without extreme force"
he asks "ready to go?"
i replied "hang on a sec"
i run inside
i run towards typhlosion
he asks "what are yo-"
i said "ill miss you man"
he blushes " too"
i ask leafeon "can you please fix my foot?"
she growls and starts to replate the metal
after a few minutes he said "done... now go save my parents"
i run out
i said to umbreon "lets go"
we walk along the path leading to deathleague forest
we walk through the forest
we encounter a trapped Wakasyamo
its leg is trapped under a tree
he calls out to us "please help me... i was practicing when this tree fell on me!"
i run over and push the tree off his leg
he thanks us and walks off
umbreon said "that isnt normal"
i ask "what isnt?"
he explains "that tree would of crushed his leg... yet he walks like its just a cut"
i said "and that means"
he yells out "ITS A TRAP!"
a bunch of pokemon jump out of the tree's and surround us
one of the pokemon said "HANDS IN THE AIR, YOU GET 1 WARNING!"
i whisper to umbreon "do it..."
he asks "why!?"
i said "i have a plan"
umbreon puts his hands up...
i keep them behind my back...
i start cutting pentagrams into my wrists
one of the pokemon walk towards me and yells "DO YOU NOT SPEAK ENGLISH, HANDS UP!"
i grab his forehead and chant "destroy"
his head explodes
the rest of the pokemon attack us
i took a few down with some high kicks
umbreon took down a couple too
after a few minutes there was one pokemon left... the Wakasyamo...
he gets on his knees and begs "please sir... spare me! i needed the cash!"
i put my hand on his forehead
i said "... you try to sell our lives for money?... and you expect to live?"
umbreon said "blaze... dont do it"
i said "you dont understand fair do you? trade both our lives for money... no... but... your life for ours... now thats a fair trade"
i chant "DESTROY!"
the Wakasyamo screams "NOO WA-"
blood gushes out of the Wakasyamo's eyes and nose
the Wakasyamo falls to the floor...
the Wakasyamo stops moving
umbreon asks me "why did he have to die?"
i replied "he tried to sell our lives to a bunch of bandits"
he asked "but he didnt need to die did he now?"
i replied "yes he did... fair trade... i need his blood.."
i cut the Wakasyamo's chest open and pour his blood into a bottle
umbreon looks at me with discust "what the hell are you doing!?"
i replied "i need a blood source so i dont have to use mine..."
he asks "why not just use yours?"
he frowns and said "lets just find those two lovebirds"
we venture further into the forest...
after a while we found the outing area...
we followed a path leading us to garchomp's camp
we enter the camp...
one of the pokemon said "oh for fucks sake WHAT DO YOU WANT LAD?!"
a giant figure walks towards me
its a Gaburias
the Gaburias said "im garchomp.. what do you want lad?"
i said "can i PWEAASE! have espeon and pidgeot back?"
he laughs and replied "... are you kidding?!"
he continued "but i sure do LOVE their company!"
i hear crying
i look behind garchomp... why are they torturing espeon?
i see pidgeot crying... and she is in a cage?
okay... i want to kill this fucker... save those two.. and make an awesome escape!
umreon said "stop torturing my brother!"
garchomp laughs "well isnt it old buddy umbreon!"
garchomp said "leave now... or i will kill you both"
i get out a bottle of blood
garchomp looks surprized
garchomp said "well... your an alchemist eh?"
he charges at me...
i chant "CAGE"
4 hands come out of the ground and grab garchomp...
garchomp breaks out
i yell "SHIT!"
i chant "CAGE!"
20 hands come out of the ground and grab garchomp...
umbreon charges at garchomp...
garchomp gets umbreon with 1 clean swing and knocks umbreon out
are you kidding
garchomp breaks the hands
i drink all the blood
i chant "CAAAAGE!"
500 hands come out from everywhere and grab garchomp...
he breaks the grip and swings at me...
i duck and get 4 hits into his crotch
he kicks me in the face and i get launched back...
i get up... my face is bleeding
i slit my wrists...
i click my fingers... dark energy surround them
i chant "DEFIANCE!"
a blade of pure darkness appears in my hand
i charge at garchomp
i get 2 slashes in him
he grabs me and starts to squeeze
...i had to... i have to trade
i break his grip and jump back
i scream out "HELLS RAIN!"
100,000,000,000,000,000 daggers come raining down on him...
nothing but smoke...
after the smoke disapeares...
garchomp is still standing
i growl...
i cant control myself
i scream out "DEATH"
a sythe appears in my hand...
i charge at garchomp...
i get good hits at garchomp...
i cut his chest really bad
he is heavily bleeding
he falls to the ground...-
i walk up to him...
he laughs and said "let your guard down"
i look down to find a spear in my chest...
i close my eyes...
im in an empty room...
a man walks towards me...
he asks "will you trade?"
i tear went down my eye
i said "yes"
i opened my eyes...
i watched as madness took over
my eyes turned red
i laughed like a maniac
i grabbed garchomps throat and ripped it
he is choking
i chant "CAAAAAGGEEE!!"
1 million chains stab into garchomp
he was crying...
i said in a demonic voice "WhAt ArE yOu MaDe Of?!"
i raised my hand and said "rip"
the chains rip garchomp up like a cat in a blender... (forgive me for discribing like that)
he was everywhere
i gained control of myself...
my right arm dissapered
i am losing blood
i clicked my fingers and all the clan fighter's exploded
i walked up to epseon and released the trap....
i walked over to pidgeot and opened the cage
she runs over to espeon and hugs him...
espeon looks at me and asks "You need a medic!"
i replied "oh ill be fi-...fine!"
im in so much pain right now, i must not scream...
i walk with espeon and pidgeot...
im holding my sholder to try to stop the bleeding
i pour water on umbreon's face
he looks at me "oh my god! are you alright
i look at him and said "im gonna die if we dont hurry home"
pidgeot whistles at me
i ask "why wont you talk to me Mrs?"
espeon said "she... lost her voice"
we walk back home...
i enter home
leafeon screams out "MOM?! DAD?!"
she dashes over to hug them
she bursts into tears
i walk to find typhlosion
he is walking!?
oh... godmail leg
he looks at me and said "hey look i have a leg! OH GOD BLAZE!"
he dashes towards me and yells out "BLAZE NEEDS HELP!"
i smile...
everything is fading...
i close my eyes and pass out...
i did it...
i can finially sleep...
im sorry ty
i open my eyes...
im in a hospital?
i sit up...
i have a godmail arm!?
i look over to typhlosion
he asks "i guess your alright?"
i smiled "i just lost a fucking arm... and i lost alot of blood!"
we both laugh...
the doctor comes in...
he said "we equipped you with a godmail superchant basic arm... like your leg it is very strong and can be used with alchemy"
i smiled and asked "can i leave this bed?"
he shakes his head "you are in a critical state... you must rest"
i get out of bed "i need to practice my defence... im sorry doc"
i move the doctor out of the way...
typhlosion walks up behind me..
he swings me around
i ask "hey what are yo-"
he smooches me
he said "dont you ever do that again!"
i blushed...
i ask "wanna learn how to defend yourself"
he nods...
and this is where my story ends...
my life went pretty simple from here...
ALSO! me and typhlosion got married 2 years later -laughs-
yeah and we adopted a Achamo.. we called her torchic!
and typhlosion became fighting champion years later!
... now go outside and express your gay pride!
(no im not gay xD i just did this for a friends creepy homoerotic look at pokemon)

© Copyright 2017 Azura Ch4os. All rights reserved.

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