Sally The Gardevior

Sally The Gardevior

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



a continuation from Last Strike
no one can survive insanity, or depression... torchkai sakurato... has lost the greatest thing in his like, and tries giving everything for it back... but what happens when insanity puts a gun to your head, and you pull the trigger
find out
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a continuation from Last Strike
no one can survive insanity, or depression... torchkai sakurato... has lost the greatest thing in his like, and tries giving everything for it back... but what happens when insanity puts a gun to your head, and you pull the trigger
find out

Chapter1 (v.1) - Sally The Gardevior

Author Chapter Note

a continuation from Last Strike
no one can survive insanity, or depression... torchkai sakurato... has lost the greatest thing in his like, and tries giving everything for it back... but what happens when insanity puts a gun to your head, and you pull the trigger
find out

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 03, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 03, 2013





4 years later after the events of "Last Strike"

... ahh... isnt it great

i called out "TORCHKAI!"

torchkai came from downstairs

he said "yes father?"

i said "look son... we need to talk about your friend sally..."
torchkai said "...whats wrong with her? she is nice to me"

i said "... i know you have reached the Bursyamo age... but you need to keep slow with that sirknight... i dont want any sexual interactions alright?"

Torch's face went red

Torch said "Wohoho! dad?! why would i wa-"
i cut him off

i said "i found condoms in your room...please go slow and gentle with her boy... i dont want to be a granfather yet"

Torch said "MOM HELP ME HERE!"

TY comes in from the living room

TY said "for the last time! im not the fucking mother!"

Torch said "then what are you in this family then?"

i said "he is the ... um... err..."

TY said "oh for gods sake... just call me TY alright?"

i asked "why not Tyson?"

TY said "because he needs to respect his caretakers!"


-ding dooon-


Torch said "ILL GET IT!"

Torch dashes to the door

he opens it


its Azura...

Azura said "well hello there Torch!... hows the new SINphone going (Sinnoh Phone (PARODY OF IPHONE))

Torch said "its awesome Azura!"

TY said "well hello Azura... what brings you here?"
Azura smiled

she said "still havent fixed the black eyes have we?"
TY frowns

I said "hehe! we cant get rid of the Scar... but we can deal with it"

Azura Laughed

Azura said "aw well... anywho i came here to ask you two to come with me to a party... im DJ-ing it and i would love some friends to attend"

Torch said "yeah! and sally could stay here while you two have your "Gay Parade"... this will be awesome!"
i said "absolutely not!"

TY said "aw comeon! i wanna go and Torch is old enough to look after himself... let him have this girl"

i said "ah whatever... lets just get ready.. ok Torch you can have your "friend" over... but no sex alright and be in bed before 10PM!"

Torch said "DAD!? we are only friends! ah whatever!"

i grabbed my bag and we left the house with Azura


Chapter 5

The Bond


dad leaves and closes the door


i walk out the back

i call out "he is gone... you can come now!"

Sally comes from behind a tree

she smiles

she asks "are you sure... your father approves of my presence?"

i smiled

i said "yeah... its alright!"
we both walk inside and we sit in the lounge room

i ask "hungry? thirsty?"
Sally said "may i please have some water?"

i walk into the kitchen and pour a glass of water

i walk into the lounge room and hand her the water

she smiled and said "thanks torch!"

i ask " look beautiful in that dress... did you just buy that?"

Sally blushes "oh torch... its just something i put on"

Sally said "... we have been friends for 6 years... ive never had a boyfriend... and you never had a girlfriend"

i blushed

i said "so? we have always been friends..."

Sally showed a sad expression

i ask "whats wrong?"

she said "sorry... ive just been very depressed recently"

i said "why... please talk to me"

she looked at me...

she said "... i feel lonely..."
i put my arm on her sholder "you have me... you have a friend"

she blushed and said quietly "i want to be more than friends"

i asked "pardon?"
she jumped and said "Oh! no- nothing!"



ive always liked this sirknight ever since we met...

she has always been so beautiful... i cant stand it when she isnt with me

she is my hearts true desires... she is the only true love in my heart... why cant i be with her? why?

i said quietly "... your so beautiful..."

she asked "pardon?"
i said "o no- nothing!"

she looked me in the eyes

her eyes... are a beautiful purple glow... so mystic... so amazing

she asked " have your parents been lately?"

i said "... TY hates it when i call him mother... im not use to having 2 dads... its weird"

she said "you should be happy!"


i ask "why would i be happy? my parents dont listen to me, or help me with my homework"

she stood up in anger



i looked at her and asked ".... you have parents too?... dont you?"

she looked down

she chenched her fists

she said in a sobbing tone "no... my parents both died in a car accident when i was just a newborn..."

i stood up and hugged her

i said "im sorry... i didnt know Sally... im sorry"

she said "im sorry... i shouldnt be moody"

she sits down

i sit down next to her

she said "... im sick of being alone... sick of being teased for having no parents"

i said "those pokemon are idiots... you're an amazing sirknight, with amazing eyes and a beautiful personality and wonderful colours"

she looked at me.. she was blushing

she said "you sound just like Mr TY"

she asked "... you always act weird near me... always shy... why?--

at school everytime your with your friends your so confident--

but when you see me or when i try to talk to you you always studder and act nervous around me"

i said "because... you make me nervous"

she blushed

she said "how?"

i said "because i lo- l- l l- lo-"

everything is getting dizzy

Sally asked "are you alright Torch?"

i fall on my knees

i start coughing

sally said "please talk to me torch your scaring me"

i look up

everything is wobbly

...i think im having a heart attack


shit! my medicine!!
i said "Sally... in the top draw of the fridge is my Pentrax (Helps pokemon with heart problems) i need it"
she runs over to the fridge and grabs the Pentrax

she hands it to me

she asked "its a syringe... where do you put it?"
i jab it into my heart

she jumps

i growl

i stand up

i said "im fine... i hope i didnt scare you"
she grabs me

she asks "are you sure your alight?"

i said while laughing "i have no idea... but since i havent passed out or died yet i think im alright"

she smiles

her eyes... her purple eyes so amazing!
i shake my head

i sit down

she sits next to me

she hugs my arm

she said "im glad your ok... that was really scary for a second.."
i said "yeah... it happens al- a- alot"

she asks "what happened though?"
i explained "oh you see... i have a rare condition in which my heart sometimes messes up its beats-

so sometimes i need to take a small kick... in this case some Pentrax... its acts like an electric shock-

it corrects my heart when it messes up"

she asks "does it happen often?"
i said "only when im nervous"

she smiled

she asked "why are you nervous around me?"
i said "i cant tell you"

she said "PLEASE! i hate it when your nervous around me, its like we arent even friends anymore"

i said " so- s- sorry"

i look at the pointy red slab between her breasts

i ask "what is that?"
she laughed

she said "oh... that keeps my breasts apart... i think?"
she said "dont change the subject... i want a god damn answer!"

i looked at her face... she is amazing

i cant even focus!

she grabs my hands

she looks at me

she smiles

she asks "do you like me?"

i said "um... i... like... you"

she said "really?"

i said "i find you sexy and cute... i love you, i want to be more than friends..."

i said "im sorry if im creeping you out... i just thought you should know how i feel, your an ama-"

Sally leaps in and kisses me

she said "ive liked you ever since we met... your an attractive pokemon and a very kind one too"

i smiled

she looks down at my pants

she giggles

she said "... you must REALLY like me then -giggle-"

i look at my pants

their bulging


she said "i never knew you also had sexual feelings towards me -giggle-"

she grabs my hands

she asks "can we please?...."

my face went red

i asked "wait?! you want to try it?!"
she looked at me

she said "i want you to feel me, to embrace me... to know how i am in a bed and in a relationsip... i want this to be magical"

she places my hands on her cheeks

she said "feel my love.... feel my embrace"

i leaped in and kissed her

we started to make out

she grabs my croutch and starts massaging my penis

i place one of my hands on her breast and start squeezing



"Hey Torch Were Home!"


sally quickly jumps off the couch and puts her bra back on

i try to put my pants back on


its too late...

TY and Dad saw me... naked with Sally

Dad had a disapointed look on his face

TY said " hi?"
Dad said "... Torchkai Sakurato... we need to talk"

i follow dad and TY into the other room

Dad said "i said no sex..."

TY said "he was messing around with that sirknight... relax Blaze"

Dad glared at TY

dad said "he was engaging in sexual conduct.... WITH NO CONDOM!"

i said "im sorry father... im in love with this sirknight... and i guess it got out of hand hehe"

TY said "what happened to you blaze? your all serious and depressed... what happened to our good times?"
Blaze walked out saying "they died like me inside"

TY said "dont worry torch... she is perfect for you... go get her and show her how much you love her!"

he slaps me on the back

i walk up to sally

she said "im sorry torch for getting you into trouble... what was i thi-"




she stared at me

she said "your an amazing kisser"
i laughed

i said "love brung us together... it wont tear us apart"

she said "... i love you"
she hugged me tight...


my dreams are comming true...

im with the pokemon of my dreams...

she whispers "your so warm... its lovely"

i whispered "... your so beautiful"

i followed Blaze outside

i grabbed him and asked "what the heck is wrong with you blaze?"

he said "... im fine"

i said "no your not! you have changed... your depressed and fucking creepy!"

he said "im sorry... i just havent been very happy lately"

i asked "why are you acting like this?"

Blaze said "because this is real life Tyson"

i said "6 years ago... before the fall of garchomp and your cure... you were happy? all of a sudden after the events you turned bitter... why?"
blaze said "because i died inside"
i yelled at him "LISTEN TO ME! please... im scared blaze, im scared im going to lose you"

i hugged blaze tight and started crying

i said "fucking listen to me... i dont want you to go mad or run away, i love you... i dont want to lose you"



she grabbed my hand and dragged me with her

i asked "where are we going Sally?"
she giggled

she said "somewhere special"

she took me with her up on this mountain

we looked at the moon

i said "we shouldnt do this... this is extremly dangerous"
she said "aw comeon... if you dont want to then we wont, but this is amazing"

i said "aw alright... i guess it wont hurt"

i said "whoa... this is amazing"

she grabs my hand

i smile

this is amazing

nothing could ever go wrong...

but heh, life has their ways to fuck everything

the ground shakes

we look down the mountain

their is a mining team mining the area

the ground cracks... and we fall down the mountain

all i could hear were cracking noises and screams


i think i passed out half way down...

i open my eyes

i see sally... she isnt moving

i try to stand up... but my leg is broken... i cant walk

i crawl over to sally

her legs and her left arm are broken... she looks badly hurt... her body is covered with blood

i pickup two sticks and i rip my shirt up to make a temporary cast

i wrab the cast around my broken leg

i stand up

i pick up sally and carry her

i walk, struggling to make it home

after a few minutes of unbearable painful walking i make it home

i walk up the steps

i knock on the door

TY opens the door

he said "oh hello so- OH MY GOD BLAZE COME HERE!"

my knees wobble...

i fall to the floor

TY picks up sally and carries her to the lounge

Blaze picks me up

he said "its going to be alright... its going to be alright"

everything fades to black

i hear a voice "please wake up torch... please... wake up"

i open my eyes...

im in a hospital...

TY is looking at me

he hugs me tight saying "oh god! your all right!! I WAS SO WORRIED!"

i asked "where is sally?"

TY said "...oh... im sorry, she is on life support... her whole body was badly damaged and she suffered Internal bleeding in the brain"

... no... i dont want to lose sally... i just got her!
i try to get up...

TY forces me down

he said "please dont get up..."
i said "i want to see sally TY! LET ME GO!"
i push TY off me and i get up..

i struggle to walk (because of my broken leg)

i walk into sally's room

she is barely alive

i limp to her bed and i look over her...

she has tubes all through her body

she said lightly "t...torch....?"
i said "yes.. im here!"

she said " not going to make it"


i said "please dont do this... its alright, we have doctors here to help you"
she smiled at me

she said "i love you... this was my fault for making you go up there... goodbye"

she said quietly "im sorry.... ill miss you"

she closes her eyes



-beep- -beep- -beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-

tears went down my cheeks

...i killed her... i made her die...

this is all my fault!

TY comes in

he cuddles me

he said "its ok son... i love you"

i... wanted to cry... but i couldnt

i was so angry... so mad at myself

i walked out of her room

i smashed a hole in a wall

i grabbed a carrage and threw it across the room...

i was so mad... so angry!

Dad walked up to me



i said "please stop..."


i clenched my fist



i launched my fist into dads face

dad fell to the floor

i sat ontop of him and started pounding his face


TY grabbed me and said "please stop!"

i said "why doesnt dad love me?!"
i spat on dads face

dad stands up

he glares at me

i glare at him


he leaps in and hugs me

dad said "im sorry... i deserved it.. im an idiot"
he looked at me and smiled

he wiped the blood and spit off his face

dad said "im sorry... i do love you... i just havent been myself lately... please understand son"

i said ".... im scared... what do i do now?"
dad said "ive informed your mental health doctor... and when your leg heals fully he wants to speak with you"

i said "... can we go home... i dont wanna be here"
TY said "you cant... you dont have a cast around your leg"

i look at my broken leg... i just relised its still broken...

i ask "can we please hurry this up..."

Dad calls out for a doctor to get a cast while TY carries me to a spare room

a few minutes go by then a doctor enteres

he wraps a cast around my leg

he pats me on the back and i am able to leave

TY, dad and I walk out of the hospital and we drive home...

i walk inside and lie down in bed....

a few months of healing go by pretty quick... i guess thats what happens when your bored

ah finally, my leg is fully healed

i remove the cast...

... i guess i must see my MHD

i jump out of bed and walk downstairs

i hear a voice "Torch? come here please"

i look towards a sirknight sitting on the table...

i ran to her and hugged her

she said "... i didnt... YOU KILLED ME!"

her eyes beamed out red light

her whole face was covered in blood

she grabs me and starts screaming "WHY DID YOU KILL ME!? WHY TORCH!?"

i shook my head...

she dissapears...

holy fukkin shit what the hell just happened

... must be my imagination

i call for TY "HEY TY! could you please take me to my MHD please?"
TY calls out "Yeah alright, hang on love"

he walks down the steps and towards me...

he hugs me and said "ready darling?"

i smiled "yep"

we walk outside towards the car

we get into the car

TY asks "so.. hows your alchemy going?"
i said "really good... i can conjure a undead pokemon"
TY said "you shouldnt do that... thats really bad and evil"
i laughed "whats the worse that can happen? it inst human transmutaion or anything"
TY said "i guess your right"

we drive by the hospital

TY stops the car

i hop out

TY gets out

we walk towards the hospital

we enter

we walk up to the desk

the desk clerk said "hello Tyson... is this a booking for Torch?"
TY said "yes... his MHD wanted to see him?"
she said "mhmm... yes alright please go to room 23"

we thank the clerk and we head towards room 23

TY said to me when we reached the door "look... just tell him what is happening... in your words, say the truth when he asks"

i nod and enter the room

TY stays outside the room (So he cant hear what the MHD is going to ask me)

i close the door

The MHD said "good morning Torch"
i said "good morning... uhh?"

the MHD said "its latias"

i asked "your a female?"

latias said "...yes... cant you see by my chest?"
i said "i didnt really want to seem like a sexual pervert"

she laughed

she said "sit down"

i sit on a chair

she asks "so... your father wanted me to speak to you about sally"


i said in a depressed tone "... what did i do wrong...."

latias said "nothing... i just want to ask some questions about it"

she asked "alright... when you two were just friends... did you ever masturbate thinking of her?"
my face went red

i asked "WHAT!? do i really have to answer that?!"

latias said "yes... i want to help you, so i must know some things"

i said nervously "... yes i did... all the time, she was beautiful and amazing"

latias said "mhm... okay... after her passing, did you ever tried to commit suicide?"

i said "mutiple times... i couldnt stand life without her... i felt really low"

latias writes things down on her clipboard

she asks "what do you think about your father?"

i said in a comedic tone "which one? hehe"
she asked "Blaze..."
i said "... i dont like him, TY said he used to be real fun before garchomps fall... he looks like he died inside"

latias said "Torch... your father has been very depressed lately... its a confusing matter i must admit"

i asked "what does this have to do with me and sally?"
i tilt my head

she looks at me and smiles

she said "ive known Blaze and Tyson for a very long time... i was just curious about their relationship with their child"

i ask "... what happens to sally? she has no family"

latias said "she will be buried in the lavender town graveyard with the other fallen pokemon..."

i said "... dad said he tried human transmutation and he lost his leg and arm... what if i tried it properly... will i lose anything?"

latias said in anger "dont you dare try it torch! it isnt worth it!"

i said "i want her back... i want a second chance... i dont care what i lose... i just want her back"

latias grabbed me

she said "please listen to me, this is what Azura did... this is why she is almost fully godmail.. she kept trying... she wouldnt stop"

i ask "can we please keep this to ourself's i dont want dad or TY knowing about this"
she said "i wont tell them about what you said over human transmutation, but suicide is a serious matter... i have to tell them"

i said "alright... are we done here?"
she nodded

i said "oh one more thing... this morning, i walked down the stairs... i saw sally... she was all bloody though and said i killed her... and then she banashed.. should i be worried?"

latias said "oh dont worry about it..."

latias walked me out of the room

she said to TY quietly "watch over him... he has tried suicide multiple times..."

TY looks at me with a worried look

he tilts his ears

he shakes hands with latias

TY walks with me outside the hospital

he said "i think we should talk about this when we get home"
i said "i guess..."
we hop into the car and we drive home

we enter the house

Dad is waiting Sitting outside the door

TY asked "why are you sitting here?"

Dad said "i have no idea..."
dad stands up and walks inside

TY said quietly "stange..."

we walk inside

TY walks with me into my bedroom

he asks me "can you please sit down on the bed"

i sit on the bed

TY said "please talk to me.."
i ask "... how?"

he said "why are you depressed? please talk to me..."

i said "... i lost sally... i want her back"
TY said "oh god no please... please dont go that far"
he grabs me

he said "Blaze tried it... look what happened to him... he lost his arm and leg..."

i said "... i dont care... i want her back, i want her back so badly... ill do anything!"

TY said "...dont do it, i dont want to lose my son"

i said "... i dont care... i want her back"

i dont care what happens to me... i want her back


TY said angerly "... if you do it, you will not only lose a limb, but your chances of ever seeing sally again!"

i said "wait... there is a chance of seeing her?!"
TY said "shit... well... not really?"

i asked TY "can i be alone please?"

TY said "... alright... thank you for explaining whats going on.."
TY leaves the room

i look under my bed

i have a piece of her hair


now let me explain, no i never stalked her... rememer when she came over... she asked me to cut her hair

and i guess i wanted a piece, no im no fucking weirdo!
i slash my wrists and i draw a summoners pentagram around Sally's hair

i place my hands on the pentagram and a start the ritual



i said to blaze "please... whats wrong with you!?"
he said "... its been 6 years since ive been happy... i dont understand"

i screamed out "SHIT NO!"

i dash upstairs into Torchs room

a white portal opened up and Torch walked into it

i jumped into the portal before it closed


its a black room with red cracks all over

oh no... please dont do this!
i said to torch "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!"
he said "... i want sally back!"

a white being... half black with red cracks walks towards us

he said "oh... well well well, isnt it Blazekai's son and husband..."
he screams in a demonic voice "IVE SUFFERED FOR YEARS!"

he looks at Torch

the being's eyes bleed

he said "... you wanted sally back? muahaha! SHE IS MINE!"
behind the being is a sirknight...

its sally?
she walks over to Torch

she said "why are you here?... please dont tell me you commited suicide!"
Torch said "... i didnt, i came for you and i am not leaving without you!"

the being laughed

he said "well torch... you need to pay QUITE A PRICE! for this lovely sirknight!"

i said to torch "please... dont"

torch said "anything... you pick and ill give"

the being laughed

the cracks in the walls bleed blood

the being said "i want... your sanity... your soul... all of it!"

i said "you are not taking my sons SOUL!!"
the being said "too late... i picked"
the being places his hand on Torchs head

black hands rise from the ground and grab my legs


Torch screams out "ARRRRGGGHHHHHH!!"
Torch falls to the floor

the being said "... this isnt enough... im sorry but she is still mine MUAHAHHAAHHAAA!

the being laughed

he said "also... when blaze traded his "SOUL" for you... he decepted me and used a corrupt soul... i took his emotions as a price and i scarred him and you for tricking me"

he clicks his fingers



a white light flashes towards me

i awaken in Torchs room

i run towards torch and shake him

he awakens

he looks at me

i ask "please tell me your alright!"

i said "snap out of it!"

torch said "...oh god my head!"
Torch grabs his head and groans in pain

i ask "whats wrong!"


he started to laugh

i was terrified...

why did he take my sons sanity?!

i scream out "BLAZE HELP ME!"
blaze runs in

he asks "whats going on?!"

blaze dashes towards us and looks at torch


sally is staring at me

i ask "... why are you doing this sally.... i thought you loved me?"
she said "i do... make us whole... grab my hand"
i said "... alright..."
i reach my hand out...

just when im able to touch her hand everything goes black

i open my eyes...

im in my bedroom

TY and dad are looking over me

TY said "please... oh god please tell me your ok?"
i said "... i failed, im sorry TY i didnt mean to get you involved

i sit up

TY hugs me and said "oh god, your going mad"

i asked "... so it wasnt real?"
Dad asks "what isnt?"
i said "i was talking to sally just before i blacked out... she asked me to make us whole... and wanted me to grab her hand"

Dad said "...shit, ... son whatever you do, do not accept her! dont grab her hand or embrace her"
i asked "what? why?!"
he said "because if you do, you will die"


i shake my head

i stand up

i ask " im ... i... i... i hehe heheheh HAHAHAHAHAA! WHAHAHAHAAA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!"
i start laughing like a maniac

i cant control myself

my arms reach out for TYs neck

Dad holds me down

i cant control myself


my mouth starts to bleed

TY starts to cry "oh god TORCH! PLEASE CONTROL YOURSELF!"
everything goes dark

i open my eyes..

im in a white room

i walk fowards

a sirknight is sitting at the other end of the room

i think to myself "... this isnt real? maybie thats the... oh god its sally?!"
sally turns and faces me

she walks up to me

she said "please, make this torment end, embrace and make us whole"
she reaches her arm out

she smiles

she said "take my hand... make us whole"
i said.. holding back my tears "im sorry sally... i cant... i cant... i want to but i cant!"
she starts to cry

she walks closer to me

i walk back

she asks "are you scared of me?"

i said "... im sorry sally... i wish i could be with you, but you are dead and i have to face that"

her eyes bleed


i said "... im sorry sally... but i have to go, hopefully we get to chat again"

i fall back and i close my eyes

i open my eyes...

im in my room

i walk downstairs

i see dad and TY cleaing the kitchen

i ask "what happened?"
TY said "you screamed out some creepy words and then fell asleep..."
Dad said ".. its best if you get some rest son..."

i said "... what if i die? will this end?"
TY turns to me and said "..please do not even think of that... we can fix this"

i said "alright... ill be in my room if you need me"
i walk upstairs into my room

i open my door

i walk into my room and i close the door

i turn around .....

sally is standing infront of me....

she has a screwdriver in her hand

she said "please... all you need to do is make us whole"
she tackles me

her eyes glow red and her whole face bleeds

she tries to stab the screwdriver in my eye, im holding her hands to prevent her

im struggling to stop her... she is so strong!
she said "oh i promise it wont hurt... Cross my heart and swear to die... STICK A NEEDLE IN YOUR EYE!"

the screwdriver's pointy end is very close to my eye...

i cant hold her back

i blink

im holding a screwdriver to my eye

i throw the screwdriver across the room

i curl up into a ball and start crying

i ask myself "...Sally... why are your tormenting me?"
i hear a voice "BECAUSE YOU KILLED ME"
i look up... its sally

i stand up

she looks directly at my eyes

she said "... you miss me... you want me back, i want you back aswell..."

she laughed

she said "make us whole... 5 simple steps... cross my heart and swear to die... stick a needle in your eye"

i grab my head

i scream out "ARGH THE BURNING!"
i fall on my knees

sally said "Step 1 CORRUPTION!"
She grabs me, throws me across the room

she walks up to me and said "Step 2 ACCEPTANCE!"
she grabs my throat, lifts me up and said "Step 3 EMBRACE!"

she smiles... chuckles and said "Step 4 DESIRE"
She Slowly runs her hand down my cheek... slicing into my skin

she said "Step 5 THE END"

she lets go

i fall to the floor

my cheek is bleeding

i shake my head... she is gone

i start to cry

i felt so scared... i want to die... but i cant, i dont want her to win...

i hear a voice "WHY WONT YOU GIVE UP"

i stand up and turn around...

its sally

i ask "... please... why wont you leave me alone?"
she laughed

she said... in a.. voice that scared me "BECAUSE YOU WONT SURRENDER"

i said "... dont do this sally... please stop tormenting me..... please"
i said "... what if i give something? like my full soul or a limb"
she chuckles

she said "...i want is you to make us whole... embrace me Torch, please"
i said "im sorry darling... but i cannot..."


blaze said "...argh, this is fucking hopeless!"
i said "hey! you atleast feel something right?"
he glared at me and said " still depressed"
i hear a voice from upstairs "ARGH THESE BOOKS ARE USLESS! GOD FUCKING DAMMIT!"
i said to blaze "ill be right back"
i walked upstairs into Torch's room

he is reading books about "The Pearl Of Wishes"
i ask "... dont tell me you still think of sally"

he said "she is sitting right next to me... she is helping me study"
he giggles like a maniac

i ask "...are... you.. alright?"
Torch rips the book in half and throws it across the room

he glares into my eyes and said "..oh im fine"

he smiles... he shows a domented smile... almost like he is begging for help

he turns and said "no... he doesnt know"
he is talking to thin air?

he said "if i did slice my throat... im not sure that would be possible"
Torch smiled

i was scared

i asked "please tell me your alright?"

Torch laughed

torch said "oh Dad.. you know im not alright, im broken and i need to embrace... i need to make us whole"


she asked "why are we reading?"
i said "because i need to find a way to bring you back.."
TY said "the pearl has been gone for ages... umbreon wished its destruction"
Sally Laughed

she said "KILL HIM"

i said "TY doesnt need to die... please dont make me do it"
TY looks at me with fear

he said in a panicing tone "Blaaaaazze... please come here"

Blaze walks in

blaze asks "you alright son?"
i asked Sally "am i alright?"
she giggles

she said "of course not!"
i sighed

i said "aw well..."

TY asked "... who are you talking to?"
i said "im talking to sally... hehehehehehehehe IS IS THERE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT"

TY walks back slowly

Blaze stands infront of TY

i shake my head

i said "oh i apologise... i havent got used to sally trying to control me"

Blaze asked "...are you alright?"
i said "ugh... i have a headache"

sally asked me "... im sorry"
i said "its alright... i guess i have to deal with this untill i die"
she said "when you die"

i asked "is that a threat?"
she giggles

she said "oh no... im just saying YOUR GOING TO DIE SOON"
i sighed

i said "... dad... i want to visit sallys grave"

TY said "are you sure thats a good idea?"
i smiled "...yes it is"

dad said "... very well ill get the car ready"

i asked TY "can i please get ready?"
TY smiled and walked out of my room and closed the door

i walk to my drawers and open the top draw

there is a handgun inside

i grab the handgun and place it in my pocket...

sally... ill see you soon

i walk out of my room and i ask "are we ready guys?"

TY said "yeah ill be in the car"
we walk in the car and drive over to lavender town

we walk through the gate and we walk towards the graveyard

TY said "ill be saying my goodbyes to my dad"
Blaze said "its best if i come with you TY... it was a heartbreaking moment"

i walk throught the graveyard

i see so many graves


at the very end of the graveyard

... its sallys grave

i slowly walked towards it


they got louder...

a few steps towards the grave...

just a few more...

sally appeared infront of me

she held her hand out

she asked "are you ready yet?"
i said "...nearly... just let me prepare"

i walk through sally and i stand infront of her grave

...holding my tears back

i said ".. sally im sorry, im so sorry! i didnt want you to go! im not ready!"
i draw the handgun out of my pocket

i place the handgun, pointing at my temple


this is it



this is me... with a gun at my head... at the end of my rope... i will no longer endure this bullshit



its time to wake up

sally... ill be there soon, i cant wait to feel your warm embrace


i smiled...

tears going down my cheeks

sally standing next to me with her hand on my sholder...

she asks "... are you ready?"
i smiled "yes... i am"

my body started shaking...

my hand started shaking

i said to myself "Comeon! you can do it... sallys waiting"

i heard a voice "Hey torch we go- .... put the gun down torch... please"
i turn around

its TY...

i said "... step 1.. corruption"

TY said "...torch, put the gun down... please... dont do it... please..."
i smiled


i said "but sally is waiting for me dad"

TY said "dont, please... just put the gun down"

TY walks slowly towards me


he places his hands over the gun and slowly pulls it down

TY said "thats my boy... nice and slowly"

sally started screaming at me

i said "..your right TY... i shouldnt... go so far... im sorry"
Sally smiled...

she started to cry

she said "we used to play outside when we were younger..."

i started to sob

she said "... dont listen to me, it is only killing you"
i said Queitly "i want to die... so i can see you again"

TY said "... lets go home, you have A special day tomorrow"

i smiled "..yeah, lets go"
we walk out of the graveyard

i turn to see sally sitting at her grave... she is laughing

i shiver and walk with TY to the car

Blaze is waiting

i asked "did you get bored dad?"
he said ""

blaze gets in the car

© Copyright 2017 Azura Ch4os. All rights reserved.


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