The Smoke of Life

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"Do you notice the ordinary in the extraordinary way?" that's what this is about.

Submitted: January 04, 2013

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Submitted: January 04, 2013



The breeze blew as I sat there on an empty bench in the park. A night blanketed with the robust feel of darkness with stars that felt like a nightlight. Yet somehow even in darkness the stars seemed to assure me that there was a path, or maybe it’s just me. There I sat wondering why, what do I do now. I gazed up, up to the night sky with questions to ask god as if he/she slept up in the sky. No words or actions could set my mind to bliss nor did I receive any for all that I wished.

But there I sat sending this cloudy smoke straight into my lungs, from a stick that would one day show me my own end. But really what’s a few seconds to days in exchange. I brought the death stick to my lips as I inhaled and out came the smoke. I stared off into the distance, only the question of “what am I doing” came to mind. I assured myself that I was trying my hardest in life but the stress seemed unwilling to surrender. You know in reality if we all die, why worry about stress. But if we all die why even live. I raised the stick to my lips and took another puff and out blew the smoke of death once again.

I look up to where I think god might have been, I stare off into the dark blanket which coated the sky and I saw a cluster of stars; the big dipper. The stars shined with a strange radiance, something I hadn’t noticed before. A beautiful shimmer in the night sky, and with that shimmer something came to my mind. In the night the trees seemed to come alive and emanated a certain vibe, to which I wanted to understand. The night sky seemed mysterious as if it was hiding itself, only to let out a few strains of light hoping that someone gazes upon its beauty and the few that dare to are amazed. I sat in awe and inhaled the sweet smoke of death as I gazed onto the surface of the world.

Suddenly all my thoughts and all my problems seemed less important than the complete beauty of nature, I felt complete. Maybe in life it’s not the money or accomplishments that matter. But rather it’s the moments where you stand in awe in front of beauty, and those moments make you feel happy to be alive. And maybe the real goal of life is just to be happy, rather than burdening yourself with thoughts of greed. If you walk past the sights on your way through life, you will forever wonder what you missed.

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