Deep pit

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STORY speaks of betrayal of a friend. They were the people closest to my heart. Now they are beyond people.

Submitted: April 17, 2013

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Submitted: April 17, 2013



Sorry mom, but life has changed a lot from what it was in your stories. You always say the friend helps his friend the time he needs each other. What happen now!!

My mother I loved my friend very much. I gave my heart for him to live in it. I gave him my eyes to see all the beautiful thing. Got myself into problems even my friend live with happy face. And now .. Now, my mom he go !

But before he go he hurt me much. He was the first person makes me fall in the pit. He is the first enemies. When I asked him why you did this?.. " no need for you now ". He said. Really I suffered much, I cried a lot , and I sleep long months in the hospital. All I want is to be away and alone. I hate my life so much. I was afraid of all the people because I was afraid to do as you did. After all this I realized something ....

After one year, I stood up again and my mind just think about one thing ( How to get out of this deep hole? ). And I realized that this is not the end of life. Whole life surprises. Every day you learn something new. Without the fall in the pit will not learn anything.

And I came out of this pit, after months of pain and fatigue. I completed my life without that friend. I just want to see him to tell him thank you so much because you made me understand life. You are my former friend made me see that , who should be live in my heart. And give each person what he deserves.

You who is read my words , I'll tell you three sentences. Please, always remember these words:

1- Falling into mistake.

2- To learn something new.

3- Finally to change yourself to be the best.


Beginner Starter: Azza Rashed Alkaabi

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