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Wanderlust (Final)

Book / Romance

I've decided to re-issue my novel, Wanderlust. This is the near-final version which will eventually be published. Be advised that it may not be completed hear once I am readyh to publish it. Just before that happens, I will remove it once more, but you can then find it on Amazon. Enjoy! Two persons from diferent backgrounds meet by chance and share their travels around Europe. In the process, they fall in love. This is their story.


Book / Romance

Two people, just friends, find a new direction in life at a mountain cabin in Colorado. Mature content. If this isn't your cup of tea, then you can just skim over those parts.

The Fight For Our Home

Book / Science Fiction

Second book of a trilogy. Shell and Marnee Watson now have a family. Shell's son is about to marry in the midst of unrest building out west of their home at Dep Lake, Colorado. Shell and Marnee both get involved in preparations to defend thair home.

Tickle My Funny Bone Comedy Writing Contest 2018

Other Content by B Douglas Slack

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