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One evening, I was feeling a bit of sorrow and this inspired me to write a poem about sadness. It is a state of an emotion that everyone experiences and we should remember that sadness traverses in our lives but once accepted, has a fleeting personality to escape away, leaving us to find another moment, a time of peace.

Entombment of Christ


The sound of tomorrow lost,
in my skull of yesterday
sores the tendons to twist.
Calmness, breathe pictures across
phosphoros flickering vertical holds,
of an eye, explicable which is so glassy.
I do not want you.
But you reside,
drips of me in liquid,
the frosted flower, red lava to the soil.
My tremulous life reels you,
casts out into the ocean,
cuts loose, floats, everything sinks.
Irretrievably as the sun,
enfolds my twilight, then stars,
than you, as tears carry on.
B. Garth Steinhagen




Submitted: March 14, 2013

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