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To Go Back

To go back, visit that white house, the bi-level split
with the curve sidewalk that extended
from the front door to the lamp post,
the one my father built in March.
That time of the year that's so hopeful
with spring standing, romanced blooms,
in each garden under the picture window.
I always believed that house was large
of course it did have my mother's kitchen window
overlooking an in-ground backyard pool,
the deep end ten feet with diving board,
and that rough gunite cement
that left my toes and fingers raw every summer day.
But now, as I sit here in this cold room
waiting for my physician to talk, I am back there.
To live we leave those days never really thinking
about the day but just that we are changing.
When I was twelve, high school was where I wanted to be
Did I miss twelve? Perhaps I wanted too
with the death of my dog, the parent's loud
arguments as I tried to sleep.
Everyday always being told money was tight.
In High School, sports was a release to awkwardness,
easy to be identified, a something to compel a confidence
that I am real and valuable.
But autumn comes and at twenty we are married, kids run,
and now we are chasing a career for tomorrow.
Divorced, remarried, children now adults, life has traveled
and did I ever stop, look back or even just
enjoyed one moment being in that day.
Now say something, it does not matter, words are useless,
I know the outcome, nothing more we can do, he will say,
go back, go home enjoy each and every moment,
good ones and bad ones
this will ease.

B. Garth Steinhagen



Submitted: July 11, 2014

© Copyright 2022 B Garth Steinhagen. All rights reserved.

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One word for this poem AMAZING Sj

Fri, July 11th, 2014 3:04pm


Thank you, unfortunatly he has left...

Sat, July 12th, 2014 3:41am

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