Murder of the Mind

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This is my take on some of the shootings that have been going on at schools in our time recently. The format for this is not necessarily that of a poem but it is a poem/song.

Submitted: June 14, 2008

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Submitted: June 14, 2008



Murder of the Mind

The world is here in a state of emptiness

Nobody gives a glance

All out for themselves

Nobody runs to help the people

They all just seem to be dieing now

He pulls the gun and he has won

Is it really wrong what he has done

Considering we have been killing him all along

Is it true that people sit back and mindlessly watch

Following life like zombies

Not lending a hand to those screaming for help

Now what have we done

Now what is this world


Listen to the sounds we make

Critisizing every person that isn't us

Well isn't that a great way to be humane

Aren't we supposed to be smart

Why do we self destruct

Impaling the weakest with our own pain

Are you truly surprised

It corrupts their brain

The teacher dies first

Then it gets worse

He goes on a rampage

Destroying the friends that could have been

He pulls out a gun

Sticks it in his mouth

Looks to the sky


He ends his life

The world is sad now

That so many died now

Water fills these eyes and waterfalls crash to the ground

Is it really that profound

If you

A person in an electrified web

Of your words and they can't scream

They keep the pain


Hidden inside

The web is untangled

All is clear

Everything is equal

The gun compensates for his fear

You torchered and trapt him until the day

He died

Freeing himself

From what he sees as his


Why do we hurt each other

When it's just not right

May we stop attacks

On each other




In the future



Let's Stand

Start this


To all that lose their lives in unfortunate tragedies at schools may you rest in piece.  My upmost appologies to all the families my heart and love goes out to all of you.  I am not saying that the masacres are right in any way.  I don't even know if I should post this anymore.  I am just trying to get at the fact that some of the events in the tragedies may have other sides to the story.

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