My Reflection The Mirror

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This is a song I wrote on one night

Submitted: August 22, 2008

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Submitted: August 22, 2008



Song # 1 Untitled

I'm afraid of this world

I'm afraid of my head

I'm afraid of my words

I'm cast into self hatred

They see me for who I'm not

In their eyes they pretend

I'm something more than my disguise

They see through me into who I really am

Into who I really am

This is my life

The dawning of all that loves

All that hates

They flood me with emothions

Quick open up the gates

Here I am this is the real me

With my heart spill my blood

It is dry can yout tell that I've felt

One to many lies

Why do I hide who I am

Why do I surpress my love for you

This is why I'm nothing more than human.

Will you look at this beast

I have become a vampire to a mirror

Not seeing myself and what I've done

I thank you who gave me

The respect for myself

The love for another

Will this be a world I need

Can I be

What I see in me

Is this reflection me

Is the who I want to be

Is this who I am

Is this relly me.

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