One and only Truth

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Submitted: May 11, 2012

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Submitted: May 11, 2012



Dear Booksie,

Hey we all love you

The readers may be fools.

Do they care honestly? do you like poetry?

Do you read or do you write

Do you campaign for your site

I am a guilty party

At least I had the hearty

I am not talking some bs

I am talking about rs

I strive for our rights

I believe in our fight

I want to change our world

I pray for boys and girl

To live better than I have

To live better than my children

We have a moment in time

Here we can change lives

Lives meaning everyone

It is our only chance

To truly and honestly

Become united as a world.

Oh know perceptions of life in a swirl

I guess that we can make it boys and girls

Keep Fighting

Keep Pushing

Keep Loving








I feel this happened to someone on the site who I supported obiously I added my own spin but I told those people on his page what I thought he will not be back but I wish I had got to him sooner so I could encourage his writing compared to asking for him to read my shit without even giving his writing a chance.  I am guilty but what comes around should go around be kind to one another and don't just focus on your own writing it is and art and appreciate it and everyone that does it.  ART IS NOT SELFISH IT IS EXPRESSION OF YOUR SOUL!!!!!!  Love your fellow artists plz.

This writer was destroyed because of selfishness he could have been incredible and all you care about is your own profile and reads.  I have fallen to this fiend.  In the end does it really matter how many people read you or is it the fact that the people who needed to hear your voice heard you!!

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