Bad Weather

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Submitted: July 01, 2010

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Submitted: July 01, 2010



To be righteous and rehabilitate redemption. As your sights adjust to censor the fate of your vision. As your lies just initiate raw conditions and un-pause conflictions. As it intimidates the troubled youth’s existence. With the troubled truths of all addictions. Anything to numb the feelings of pain and agony. The rage of tragedy. Anger and heartache and there danger laced reality. Whether its snorted up the nose that’s not a sexy white lady or heaven imported by a needle vein tied off by a hose. Your slowly going crazy. Lungs filled with a poisonous wind. Wash it down with acid rain. Absorb this breath subtractor through your skin. Ignorance is a good actor. Intelligence even lays dormant. Within the most ignorant bastard. Knowledge can be as cold as ice or as warm as a sunny days laughter. Which should breed passion and introduce actions against inconsiderate racist , bigots, and fascist. That ruin the conditions of the brainstorm. Keeping you stuck without a pain-coat. Which makes it hard to get through the whether or not you believe. Just wait and be saved. Or your fate is to be erased. Addicted to your own resistance of success and perseverance. You can borrow my jacket if you would like.

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