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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: House of Ghosts

Is there only one sparkly side to every "perfect" person?

“Did you know? Did you hear? Have you really heard?” She bent over to peer in my eyes, searching for any indication that I had, in fact, heard the news. Most certainly, without a doubt, I had not. Little did I care as I drew mindless circles on the desk with the tip of my finger. Infinity symbols. Figure eights? In the end, they all went on forever and ever.

In reality, although I tried to convince myself that I did not harbor a single care for this unknown news, these falsehoods, in the end, are falsehoods. By simple definition, lies. Of course I cared. What was so interesting that she was speaking like a shadow puppet, asking not two but three times if I had knowledge of such unknown information? I stopped drawing circles.

“Go on, then, tell me. I’m sure it’s something of interest.” I said, still pretending not to be so terribly interested although my mind was on the edge of its seat. Now, we shall visit such an interesting scene, won’t we?


“Surely, a pretty girl like you shouldn’t be walking alone.”

“No, no, no.”

“Would you like us to walk you home?”

She smiled shyly and waved her hand. Something was starting to break. Yes, surely you could have guessed? It was Rina. Rina, the most innocent, prettiest, smartest. All who gazed upon her admired her, and all who admired her endlessly gazed upon her. Except for a certain group, a group of boys, a gang of around five. The boys who always skipped school, and when they got detention, skipped that as well. Every few days they would pick on poor Rina as she walked home. Rina had it all except defense. She could not defend herself, she could not defend others. The only reason she was safe at school was because she carried the love of every teacher with her, striking fear into those who would dare oppose her.

However, of course, there were no teachers lining the streets to escort her home. And so she was subjected to endless torment. Something was starting to crack. A boy placed one of his disgusting, sweaty hands on her shoulder. She shivered. Something was starting to crumble. They had never made any kind of physical advances on her before this. Rina gently brushed off his hand.

“Oh, now, don’t push me away, girlie.” the boy said, a smirk on his face. In that moment, as he started to reach his other hand out to touch her shoulder, it finally broke. That “something”. She didn’t pause to consider nor think. She instead took her own hand and reached it out, but not to his shoulder. The speed at which her hand moved was barely even visible, a smear in the air. And so she struck, how she struck him! The sweet, the darling, the only Rina! The boy was struck terribly hard for sure, right in the face, stumbling, unable to right himself, finding himself a seat on the ground. He reached up to touch the large, red, hand-shaped mark with found new residence on his cheek. The other four boys now had a tinge of fear on their faces.

Rina drew her hand back and brought it so her palm faced her eyes. It was also red, like she had just finished clapping for an amazing performance. No, no. she thought. This isn’t Rina. This is a back alley thug, a person who picks fights with upperclassmen. This isn’t Rina. However, it was Rina, but she wouldn’t know that for a long time. A very long time.

The other boys had regained their confidence and were quickly advancing towards her, cracking their knuckles. Rina had two choices. Run or fight. Rina wanted to run, but chose the latter anyway. Why? She didn’t know. She didn’t want to fight, that wasn’t Rina, was it?


“And so? The conclusion?” I started to draw circles again. The whole story was, honestly, quite interesting. But, as usual, too long.

“I sneezed, and I swore one of the boys heard me in the bushes, so I ran.” She looked disappointed.

“You ran?” I drew a downward stroke and sniffed. “How cowardly.”

“The story isn’t finished! There is a partial conclusion.” She swept her finger up into the air, trying to draw my attention back.

“Oh, tell me, tell me.” I said, nearly dying to know.

“On the way home I heard at least two ambulances coming from that direction.” She replied, rather matter-of-factly. What interesting evidence. I hear a cheery greeting from the classroom doorway, a familiar voice.

“Speak of the devil.” I sighed, tracing an outward spiral.

Rina stood there, with the stars in her eyes and the moons in her smile. Not a Rina who looks like she would fight gangs of boys. But you know, of course, both Rinas are the same. I tried to get a look at her hands. A bruise, perhaps? A little caked blood under her pristine pink fingernails?

“Did you hear? That boys’ gang got beaten up! I heard that they’re actually considering coming back to school next Monday.” Voices chattered loudly across the room. It seemed that news was already being passed from hand to hand, though few knew any details. By few I meant her and I, of course.

“Really? Do you know who did it?” an excited voice asked.

“The boys won’t say! I heard every time someone asks them they start shaking and sweating and looking all scared.” another voice joined.

“Maybe it was a bear or something. I can’t think of a single person who would make them thatscared.” a third appeared.

Rina smiled sweetly as she chimed into the conversation. “Who knows, it might have even been someone in this classroom!”

Word count: 956

Submitted: March 07, 2016

© Copyright 2022 B.S. Son. All rights reserved.

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Veronica Haines

Thank you for your submission to my writing contest, "Meaningful Short Stories".
This was a cute story with coherent plot. I liked the way that it started with a gossip, and it seamlessly continued to a flashback.
If I may suggest something, though, I would stay away from Mary-Sue characters (some traits of them are: beautiful, smart, naive, sweet, kind and strong - basically, a perfect human being). This is generally advised in writing, because the readers cannot feel as connected to such character, since none of us is actually "perfect".
I will be reading through other submissions, but will announce the winners soon :)

Wed, May 11th, 2016 3:57am


Just to clarify, the whole point of the story was that Rina /appeared/ perfect though she really was not and making a point against boring Mary-Sue characters.

Tue, May 10th, 2016 9:10pm

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