Sweety Fruit

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: 'The Odd Ones'
Another piece I wrote for creative writing! This one I decided to have fun with. Who doesn't love a sweet gang?

Submitted: April 05, 2016

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Submitted: April 05, 2016



“What? No way. We haven’t even touched anything of theirs!”

“That’s the opposite of what they told us, Boss.”

How terrible! How incredibly annoying. It’s like they’re searching every nook and cranny and book of lies to find something to spark a fight with us.

“What have they come up with this time?”

“Half of their chocolate stash has gone missing, Boss.”

The worst! That was certainly the worst predicament they could have gotten themselves in. The Dulces, as they called themselves, were very proud of their large stashes of sweets, mainly chocolate. They were the most frightening gang to roam the streets, with many strong members, most constantly on sugar highs. Terrifying, to say the very least.

“Half of their stash? When did they find this out?”

And so, because they loved their chocolate, and still had bitter feelings toward us, they were quick to blame us. Who cares about evidence, anyway? Not them, I supposed.

“This morning, Boss.”

“Well, we’ll let it go for now. Unless they show up and start picking a fight.”

I picked my teeth with a toothpick aimlessly. The Dulces could very well be the start of another gang war, one of which I couldn’t afford. We had recently invested in a new toilet which cost us much of our stock of fresh mangoes, imported from Thailand. It was the most expensive of fruit, spent carefully on a new porcelain throne, but only after a long lecture of the dangers of eating Chipotle after midnight, of course. In conclusion, hiring skilled mercenaries to fight the Dulces with simply was not an option.

“Then what should I tell them, Boss? They asked for a reply.”

“Did they? How bothersome…” I twisted the toothpick around and around. “Tell them we have no intention of fighting, neither did we steal from them. No one here reeks of cocoa beans anyway. You can tell Marra she can even come here to get a good sniff. All she’ll smell is the new oranges we’ve got.”

Jordy quickly nodded his head and nearly tripped on the way out of the door and down the dark alleyway, taking a sharp left to go to the Dulces’ base. While we were hidden quite well in an abandoned store on the side of a dark alley, the Dulces were in broad daylight in the dusty basement of an old, but still functioning candy shop.

A few hours later, whilst I was munching on an apple and talking to a few other members, an impatient knock sounded on the door. I sighed, recognizing the knock. The knock, the whiny, annoying, stubborn knock. The other members I was talking to immediately lost their happy expressions, replacing them with that of annoyance and sourness, like they had just eaten an entire lemon.

“Come in!” I said, trying to paint myself with as nice a face as possible. If my mama taught me anything, it was to kill them with kindness. “Oh, Marra! Welcome, welcome! What do you need? Perhaps you’d be interested in some apples, or bananas, or these fresh oranges we’ve got here?” Or maybe even a nice glass of “Get Out Of My Base Now”?

Marra scowled, looking like an angry dog. “I’m not here to play games, Rinna. Which one of you disgusting, fruit-hoarding mutts took my chocolate?”

I shook my finger, looking ever so smug. “No, no, no. I’m afraid you’ve got the wrong gang, Marra, dear. We have no interest in the artificial sugar you collect. Our interests are exclusively all natural.” I took another juicy bite of my apple. “Unless, of course, you’re suggesting one of my members has betrayed me?”

Since Marra came in, many of the other members of my gang wandered in as well to spectate. A collective gasp from the other members shook the old store. Betray? The Frutta, the second most frightening gang to roam the streets? The thought of betrayal seemed almost as frightening as the gang itself.

Suddenly, something caught my eye. The light from the weathered glass window hit Marra’s face in such a way where things usually invisible in normal lighting were visible. Was that… a little brown smear on the side of Marra’s mouth? Eating precious chocolate from their stash was against gang code for the Dulces, wasn’t it? Way back when there was even a rumor about a guy who had eaten a little piece of chocolate left over from a trade, just a little piece, nothing more. Somehow he’d been found out and immediately exiled from the gang without a chance to even explain himself.

“Marra, you wouldn’t dare to ever eat chocolate from your own store, would you?” I raised my eyebrow at her.

“Why do you ask? Of course not! That’s against gang code!” Marra sniffed, acting as if it was common sense, a well-known fact. I noticed her hand shaking. As soon as she saw I was looking, she quickly hid it behind her back.

“Then what’s that on the side of your lip there?” I leaned in a little, speaking in a lower voice. My eyes locked with her for a second before she nervously looked away. “Certainly you couldn’t have had a little snack from your own stash and then blamed us for it, could you?”

Marra’s words started coming apart like a poorly woven sweater. “N-no, why w-would I d-do that? That’s… so stupid! This, it, uh… it’s from breakfast! I had, um… d-don’t worry about it! It’s none of your business anyway!” She frantically wiped her mouth with the end of her sleeve. “You stupid, ugly, smelly excuse for a gang!” With that, Marra stomped out the door, slamming the door behind her, sticking her tongue out at us. I could hear her angry footsteps all the way down the alley. I was surprised that we didn’t have an earthquake right then and there from her stomping.

I leaned back again, smiling victoriously. Jordy laughed.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“I always forget how bad your little sister is at lying, Boss!”

© Copyright 2017 B.S. Son. All rights reserved.

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