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there are Memories to be written, Memories to be read. the time is in late 1989 in which Hawar, a twenty year old Iraqi, is heading out to Turkey. A time when Saddam Hussein, the ex-Iraqi president was still in power.During his regime unaccountable murders,annihilation, abductions of their own citizins; regardless of age, religion, education, gender. this story is a true story based on the memories of a person like Hawar. what happens, and how he survives is a miracle since the Iraqi regime is not only after him, but after his family as well.

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Submitted: August 06, 2013

these are memories to be written, memories to be read. the time is late 1989. Hawar, a twenty years old Iraqi, is heading towards Turkey. the time is when Saddam Hussein, the ex-presidentof Iraq, is still in power. his regime unaccountably murders, annihilates, abducts their own citizins. they feared any sort of uprising or activity especially from its north part. the regime is after Hawar and his family, so he decides to run away and imigrate and get abroad, but there destiny would held the hardest unanticipated truthes for him. the story is a true story based on the memories of a person like Hawar. Read Chapter

Submitted: October 24, 2013

“Listen all! Wonch be going anymore tenight,” The words flew out off with a frosty steam hazing up in the air as when a train gets ... Read Chapter