Koox Roox Here and There

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this is a story of Snow White but apart from which you have never imagined of.

Submitted: August 15, 2013

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Submitted: August 15, 2013



An Aeon Ago snow was white, time was priceless, and life was worthy. People at present for ever and a day wonder how primordial populace might have lived.  Is there any remaining which can argue the prospect that human beings once lived and shared earth?

The only data suggesting that this place was a place existed before is its name London. The time is ley, 28th, 4023. The location is London. The hour is tw-lwvay, midnight, which echoed all over the ambient earth surface for along eye-could-see by the shipping 3000km high, 50,000 square meter length clock; called London clock. This clock, as the historians asserted, once happened to be there in London but in a tiny form.

People only heard of rains and snow in very ancient local stories and fairytales as they accomplished producing water and ice and light. The city was tunneled down as an abyss where water flew up and down, and never went straight, whilst the mountain-like-buildings reached the very high cloud on the sky.  Neither day nor night would be able to rest the city. At this precise moment when the day is night and the night is day, Koox20,101 Roox,18 years old, London, Low MO, apartment 40,000, which, apropos, luckily was considered hugging the city ground compared to the apartments atop, was looking outside his mass of window and all of a sudden a patchy, uncovered, filthy, page-missing, what to be called book spattered the window and slipped down from nowhere, but he was sure he heard a cry up above like “MY booooooook”. He opened a small circular window inside the mass and grabbed the book. He was the only child lived with his parents. He looked at the book back to fro. A book in pages did never exist; books at present were sent electronically to the one who ordered it in lines that dance and pack afloat in the air. The giant electronic species were busy flying and diving nowhere, the sky of the city as he could see was poured by heavy spooky apparitions and machines. He was lost imagining how he could go somewhere where these things never happen to be there.

He wanted to open it but,

“Koox 20, 101,” his mom cried out his name.

“Yes, coming.” He had to go it was time to eat, no sooner he wanted to lay the book on the shelf when he felt it was still with his hand. It agglutinated itself adherently to his hand. He pulled the book as hard as he could but it squeezed the hand tighter. After along strive it gave up and was left wretchedly onto the shelf.

After eating, and playing real game videos with his father, it was time to go to bed. The hour was se-veeny, in the morning. He went to his room and tried to sleep, but he could not; he was sure he awaited something or something might be waiting. He put his electronic ear to neck high Y-Pol on and listened and watched to everything together, however, even this was not helping. As he rolled over his book grinned at him. His curiosity encouraged him to give another try and read it.

Something deep told him to open it and read it; a voice was calling his name out inside the book. In his pajamas holding the Y-Pol still on ear, he lifted the book and opened it.

 suddenly it started to shiver, flicking pages as fast no eye could stop spinning from one side end across the other, he was dazzled and without having any idea how and why it was able to quiver him; he could not control it. The book stopped at a page he could only grasp some words from the title “Koox……snow……castle...” then headfirst he leaped through the book. He was twirling as a tennis ball in a complete darkness; then bit by bit the haziness slowed blurring and shapes started to appear as he passed a roof. outsized walls, wall-to-wall paintings, an ample wooden bed with gold curtains baggily loosed on the top down the bed  were arisen. Now his whirling came to a halt, he was hanged freely upside down from the roof and with a twinkle he dashed down with a high alacrity; every seconds he would right bump into the ground,

“Nooooooooo. AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” he shouted out what was in his lungs. Inches before be pressed with the floor the force stopped for some seconds, “ AAAAAHHHH,” his voice shattered down as he was flying aloft then he was dropped off.

He got to his feet with the Y-pod askew, hair tangled; each hair took aside, and his pajamas shorted to a short as was climbed up his chest. He saw the perfect, golden, hall where everything kept in an apple-pie order.  It shined and glistered as a bright sea. Then as he found his said “What on earth….”

Tap, Tap, Tap….

“May I have my lord’s right to enter?” the man’s voice melodically rated as the knocking of the door.

“Ger in.” Koox replied back.

“Ahem…Ahem…Ahem,” he cleared his throat before entering, while Koox stood agog and mouth open.

The bulky oak door smoothly clinked and though it was very huge only it was slightly ajar which allowed a rush of awry light enter the room which its roof was unseen.

Few short quick steps jogged which echoed audibly while Koox was still amazed by the place.

“Dreur Luvi Roklow Endeer….sccoloppendra is at your service my prince.” The man’s stretched crooked pink nose almost flat with the floor as with each name he curtsied and bowed lower, lower, and lower, and lower, and….

With a sling he jolted up straightly. Koox did not know where to start from; a top crooked crimson hat, an aquamarine pant tightly hugged the leg and looped slackly around the thigh to the waist, a firmly buttoned cherry shoulder arm jacket which covered a white shirt below.

“My Lord breakfast is ready.” This was the first time he was glanced at Koox and was agape. Koox too was just scratching his hair and astonished. What was happening? This man treated him as a lord, wait…wait where on hell was this place.

“My prince!” Dreur warily askance at him, “emmm, you have been somewhere last night, Haven not you my prince.”

“NO, nowhere at all just was at home.” He muttered.

“Ok, as your bed dress is weird in which I am agog where have you might found it, but it is time for formal apparel, servants!” He clapped his hands and a pack of as weird as Dreur‘s attire rushed in.

“What are you doing…..stop it, I warn you……no…….watch your hand it is not allowed…..ever finger my back…. Stop……ah….” Dreur gazed him properly and hissed them to go out.

“Now you look akin to my prince Koox.” At the same time the lights were alight and everything glittered. Opposite him in a mirror a reflection of a prince gazed back at him. His blonde hair backcombed shinning where skiing was easy on it, his slithering, shinning, silky pant and armor with a golden belt accessorized by a sword.  A silky amber cloak anchored on both shoulders with lion badge loosely hushed down.

“After you my prince,” He gestured bowing towards the door.

Koox did not know where to go “There!” he shrugged at the oak door.

“Yes, go on my prince.” Dreur replied.

They went out to face a never-ending-corridor leading to other corridors and other corridors. He did not know where to go or stare. Dreur was amazed by his agape expression.

By time they arrived at a dining room where servants like small ants moved all over.  The table was seen at one end while the other was unclear where ended. Everything was out of gold burnished the cloth over the table; food of every type was served.

“The king and Queen Arrival.” A blow of bagpipe followed their advent.

“My boy, my prince” both the king and Queen said.

“Dad! Mom! What are you doing here?” They were his real mom and dad but how they could arrive here.

“What do you mean what am I doing here?” the king eyed Dreur angrily.

“We celebrate this day for my only son prince Koox.” The king was stood proudly where servants all fitted in their positions in the large hall dining room; Koox and him mom took their seats too.

“What for?”, Koox asked Dreur who was behind his chair.

“For lastly I can see him engaged with the woman she fell in love.” He uttered the words melodically for he felt very happy.

“What, engaged, who is the bribe, I mean I cannot I have a lover back home, no no no no, with my apologies my dad who is now pretend to be a king I cannot marry now.”

“Cannot! Dreur!” Dreur stunned and gave a shivering, “last night you said he has found a girl, from afar kingdom, and they fell in love. Oh I must not be punished with this boy.”

“My king I-I-I---am sure he had a bad dream.” He started trembling.

“Don’t advocate him; it is your entire fault, must execute you this time.” The king pointed a finger at him as he galloped salvia down his throat.

“I promise we will find her my lord.” He repeated the same words over and over.

“I don’t reckon to see a story about my son saying once up on a time there was a prince who could not afford a fiancé.”

Koox did not understand so should ask, “It is not the first time, is it?”

“Hah, every beautiful lady was tried out, don’t you remember, where is your memories lad?”

Dreur rush to his king whispered “My lord, he is in love, is not it earthy clear. He cannot remember, even my lord I found him this morning out of bed, well, in very strange apparel; clues are speaking to themselves my lord.” He uttered in a satisfied tone.

“Right, well, go and find her; bring them back, soon hurry.” The king grinned at Koox.

Dreur pulled him up the chair down many corridors, steps, corridors, steps, corridors, my head aches; finally they reached an iron mountain-build gate which was the front door of a very aged priceless beautiful castle. They merged out and two horses neighed in front of them.

“Can I have one ride please I beg you,” Koox almost died when saw a never seen animal in his land.

“The silky hoary one is yours my prince, Bubbu if you remember.” He shook his head in disbelieve.

Dreur got on and when Koox tried out saw his head from the other side of the horse. How on earth he could ride a horse.

“My king focus; you are the most talented in horse racing.” Dreur was sitting on a step leading to the front door for a long time since Koox failed to even get on it.

“Ok,” Koox told himself “if I was able to do I can do it now.”

Thankfully he could manage to do it and ride the horse. As passing by the castle lanes and rivers many bend as he passed and he weaved hand at them; smiling, thought might be shot with a digital camera or a satellite.

“By the way who is she, that girl I probably should marry, and do you know where she is.”  Koox busied with his clothes told Dreur.

“She is Snow White, a girl, as you have seen, angel peace, fairy beauty, a dream lady to every prince.” He smelled the air as if reading poetry out, but Koox was not interested.

“How beautiful she might be she is just a girl, however I have my black snow up somewhere.” He looked up wished more than anytime that this dream lastly should over and he then be able to get home, but nothing about it suggested analogous. Everything was very vivid.

“But I am handsome too; right…”

“Shush! Did you hear that sound?” birds, deer, cows, squirrels, rabbits, antelopes, and other beings dashed them as they where amid a jangle towards somewhere deep the darkness.

“Something is wrong; might be the old witch, her step mom, that devil.” Dreur got serious tone.

That night was very dark and gloomy. They slept in the jangle. Next day at dawn, they continued their journey to find Snow White. A week past and they were still searching hopelessly.

“Can I just marry another one? I got tired.” Koox murmured.

“No she is your true love.” Dreur demanded.

At the end of the last day they finally came across a small, yet equipped hut. There stood many animals they had seen the time at the jangle. And more seven species were sobbing along a mirrored coffin where the prettiest Snow White herself lied still and dead like, with a bundle of flowers tighten between her hands.

As they approximated to them; they all looked at Koox with a hope and a sob in their voices.

“Hey tiny man what is wrong.” Koox said carelessly.

“He is Sleepy my prince and he is not tiny man he is a dwarf.”

“Oh, my bad, ok what is happened whilst I wished to die myself but not my true love.” He said to pretend as a prince this time.

“Oh, Prince it was her, the devil herself who brought our lady to death.” The elder said still sniveling loud.

“Go and kiss her; might work the magic’ after all magic of love is superior than magic of evil.” Dreur got back his poetry talent once more.

“No I cannot do it what if my girlfriend knew, impossible.” Koox became adamant.

“Your kiss may save her, bring her back to life, now go.” He urged him.

“Ok, I shall kiss my true love.” Where did these words come from?

He went forward and surprised when saw her “Luna, Oh my god!” she was her true love back there as he always said back there.

He unfolded the coffin leaned forward, griped her hands tightly while all were awaited with awe.  He felt the power inside his lips; softly put blanketed her lips, and a quake, another one; then bit by bit everything blurred from view, his lips still shrouding hers. With a jolt he was up again flying as parachutes from the air. Lips first he jumped out the book, back to his room in London. He went to the book grab it and saw that a page was formed abut the adjusting page in which the last photo of the story the prince kissing where Snow White’s eyes were alive again, the page slowly adhered to the book and wrote, and they lived happily ever after. Then:


 The End.

Note from the author: this short story is being written for a contest, hope enjoy it

© Copyright 2017 Baban leo lonn. All rights reserved.

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