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A humorous story!

Submitted: January 16, 2014

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Submitted: January 16, 2014



I had been taking my car to the same mechanic for at least 10 years.  And today, I was going in to get new front tires and an oil change on my car.

My mechanic has great customer service.  The men appreciate his knowledge of vehicles and the women – well, they appreciate his flirtatious nature.

Standing at the counter talking with him while he orders my tires and sets the appoint a guy walks in from the shop.  I look at him.  He stops and looks at me.

I turn to my mechanic and say, “Who’s the new guy?!”He tells me, it's his new employee, starting today, to help in the office.

As the new guy approaches where we are talking I look at up and say out loud, “I bet he makes beautiful babies!” 

The new guy grins nervously and my mechanic about falls to the floor!He can’t believe what he just heard.  An ‘oh my god’ slips out of his mouth.

I turn to my mechanic, “You and everyone here have always treated me like I am part of the family.  Will he  treat me like family too?!”

Again, his chin hit the floor.  He turns to the new guy and stutters the words, “Dude, she has been coming here for years and never acted like that…”

The new guy turned to me started laughing and said, “Mom, you need to stop!”

My mechanic looks at me, “Mom?!  He’s your son?!  Oh my God!”

Funniest story ever!

I hold up my cell phone and show him my beautiful grand-babies.  Yeps, the new guy makes beautiful babies!



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