Always Her Fairy Tale

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a short piece I did late one night when I was up going through memories of the past. Every girl has special memories that she will always hold dear to her heart. I am not sure if I like the ending but my brain went on vacation.

Submitted: July 21, 2009

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Submitted: July 21, 2009



Always Her Fairy-Tale

Her eyes open with a quickness. Nothing harsh, nothing scary; only silence. The wind softly blows against the tree limbs outside her window. The kids and dogs are all quietly dreaming of toys and milk bones. She rises from the bed and walks to the kitchen. She opens the fridge and pulls out a cold soft drink. She carefully pops the top on it, trying not to disturb the other resting souls in the house. She walks into her living room and sits down on the couch. She reaches into her cigarette pack and lights one up. She sits with her elbow propped up and the side of her cheek resting on the palm of her hand. She keeps wondering what it was that caused her to awake from her resting slumbers. There were no noises going on. No children up wanting to use the bathroom. She was strangely confused because she was sleeping so well. This was not an uncommon thing for her but it usually was due to another cause. She sat there thinking of ways she use to do when this rarity occurred.

It had been a long time ago that this had happen. She woke up from nowhere in the middle of the night. She was living with her mother and two children. She sat up in bed and looked around. Her son was asleep beside her and her one year old girl was asleep in her crib. She remembered sitting up and lighting a smoke just as then and not soon after she went to the potty. She stopped by the kitchen and retrieved a soda from the fridge. By the time she returned to her position to the bed her cell phone rang quietly beside her. It was 4:26am and there could only be one person that would call at a time like this. She answered with “Hello?”

A comforting voice on the other end replies,” What are you doing up, young lady?”

“Well, for some odd reason, I was woke up had to do the rounds and by the time I got back in bed, you called So if you ask me you have impeccable timing.”

“Don’t you think I know this,” with obvious arrogance.

“Besides, what are you doing calling me at this time?”

“ You was not suppose to answer.”

“Okay. That still doesn’t tell me anything?”

“I just wanted to hear your voice before I went to work, that’s all.”

“Well, isn’t that sweet of you.”

“Yeah, well, ya know….”

“So, you were going to listen to the voice mail if I hadn’t answered?” She couldn’t help but to feel over emotional. That’s one of the only things that could make her happy if she lived in a card board box and never got anything else.

“Yeah. I would have left you a nice message to wake up to, but you answered.”

“So, I will hang up and you can try it again.”

“Yeah and you try to go back to sleep. You have to work and two babies to chase.”

She quietly hung up the phone and didn’t say another word. She didn’t have to. She knew that he knew what she was feeling at that very moment. That was his intentions. His voice is the last thing she hears at night and now first thing in the morning. It almost felt too right.

Her phone started to quietly ring again. She wants so bad to answer it just to hear his voice again in her ear. Maybe if she picks in up he will talk to her again and then she get the third call as the message. So that will be a triple good start. No, better not push it because you never know when you push too far without the realization. It quit ringing and went to the voice mail. She was trying to wait as patiently as possible for it to beep that she had a voice mail message. It seem to take it an eternity when in actuality it only took about 3 minutes. When it finally beeped, she picked it up in a hurry then hesitated. She slowly put her phone back down. She finished her cigarette and took one last drink of her soda sitting there. She nestled herself back down into the covers, laid her head on the pillow and watched the cell phone until the light on the face went off.

She lay there in the darkness and let her heart and brain run free. She was over run by so much emotions. For the last nine years, all she has ever wanted was just someone who would let her the little things that she really desired to know. She was a very considerate person when it come to her men. Anyone whom she had held close enough to really love all have their own special moments. Moments that she will one day share with her little girls. All she wanted was for her man to acknowledge the little things she does.

She was raised that men work really hard so they desire the little luxuries when they come home. If they work hard and she sees that everyday, she will be the most obedient woman you will have ever been with. That’s the environment she was raised in. When the man comes home, he deems as nice to be able to come home and eat, plate ready. All he has to do is wash his hands. She can be in extreme pain, but it is not more severe than a back rub if he makes an unusual noise by sitting, standing, and walking. She notices those things when it comes to him. She can tell when he wants her to just talk, when he wants her to just listen, and to hear about every day life. She can instinctively tell when he needs a companion and when he needs just a friend. She loves that about their relationship. She would say yes if he asked her to marry him today, but she respects his don’t push it. She lets him control the flow of her emotions. He knows that she loves him with all her heart and that scares him beyond all. He tells her that he has been wrong before and he doesn’t want to be wrong again. She understands with the past she has had and that’s the reason they have boundaries and lines on her subjects that are open for discussion. Usually when he opens a can of worms that she wants no reason to open her mouth, she tells him “Not open for floor discussions.” He knows what she feels and he knows she is attempting to do what she can not even touch base on those that he has already warned her about. She would die if she ran him away due to her own selfishness.

He done things like this all the time. She spent the week end at his house with her kids. She brought in a car load of groceries with her. He took as a nice gesture; she was secretly doing everything to prove her worth to him. She wanted so bad to show him that she would make an effort for him and his needs before anything else. She remembered everyone settling down for the night to watch a movie as the kids fell asleep. He got off the couch and left the room. He returned only to scoop her up, taking her to a steaming hot bath. The water was the same temperature as a Jacuzzi turned all the way up. She was trying to make up every excuse on why it was not a good time to do this, but he was not hearing it. He undressed her and lifted her into the hot water. He sat on the edge of the tub with his feet in the water. Even this memory, she can hear the sound of his voice echo through the bath room as if she were back in the time.

“The kids will be fine. Besides, you have not taken a break since you got here. Do you ever take any time for yourself? Lay here and relax. DO Not get out of this tub until I come back.” He left the bathroom, light off and he closed the door.

She remembered laying there that this was way too much. She didn’t deserve time like this. She was a hard-working, do for herself kind of girl. This was new to her but she liked it. She could easily be spoiled to treatment like this every once in a while. When he returned about 20 minutes later, he had two big towels that were fresh from the dryer. Nice and snuggly warm so her naked body would not get cold. He led her to his bedroom in the peace and quiet. He began to dry her off. She felt herself become timid. She had an extreme phobia about being naked in the light in front of people. When he noticed her uneasy discomfort he inquired to know what was the matter. She was reluctant to tell him at first, afraid he may laugh at her. He arouse from his sitting position and turned on a small bedside lamp to help her with her complex. She always feared her flaws were too noticeable and may look hideous, unattractive enough to make a man turn his head away. For some many years, she was made to believe that every woman on this planet was a lot better than her. He rubbed his lotion covered hands up and down every sore muscle she had. With every stroke of his hand, the muscle seem to heal and redeem its life.

The sound of the local train passing by, makes her eyes flutter. She looked at her soda, which only had three drinks out of it total. She picked it up and took some in. Her cigarette had already burned up in the course of her distraction. She lit another one and looked out of the big windows into the night. When she is tired, she tends to drift in and out. It’s like her brain is so tired that it is firing on all pistons to shut down, but instead, it starts doing crazy, unexplainable things.

Before he got ready to leave her to go 4,000 miles away , he made time for her. He was dancing with her in her mothers’ front yard. He was slow dancing with her and he didn’t care as to who was watching. She dreamed many nights about the conversations they used to have every night before bed. He would tell her about places he had been and things he had seen. She would close her eyes every night and see the places he told her about. The visions he gave her in her mind of the places he wanted to share with her. She still wants to see them, but it would be better if he was there by her side saying, “ I told you that there was no way that this was more beautiful than you.” She can hear his words echo inside her heart.

On nights like this, from her brain exhausted, she often wonders where she went wrong with him. Did she love him too much? Was she really not as perfect as he made her seem? To guess at some of the thoughts that roll through her keep her heart under control. She wanted to know everything there was about him. She wanted to learn him and his ways. She wanted to know who was his very first love? How he grew up and where. She wanted to see all the ditches he swam in as a child. She wanted know who he really was. He intrigued her interest just by speaking. She wanted to see where he had been. She longed to know his dreams, his wishes, his biggest to smallest fantasies. She was wanted to lay on his chest at night and just listen to his voice rumble in his chest. She wanted to feel every breathe he took. Was her heart wrong again and was she just too scared of being right?

The silence still all around her. The occasional creaking of the house but nothing out of the ordinary. She slowly arose from her spot on the couch. She leaned down and picked up her soda. She looked around and took in a deep breath. It was time to go back to bed or she will never get to sleep. She will be up all night thinking if she doesn’t shut down shop now. As she made her way back to her bedroom, she wondered if he was awake right now doing the same thing. The thought was comforting to her heart that there might be a small possibility that he might be doing the same thing right then. She will never know.

She lay still in the bed on her back looking up at the ceiling. She tells herself that all she was trying to do was love him how she seen fit. He deserved a love beyond anything any words could say. She would love him the rest of his life. Even if he didn’t know it, she did. He could call on her 30 years from now and she would be there. She believed deep down that he knew that also. Maybe one day, they would cross paths again. The special time they did share and the little things he had done made her believe in the fairy tale love again. That it truly did exist. He showed her that every woman has a unicorn: a fable creature impossible to capture. He would always be hers. As long as she could hold on to that, she would always have her fairy-tale story.




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