Confusion and Confessions- Luke's p.o.v

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this is lukes p.o.v of the story. maybe you should read lolas first however if you want.


Submitted: February 10, 2009

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Submitted: February 10, 2009



Confusion and confession- Luke’s p.o.v
I watched her as she sat on the swing. Her blonde hair swinging back and forward and she pushed herself gently. I could see her earphones in and smiled. She never could go anywhere without them.
I had no idea how everything had gotten to this stage. It was practically a normal day. It had all went bad when I went to meet her at our wall behind the school.
I’d just asked the most popular girl in school out and she said YES!!!!! I just had to tell Lola. I knew it was a mistake when I asked Melissa. I was only using her after all. I loved Lola. My best friend and so much more. She of course was clueless. I wasn’t going to risk our friendship.
I ran around the corner bouncing up and down in excitement, my hair flopping in every direction. I always had hated it. I saw her sitting there and grabbed her from the ground pulling her into a tight hug.
Her laugh in my ear was light and musical and it sent my pulse racing.
“What? What happened?”
Her voice was soft and beautiful as always. I set her down and stared into her eyes. Big mistake! I could get lost in their grey depths that seemed so endless. It was then I remembered why I was so excited in the first place.
“I just asked Melissa to the cinema and she said YES!!!” I noticed her face pale and her eyes became guarded. “What’s wrong? Are you all right?”
I was stunned when she turned and started to walk away from me. What was wrong with her? Panic gripped me and my hand shot out to grip her arm so she couldn’t leave me. It was my worst fear. “Lola?” I put all of my soul into her name. Everything I had to get her to stop walking from me.
She yanked her arm out of my grip and turning to face me she said in a voice I’d never heard from her before,
 “Luke, I don’t want to be friends anymore.”
My mouth dropped open and my heart fell to the ground where it smacked against the cool pavement and smashed. Why was she doing this? Had someone said anything about me to her?
No. Lola, god, no you can’t leave me, please. I pleaded without words. When I was finally able to speak it was hard and my throat was dry.
“W…wh…what? Why? I don’t understand?”
“Look, I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I think it’s best. After all where not in primary school anymore. Your popular now and your new friends don’t want a fat podgy little girl following you around anymore.”
“Has some said anything to you? I swear if they did I’ll kill them!  I was furious at the thought.
If I found out someone had I’d rip their throat out. How dare they! I started to pace my eyes on the ground. I didn’t want her to see the emotions in my eyes. my hands were balled into fists as I thought about who I was going to hit and trying hard not to at the same time.
“No,” she lied. She was always a terrible liar. “No-one’s said anything but I think it’s best”
She turned to leave once more but I grabbed her arm again and turned her towards me.
“I don’t understand you’re my BEST FRIEND!!! How could you do this to me?” I was yelling at her now. “I don’t care what they want; you’re my FRIEND and will always be my friend!” I was angry at her at myself at everyone. How could she not see what she meant to me? she was my whole world but was so blind that she was incapable of even seeing it!
Her eyes flashed dangerously and I knew she was getting angry. Her cheeks were flushing with rage as she leaned towards me and screamed at me,
Wait, what? Did she just say that? Her hand flew to her mouth as if to stuff the words back in. my insides were screaming disbelief. It was to good to be true.
I opened my mouth to tell her so but she turned and ran into the building. I’d never hated a bell so much in all my life. I knew she’d avoid me now, but no, I had to know if she meant it. I needed to!
She was still swinging gently and I could hear her music from the gate. I walked towards her and grabbed the swings bars stopping it from it’s gentle rocking, my face only inches from hers. She was so beautiful and she didn’t even know it.
Suddenly she looked at me, sighed and got off the swing heading for the gate. I was quicker however and stood in front of her blocking her exit. I had to know, I had to. The past couple of hours had been torture. She yanked out her earphones.
“What Luke?” she was angry and her voice snapped out of her.
 I didn’t want to ask the question but I had to know.
“Where you being serious earlier?” my voice came out so quiet that I was afraid she didn’t hear me at all.
“Don’t worry about it. I promise to leave you alone. You don’t need to sound so scared.”
I nearly laughed but I was too shocked. Is that what she thought was wrong? I was scared? Of course I was scared but I was nearly jumping for joy at her words. She did mean it!
I took a step towards her to tell her so and to hold her at last but she stepped back.
“Lola…I…” I took another step forward wanting to close the gap but not wanting to scare her senseless. She took another step back. That got me angry. She didn’t have to be scared of me! “Lola, stop that!”
I walked towards her quickly so she can’t move away. I grabbed her and shook her hard. Trying to knock some sense into her.
“Stop it and LISTEN for god’s sake.”
I ran my fingers through my hair, not looking at her. She shrugged and turned towards the swings and sat down again. I made a split decision and followed her, standing in front of the swing.
She looked down trying to avoid eye contact and I breathed in deeply as I reached down and placed my fingers under her chin. I needed her to look at me.
“Lola.” I whispered as I leant in and kissed her gently on the mouth giving her the chance to pull away or tell me to stop.
When she didn’t move I pulled back and looked down at her face. Her lips were slightly parted and her cheeks flushed. Her grey eyes sparkled and screamed love at me.
My shattered heart flew and mended as I bent and fixed my lips on her again. I started gentle still unsure of her feeling but when she started to kiss me back I needed more. I yearned for her, she completed me and I needed her like I needed to breathe.
Her hands travelled to my waist and wrapped around me sending little shocks through my body and to my heart that skipped a beat at each gentle touch. I moved my hand from her chin to cup her neck and stroked her soft cheek with my other, showing my love as well as need for her.
When we came up for air I was unsure again. I looked down at her swollen lips and flushed dazed face and bit my lip. Did she want this? Did she want me?
She sighed and that little sigh nearly had me kissing her again. She closed her eyes and I watched her for a few minutes. Finally unable to not be touching her I leant my forehead against hers. When I saw her open her eyes and wrapped my arms around her and bean to whisper in her ear,
“I love you too.”
And I meant it with all my soul

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