I love you...but i don't - Part 2

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The second part.... i advise you to read part 1 first =D

As i sat in tha taxi gripping the brown envelope the woman Gracie had handed me last week i watched the passing scenery without taking in anything. It was strange, i'd always been confident in my dancing abilities and many had told me that it showed in my style but i had become increasingly nervous as i sat in the speeding car. All competitions i had entered had been faced with a confident but not cocky addititude but the thought of this upcoming shoot seemed to result in shivers of fear and anxiety running throughout my body. When the car pulled over at a large dance studio i handed the driver a tennner before stepping towards the large swinging doors. Wiping my hands on my tracksuit bottoms in hopes of them absorbing some of the moisture i pushed through the doors. The layout was similar to the building id auditioned in however this time it was deserted and my steps seemed absurdly loud in the empty space.

Glancing around i tried to find a member of staff to help me but the place seemed lifeless. Opening the envelope i began to scan read the contents incase id gotten the day or the location wrong. No, everything seemed correct and sighing i replaced the papers to their packaging. "Lost?" A voice behind me said. My shoulders stiffened in response to that smug tone and i turned to face Nathan Dawson. He looked strange in his black tracksuit and unstyled hair, almost to the point of looking normal. I shrugged before nodding that yes i was lost and the smug grin widened. I scowled at him and noticing he frowned. "You don't like me very much do you?" It sound more like a statement to me but i shrugged again and he sighed. "Do you just not talk to me or people in general?"  He spoke in a low voice, almost as if he was talking to himself before he lifted one shoulder in a careless gesture, grabbed my arm and dragged me across the floor.

I squeaked in suprise and he laughed. "I'm not kidnapping you. Im giving you directions."  His blue eyes appeared over his shoulder to twinkle down at me and i smiled gently to show my apprecition. His footsteps stopped and i went crashing into his back, hitting my nose hard in the process. "Christ, sorry." i gripped my throbbing nose and glanced at his expression, a mixture of guilt, shock and confusion which resulted in a very funny outcome. My shoulders began to shake in quiet laughter before it erupted from me in a loud burst that sounded like an explosion in the quiet hall. Without realising my spare hand was pointing at his expression and he scowled. "My face isn't that funny." The corners of his mouth twitched as he watched me laugh. "However, since you showed me such a lovely face i'll forgive your rudeness." he grinned at me and lifted a piece of my brown hair from where it lay on my shoulders. That shut me up quickly and i eyed him suspiciously.

"I'm not going to attack you, so don't look at me like that." He huffed before grabbing my hand and leading me through a side door that led to a very long staircase. As he dragged me up the stairs i watched the floor numbers increase and wondered why he didn't take the elevator. "Its broken." he muttered as he continued to lead me. "I can almost hear your confusion." he puffed as we past floor number 13. "Only one more." he muttered to himself and i smiled. "You may find it funny but i've done this three times today alone and its killing me." He opened the door that led to the fourteenth floor and leaned against the wall opposite as he regained his breath.

"Why?" i asked quietly. His head snapped up and his eyes widened. "What?" he asked as he shoved his body from the wall and walked towards me. He stopped very close to me until our noses almost touched and i leant backwards in order to try and get some space but my head met wall sharply and i sucked my breath in as pain shot through my skull. "Shit! For a dancer you're very clumsy." Nathan muttered to himself as he placed a hand at the back of my head and weaved his hands through my hair, feeling my scalp for bumps. "No damage i can feel. Are you alright?" He was concerned for me and it shocked me a little. "I am human you know. I can show concern every now and then." he pouted and i grinned before placing my hands on his chest and giving him a gentle shove. He got the hint and backed away from me a bit. I gestured for him to lead the way with my hand and he grabbed it again before walking down the corridor, bringing me with him. "Why what?" he asked me without stopping or turning to look at me. "Your question earlier?" he elaberated.

"Why did you have to climb the stairs three times today?" my voice sounded strange to me but he never noticed "When i first got here, then going down to get....food and then bringing you up. So thats three." During the pause his grip tightened on my hand and i got a glimpse of red staining his cheeks. Strange man. "Nat Honey!" i heard a squel from behind me and the next thing i knew i was slammed on the floor as a girl a year or so older than me latched onto Nathan and shoved me aside. From my position on the floor all i could see was 5ft 9 inches of legs and blonde hair. Shaking myself i quickly got to my feet and stood back to give them some room.  "Tasha...what are you doing here?" Nathan asked as he tried to keep his balance. His eyes met mine over "Tasha's" blonde head his eyes full of apology but i just shrugged and placed my thumb nail in my mouth, a habit i'd been unable to shake.

"Why, baby, i'm your lead dancer. Don't tell me Billy never told you? Shame on him!" she twittered and i wondered how she managed to stop her hair from moving at all. Nathan grabbed her shoulders and peeled her slim form from him and set her on the ground. "I thought thats what the auditions last week were for?" Nathans confusion was evident and i wondered if i should maybe leave and try to find the room myself. "Just wait a few minutes Paige." I glanced at Nathan in shock. He had remembered my name? Unluckily for me his order had attracted Tasha's attention and she turned to glare at me, not before being careful Nathan couldn't see her expression. I smiled at her and held up my hands in surrender, almost telling her that he was all hers. She nodded satisfied and then stuck her hand out. "Natasha Ress. But you probably already know that." I didn't want to tell her that i never so shook her hand and smiled. "This is Paige." Nathan spoke in my stead before i had a chance to. "She doesn't speak that often."

Natashas mouth curled upwards in a sneer and i noticed the instant dismissal of me as competition. "Oh...how...nice." she spoke slowly and i scowled at her. Just cause i didn't like to talk didn't mean i was stupid. "Tasha, she's not an idiot. She just doesn't like to talk." Nathan said and the anger in hs voice suprised both Natasha and me, however he ignored our expressions and grabbed my arm as if nothing had happened and led me down the hall. Natasha followed in our wake and i tried to shake Nathans grip from my arm but he just tightened it and shot me a look that could kill. I stopped struggling and sighed in relief when we finally reached the studio and Nathan relised me arm. I had to rub it in order to return the feeling to it and was sure id have bruises in the morning. The room had about twelve people in it. I recognised Bill and Gracie from my audition and the stereo guy was there as well. He spotted me and gave a little wave in greeting before sticking his nose in his book. Their was a tall woman in her late forties standing in the front of the room talking to a bunch of teenagers around my age. She held a clipboard in her hand and i realised she was calling out names.

"Paige Jullon?" she called and as i opened my mouth Nathan beat me to it. "She's here." The woman scowled at him. "I appreciate that Dawson but the girl can speak for herself." she sniffed and i felt myself blushing as the rooms attention focused on us. "She doesn't like to ... " Nathan started but i descreatly stepped on his foot and glared at him. "Ow! What? You don't like to talk!" He shouted at me in confusion and my blush increased as the room began to mutter with this new found gossip. The woman with the clipboard sniffed, "Well, whatever. As long as she follows orders and can dance. Thats everyone. You have ten minutes to warm up and then we get started." the woman clapped and the group dispersed throughout the room. I spotted an empty chair to my left and made  bee line for it. Collapsing into my seat and placed my head in my hands as people across the room talked loudly about it me, assuming that cause i didn't talk i was also deaf. It had been a while since id been around new people and id forgotten how horrible it was when people realised i hated to talk.

"You alright? Dizzy? Sick?" i glared as Nathan crouched beside me his face all concern. Noticing my expression he got defensive, "Its better they know now, right? It saves a lot of hassel." I suppose he had  a point. i sighed and picking my bag up i pulled my phone and i-pod from my trouser pockets and placed them i a zip compartment. As i wasabout to zip the pocket my phone vibrated and i grabbed it. 

Good Luck today, petal. Can't wait to see you on TV!
you have to come out with us tonight to celebrate you're first proper job... no excuses!
Love you babe, Danny and Matty xxxx

I smiled widely and all my annoynce and fear vanished as i read the text message from my two best friends. I replied quickly and turned the phone off before placing it back in my bag. I glanced up still smiling to be met with Nathan scowling face and i scowled back.  Before either of us could speak a clap from the end of the room grabbed my attention and cliboard lady called out sharply, "Places everyone. On the floor and grab a partner." As i stood i looked around the room at the already paired up couples and realised it was an odd number. Nathan took my hand and led me out onto the floor. I smiled gratefully unaware of the looks we were getting from the other dancers. "My name is Vi and i'll be putting you through hell. Be prepared." clipboard lady, Vi, said calmly and it scared me a little bit. "Right, from the top."


My legs felt like they were going to break off and my body was aching everywhere but i'd never felt so satisfied before. We had been practising for five hours straight and for me they flew. it was only when i stopped moving did i realise how tired my body was. As we were dismissed i walked shakily back to my chair and placed my head gently against the wall, closing my eyes i let my mind drift away and the pain ebbed. I sighed completly content and opened my eyes. My eyes flicked around the room at the similar exhausted faces and my eyes met Nathans as he stood at the opposite side of the room talking to a few male dancers. He seemed to excuse himself and started to walk towards me but he never got that far as Natasha stepped infront of him. "Nathan, i appreciate you feel pity for the dumb girl but really you and i should have partnered up. After all we are the two leads, we need to work together more." She never bothered to lower her voice and i could hear her from were i sat. So apparently could everyone else as the room fell silent. "Natasha, the lead dancer as yet to be choosen." Vi called from where she sat with Bill and Gracie. Natasha scowled in her direction but ignored the comment. "You need to be careful Nat. People can get the wrong impression about you two. You don't want the press saying that Nathan Dawson was dating a mute would you? It would distroy your reputation." She finished by crossing her arms as if that settled everything and i snapped.

"Excuse me, I'm not mute." i muttered but loud enough for people to hear me. "I'm not dumb either, i just find it difficult to talk to people and so i opt out of it. So if you don't mind can you stop treating me like an idiot?" My voice never raised however the room was deadly quiet and i felt dizzy from lack of air. I hadn't spoken that much in a while and it was a bit too much for me. Nathan smiled at me and then turned to Natasha. "Besides Natasha who i do and don't date is none of your buisness, nor anyone else's." Natasha scowled, "So you are dating her then?" Nathan only smiled and turned his back on her.  As he started to walk in my direction i smiled, grabbed my bag and left the room quickly. I made it to the stairway when i felt him grab my shoulder and turn me to face him. He was grinning. "I like your voice." was all he said and i glared at him to see if he was making fun of me. He seemed serious so i rolled my eyes and started to walk down the stairs. I expected that to be the end of it but he continued to follow me. "Oi, you're not angry are you? I'm sorry i never denied that we were dating." he called from above me and i shrugged without stoppnig or looking back. "Paige! Oi! Where the hell can you get all this energy?" he puffed running down the stairs. "Look, i'm sorry but people will give you less bother if they think we're going out." I stopped then and glared at him in outrage. "I know you can probably take care of yourself but i just...." he paused a few stairs above me and frowned at his shoes.

"I'd like to go out with you." he muttered. I stared in shock at him. He lifted his head and laughed, "Whats wrong with me? Where's the famous playboy gone?" he asked himself and then turned his blue gaze on me, suddenly deadly serious. My mouth opened and shut in shock and i was froozen to the spot. "You...don't like me." i managed to whisper but he caught it and smiled shyly. "I'm very childish." he stated and i rolled my eyes at this obvious fact. He ignored me and continued, "When you ignored me last week it was a ....shock. Since I've become famous, people have alwys paid attention to me, you're reaction was something totally new and it struck me. You didn't seem like other girls. I was pissed at first but i couldn't stop thinking about you all week. How you danced was...breathtaking. I was waiting for you in the lobby today so i could spend time with you alone." he was blushing at this stage and i couldn;t move as my brian tried to process everything.

"Sorry." he laughed and gripped the back of his neck with his hand in a nervous gesture that made him seem like he was a small child. "I've kinda bombared you with this." he laughed nervously as i continued to remain motionless. "Um, so, i'll see you tomorrow...then. Um, goodbye." he muttered before turning on his heel and running up the stairs, suddenly full of energy. Strange man, was my last thought as i left the large building.

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Lannie Cole

loved it. i hope there is more. cant wait.

Tue, August 3rd, 2010 1:40pm


YAY! Am glad you liked this part more than the first and yea theres gonna be maybe another two or three more parts.

Wed, August 4th, 2010 5:57am

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