I love you...but i don't - Part 3

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Submitted: August 06, 2010

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Submitted: August 06, 2010



I sat in a small cafe not far from the dance studio and twirled my drink with the mulitcoloured straw the woman serving me had placed in my coke. The ice clinking together seemed almost soothing to me as my mind buzzed. Despite being alive for eighteen years i had never been confessed to and the fact that it came from Nathan Dawson was a little too much for my mind to deal with. A knuckle tapped gently on my table to grab my attention and i glanced up to see Danny standing infront of me. "Sorry." Was all he said as he slid into the chair opposite me. I smiled in understanding. Despite the fact that we'd meant to meet nearly twenty minutes ago was nothing new to me. Danny was the worst time keeper i'd ever met and Matt wasn't much better. Danny recognised my look and blushed slightly. "Yes I know I'm awful at keeping apointments but you should feel privlaged. At least you get to see me...eventually. My dentist never does." I laughed gently as another coke and a basket of chips was set down infront of me.

"Sorry paige. I tried...i really did but he wouldn't move." Matt complained as he slid beside Danny, descreatly holding his hand under the table. "You'd think you'd know by now how long i takes to do your hair but you keep insisting its only takes five minutes." My eyebrows rose in response and Matt catching it laughed. "Exactly...more like thirty!" Danny huffed gently and took a handful of chips before shoving them into his mouth at once. My disgust was plainly showed on my face and he shrugged in defense before reaching for me. "Such a shame," Matt sighed. "With those looks you'd think he'd have better manners."  I nodded vigourously and in a show of defiance Danny shoved another handful into his mouth and grinned widely. "Disgusting." i muttered under my breath. Both boys turned and beamed widely at me. "She speaks!" the said together and i rolled my eyes. They'd never gotten bored of that joke. The three of us had been friends for years. I'd went to primary and secondary school with Matt and Danny had became my dance partner when i was ten. We'd always been inseperable but it was only recently that both boys had admitted their feelings for each other despite constantly come to me for advice before the big confession. They had an easy way with each other and their friendship had never suffered despite the trials of dating and i always felt a sort of pride when i seen them together.

"She's thinking about something sappy and embaressing again." Danny muttered in a stage whisper. Matt leaned across the table, "Do spill. What has caused the sappiness?" I grinned and pointed two fingers at them. "Us?!" They asked together and i nodded as they blushed. I then held up three fingers together and laughed. "Oh my god, as it really been three months?" Danny asked shocked, recieving a punch from Matt. "How could you forget? Insensitive pig." Matt pouted while his partner rubbed his arm. Matt was no weakling despite his looks. Being only 5ft 8 he seemed tiny to Danny's 6ft 2 and the compination was always enough to make me grin as it was usually Matt bullying Danny. Seeing Danny's pain, Matt rolled his eyes at me, "He's such a baby. I swear... i only tapped him and he makes this big drama out of it."

"I am still here." Danny muttered. "Anyway the point of this meeting is to celebrate our baby Paige's first screen debut!" Both started to clap and hoot loudly and i slid further into my seat as others in the cafe turned to stare. "So in true celebrating style we have.....cake!" As he was speaking a waitress came over carrying a large chocolate cake with mulitiple layers and the words Congrats in white icing. The cake was sloppy and the icing everywhere so i knew they'd made it themsleves and my grin was so wide i felt it almost splitting my face in two. As i watched them tears sprung to my eyes before i could help myself and the panic was clear on their faces. Neither was good with tears. Keeping my eyes on the cake i spoke quietly, "I love you both."  The looked at each other and in one movement both got up from their seats and incased me in a hug from both sides that left my feeling breathless and happy as i cut the cake my only friends had made me. Suddenly the confession was the last thing on my mind.


It came screaming back to the forefront of my mind the next morning. As i walked into the dance studio Nathan was sitting on the floor outside the elevator. "It's fixed." was all he said as he got to his feet and pushed the up button. I raised an eyebrow but other than that never looked in his direction. When the doors pinged open we both reached for the floor number which resulted in his hand over mine. Expecting him to pull back i was shokced when instead he gripped my hand and used it to turn me around to face him. With his free hand he reached over and pushed the emergency stop button. The elevator came to a screeching halt and the lights went off. It was only when Nathan leaned towards me did i realise the full extent of the situation. Placing a hand on his chest was my only means of defence as my hand was still incased in his and my back was against the elevators wall. He pulled my encaptured hand to his lips and kissed it gently his eyes boring into mine. The blue orbs danced with a cool fire as they watched my face and it made shivers run down my spine.

Taking my other hand from his chest he moved it gently around so that it was now gripping his back. My mind and body were frozen as i watched him like a deer in a headlight. I sensed the danger but was too terrified to do anything as he moved my captured hand above my head. Nathan leaned his head down so that our foreheads touched, his eyes closed as he sighed. My mouth moved a few times before i was able to make a sound. "Nathan?" i whispered in question. His eyes snapped open and his hands grabbed my face. "Again. Say my name again." he whispered as he placed his lips on my collarbone. His voice and the contact on my skin made a small gasp escape me and i felt his lips curve upwards in a grin against my collarbone. "Wh...wh...?" was all i was able to say as his lips ran up my neck, nipping and licking the sensitive skin there. "What am i doing?" he asked for me and i nodded weakly. He lifted his head from his assult on my neck and placed his face inches from mine. "Kissing you. What else?" he grinned and my last rational thought was how i'd like very much to slap him, however when he touched my lips gently with his own my body wouldn't follow orders. The kiss was light, almost impossible to feel and i would have thought i'd imagined it except  for the tingles running across my body. He lifted his head away another few inches and watched my dazzed face before smiling.

When his mouth touched mine again it wasn't like before. It was hard almost desperate as he assulted my mouth. His hands moved from my face to skim down my neck and over my body before he placed them on my hips. I gasped as his hands thrust my hips into his and it was the opening he needed to thrust his toungue into my mouth and devour me. All thoughts of struggling or defence was gone and all that was left was the feel of his hands on my body and his toungue in my mouth. My own hands reached up to grab his hair as the embrace grew longer and deeper. As i tugged at his dark hair he groaned into my mouth and his hands reached up to touch my breasts. My eyes snapped open and my body tensed. Sensing the change in me he removed his lips from mine but remained standing dangerously close to me. "What?" he asked harshly and i glared at him and then down to where his hands still clutched my breasts. He followed my eyes and then smiled mockingly at me. "Don't tell me you're a virgin?"

Removing my hands from where they were still tangled in his hair and leaned back as far as i could and slapped him roughly across the face. He staggered backwards in shock and i pushed the emergency button again so that the elevator resumed its climb to the fourteenth floor. Nathan stood gribbing his cheek before he stood upright to stare at me. "What the hell was that for?" he asked seemingly oblivious to the insult he'd just paid me. I didn't want to enlighten him as the doors pinged open and i strolled down the hallway to the practice room. With my hand on the handle Nathan grabbed my arm roughly to turn me to face him. "What just happened? Explain it to me and i can fix it." he asked desperation clear on his face but i shook my head anger boiling in my veins. "Lets get this striaght. I am not some hussy you can play with. I'm not just going to drop my knickers because you kissed me, so go find someone else to play with." i hissed at him. He just stood there his mouth opening and closing but no sound came out and turning my back on him i strolled into the practice room and didn't look back.


My body was just as exhausted as yesterday but i didn't feel satisfied for some reason and it annoyed me. As i threw my towel back into my bag and grabbed my water i looked up to see stereo guy staring down at me. I blanched for a second before smiling at him and tilting my head in question. "Um, hey." he muttered with a small wave of his hand which i returned. "Um, i was wondering...do you still have that mix tape you used at the audition?" I nodded and reached into my bag to lift it out where i had failed to remove it. I handed it over to him and he grinned making his whole appearance light up and his green eye brighten. "Thanks, i'll give it back to you friday. Is that alright?" I nodded and when he turned to leave  grabbed his arm to stop him. "Why?" i nodded towards the CD.  He blushed, "I wasn't being nosy or anything but last week when you were auditioning i had a look through the song list and it was a really good mix. I work part time in a club as a DJ and i really wanted to play it. I'm going to burn it later. Is that alright?" I nodded again and grinned, "But you have to lend me your book." i told him. I'd noticed he'd been reading the new book in Jane Alice's murder mysteries. I'd been unable to find it in the shops and had yet to grasp internet shopping and was dying to get my hands on it.

He laughed. "You strike a hard bargain. Alright, i'd just finished it today so you're very lucky. Its a series though." he continued as he beckoned me across the room. "Have you read the other ones?" I nodded again as i trailed after him like a puppy. "Love them." i murmered and he laughed. "Thought you never talked?" I'd no answer to that so i just shrugged and took the out streched book which i clutched to my chest in joy. I leant forward and gave him a kiss on the cheek before twirling and walking away the book clutched tightly in my grasp. I sat in my chair and opened the first page which i began to read. The magical writng ability of Jane Alice dragged me into the gruesome murder without hesitation and when i looked up again the sunlight was fading and the room was empty. Swearing to myself i grabbed my bag the book still in my hand and ran for the door. I never made it as a hand gripped my wrist and pulled me backwards. I tripped over my dropped bag and went flying backwards. I closed my eyes waiting for empact but when it never happened i opened my eyes to the blue glare of Nathan Dawsons displeased eyes as he said, "We need to talk."

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