a fairy tale

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its about a girl who just wants to live happy and with the rite person

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011



once upon a time in a casle live a beautiful princess name renesmee, she was torn between to prince

one was the love of her life, she loved him but, her farther king alexs didnt approve. he wants her to marry a prince he piked out

what was renesmee able to do she had run to her mother but, she could not stop her king.renesmee was thinking of running away so she can be happy.

it was midnight when prince ali came and took princesses renesmee to and island where they can get married happyly.

she wanted her dads blessing but,she new she wasnt going to get it. she was sad to leave her four brothers and sister but,they told," her to leave we would be happy if you where dont worry about us we will take care of it,go be happy sister". she had there blessing because princess rob was not good all he wanted was to be king and take over everything. renesmee new that her brothers will make there farther king alexs see the truth and no why she wants ali to be her husband.

ali has been there more for the princess then anybody else.later that day renesmee want to hold the wedding so she can have her farther blessing till then her brothers prince joe,josh,jake and jonh where working with there farther and caught prince rob stealing money form them. king alexs was mad and ashamed that he wanted rob to marry his daught.

King alexs said,"you will leave her now never return or i will have you hanged you brought eveil to our family now u will no longer be king".

rob lefted for good and renesmee returned to her casle. "Farther i am here and im going to marry my prince".

"my dear you have my blessing we will have the wedding tomorrow".renesmee was so happy and couldnt wait to start her life. her bothers and sister have now its her turn.

renesmee had her fairy tale wedding and lived happily ever<3


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