why why why why and why

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this poem is about and uncle im loosing to liver cancer its coming form my heart and what i think

Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011



why take away the person i love

why make the person i love suffer in pain

why make the person i love suffer with cancer

why take him away form me when we havent seen eachother longer

why can you give him more time to fight this

why not give him one more chance to live can you just let him live why do i have this pain in my heart

why not give me the strength to understand why you would take him away form me he is my life my family not only do i love him

but his sisters my mother his brother his wifey sons amd family

why not just take him now instead of us suffering and him also we tryed everything to help and  understand why nothing is working for him

why is it so hard why can we be strong why cant we just fight for him why can i give him my liver why can i scarfices my liver to give him why can we help him

well god works in many different ways if my love one is ready to go its his time to go we will forever love you and we will never let you go i love you.


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