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Submitted: March 28, 2013

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Submitted: March 28, 2013




WHY?why has music turned into whatit is ?For so long all cultures listen to music.we listen to basically the same genres of music the only difference is the culture and the language.Even some dances are similar .We're similar in sooooo many ways even though some people still haven't noticed .

BUT what has music came to though.Do people actually pay attention to what there hearing or do they listen to it clearly?Do they listen because others influence them or is it voluntary?When you listen to music do you hearthe exact words or just hear what you want to?Is there a difference between music and derogatory statements during todays century?

mmm.Well alot ofpeople really don't pay attention to the comments that are being made in what they listen to .Much of the music we listen to degrades women and tells us about all of the wrong things to do.Have you really heard a rap artist during this century telling you to stay away from all the negatives in life like jail?no.Many people wouldn't listen to this type of music if it did.I think whatyou listen to at times can be influential.Thesame way people are made fun of for looks ,there are those made fun of for what kind of music they like, so they change and listen to other things thatyou wouldn't imagine because its not there style.Then there are those that listen to different music just to fit in and bepopular.

In every language there are songs that have there negativity.looking around i noticed that some cultures hide it by describing different terms and being more discrete about it and others are not.In our music I've noticed that in some music likeEnglish rap in stead of being discrete and trying to be at least a little respectful we put our derogatory statements out there.Instead of describing in a way that doesn'toffend we put everything out there in literal terms and were descriptive about it.I believe there is a difference between music and us using to much negativity .There has always been a little through out history but thereshould be a certain limit to what we put out there .

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