mam its not to late

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this ie a poem i wrote for my mam not long befor e she died.

Submitted: April 17, 2008

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Submitted: April 17, 2008



You tried to be there for me also giving me misery it was your way of showing love a punch a slap a push or shove, but in this there was love. I now understand about the drink and all the pain you have but think of my pain to caused by him caused by you my light has always been dim. But ive never yet given in given up on real life even after all my strife, yes ive reached for a knife and drank maybe one to many but i always realize whaen to stop. I want to hit top not bottom have good memories that are never forgotten ones that i wont regret or ever want to try and forget.

My past is always there to remind me but i want to leave it all behind me, I wish you would say the same theres so much more you could dtill gain if you could only except the pain. There can be a rainbow where there is rain.

I say this to you now tryingto convince myself more than you but theres not much else i can do help myself and try to help you, you have an illness and there is a cure if you build up your strength you can do this im sure.

You say you should never give in fight to win but by drink you have been beat are you just gonna except defeat. I beg you please try and fight for all of us there is a light. You've just got to cralw out of your hole give it up take control, Yes you'd still have the pain but you'd have your family back get your life back on track.

I dont know maybe you dont want to come back but i want my mam back i need you to pull me through too and sober this i know you can do but first im willing to help you. But my help you've got to except my love and support please dont reject. Maybe one day in ten years time we'll both sit and say everything is fine but till then we'll take it one step at a time.

Be strong for each other you are the mother i am the daughter one a teacher  one a preacher we can make it through if you really want to, I need you i need you near since we fell out ive lived in fear cried one to many a tear. If you can reach the real you i know this for me you will do if you love me like you say you do.Not just me karl, rhys and tyla to.

You've always know what to do and im older now i can be the one to help you through. Ive wrote this poem its now up to you no excuses no buts ive suffered from to many cuts, now i need my wounds to heal if this to you feel then write to me we'll never stop we'll go further than the top.


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