Me the part you'll never see

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this is a poem i wrote a few tears ago and is one of my persoanl favourites.

Submitted: April 17, 2008

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Submitted: April 17, 2008



 hey you reading me you'll never understand me you'll want to you'll try to but you'll never be in my shoes. depression have you been there! i dont know or really care see im selfish me ive got a devil inside of me it wont go let me be free.Its built its home in my heart, and tore my soul right apart, it works all day in my head making me wish i was dead. what do i have left now its took my heart mind and soul i need to stop it take control. I am in there pushed aside i move around try to hide, for its the last piece of me i hope one day people will see, but first i need to get this hell out of me.

Can you help get it out take my heart just sort it out, I use the word it you see for it has no name to me its took nearnly every ounce of me. This is not a cry for help i can only help myself, just knowing your reading this gives me strength a minute of bliss, for now i know you care for me you dont know it yet but you'll never forget me. One day you'll sit and remeber this and wonder if i now have a life of bliss.

My name is shelley its my identity when i look in the mirror its who i see, i may not like it but i am me. maybe one day ill come to see life is'nt hell like it seems to be. Icould write all day you'd watch most your troubles fade away, if there small and incomplete please dont just sit there dont be beat. If there big and have set in neat the maybe me and you should meet. I dont want your sympathy i just want you to see whats happening to me.

Now and then im in the wrong but im really trying to be strong but i am me a never ending song, i'll cut of now this is much to long but you see thats were i go wrong thinking about things on and on. At least one day i'll be gone but carry in your heart me your never ending song.

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