Secret Santa

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Secret Santa

Submitted: January 03, 2013

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Submitted: January 03, 2013





I opened the newspaper and read the heading, “Santa kills ten year old,” I shuddered at the thought of it. Why would anyone do such a heartless crime? I sat back in my chair and took another gulp of my steaming coffee. Crimes these days had no limit.

“Steve duty calls,” yelled my boss. I turned around and looked at him questioningly.

“Steve the family at this house need pest control…they have a case of killer bees,” he laughed.

“Ooohh …” I claimed and started walking towards the door.


I rang the door bell and waited. A woman opened the door and greeted me.


“Hello I’m Steve, Pest Control,” I introduced.

“Hello,” she said calmly, “I’m Lila. The bees are at the back near that tree.”


I nodded and walked into her backyard. It was decorated with tinsel and Christmas lights. There was still one more night left till Christmas. I climbed up the tree and started spraying the bees with a special chemical veering them away. Soon everything was clear and I descended back down. As my feet touched the ground I felt a tug on my pants. I glanced down to see a little kid standing there. He had blonde curly hair and plump cheeks. I patted his cheeks and walked of back to my office.



I could feel something cold and icy, it must be the wind I thought and I slowly staggered up. I looked around to realise I had fallen asleep on my front porch. However I had no memory of getting there. Suddenly I felt a pain rush through my palm. I looked to notice a deep gash. How did that get there? Worriedly I walked into my house and bandaged it. I looked at the time and the clock read 1pm. I had been asleep for a whole day. Dizziness overwhelmed me so I decided to take a nap.

I woke to the sound of the howling wind. It was Monday and the newspaper would be coming. Slowly I tottered towards my mail box and pulled it out. Slowly I opened the page and read the heading out loud. “Santa takes second victim” I sigh sadly. Below the heading was a photo of the victim, it was a little kid with blonde curly hair and plump cheeks. My heart drummed in my ears as I tried to grasp the fact that I had seen that boy before. I winced at the thought of someone killing that innocent little boy. I put the newspaper aside and walked back into my house. As I was about to enter my bedroom I heard sirens. I raced out of my house to discover three police cars pulling up. A police man came up to me; he had a serious look on his face.

“You’re under arrest.” He said trying to sound calm but there was something impatient about it.

“Why?” I asked trembling with curiosity.

“We will talk about that at the station, now come with me.”



I sat there on the chair my body still trembling. Perspiration dripped from my forehead. In front of me there was a desk and on it was a laptop. A bulky policeman sat opposite me, his face grim and unfriendly. What did they want
? I was innocent.

“What do you want sir? I’m not sure what’s going on.” I said unsteadily.

“Press the play button.” He grimaced.


Nervously I pressed play. A light flashed and a video started playing on the laptop. It was dark and a little boy was playing in his room. It was the boy from the newspaper. Slowly his room window opened and someone climbed in. It was someone dressed as Santa. Santa then went up to the little boy and slowly started strangling him. Within minutes the boy dropped dead, his body limp and lifeless.


Why were they showing me this? Then the video continued…


The Santa started climbing back down the window and as he proceeded down, the window’s edge gashed across his palm. My body stiffened. Slowly I brought my palm up and stared blankly at it…as my heart doubled in my chest.  



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