Finally Blending

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Finally blending with the dullness that surrounds me.

Submitted: June 21, 2013

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Submitted: June 21, 2013



I stand alone in a field of grey flowers

Endless varieties of dull daisies surround me

Above me drifts a blank, colorless sky

No sun, no moon, stars or even a single cloud

The only sound is the painful, striking silence

The breeze cooler than ice swiping my skin

My hair dancing in all different directions

As I run to escape this lifeless disaster

Letting me find that this field is ongoing

Forever and ever this is what I have left

To look up at a plain, boring sky

And lie down on a cold, dry field of poisoned flowers

Not the slightest bit of food or water to keep me going

I am stuck in a moment of fear and dreary life

If I call will someone hear me?

Will they come to save this mundane earth and I?

A simple call for help could do it all

I scream and yell but nothing comes out

I search my voice again and again

The shock of no help scurries in my mind

I reach the point that I cannot hold on any longer

I fall to my knees and cry dry tears

Fighting for what I have left is now useless

I surrender with all that I can give

My mind calling out to this wearisome place

Then a sudden occurrence stops the hurt

Stops everything as I drop and lay breathless, lifeless

As my heart beats its last, single beat

I am left to realize now and finally

I blend…

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