Kidnapping (Demon Style)

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Just a little fright.

Submitted: June 21, 2013

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Submitted: June 21, 2013



Little boy, listen to me

Little, young boy

Holding tight your teddy

The window not a crack

Floor creeks of my every step back

Boy, you are me

And I am you

Listen close

And I will tell you what to do

Let go of your small teddy bear

Come small steps closer if you dare

One, two, three, little at a time

Just a little closer

So I can whisper you a rhyme

This rhyme is not too short

It is not too long

Perfect is more where it belongs

Across the room it will wait

The story telling of your fate

Now one more step, you are not too far

Are you ready for the mental scar?

Little boy, why don’t you sit

On my lap without a fit

How old are you, 9 or 10?

After this you will count again

If you get scared just close your eyes

And I’ll be gone by only disguise

Now here is my story loud and clear

Forever on, you are stuck here

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