Top Ten Teen Chick Flicks of All Time

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This is just 10 movies that only in my opinion are great chick flicks. Yes, I know that I;ve probably left out you favourite chick flick and I do apologise, but bear in mind that this is based off what I can remember, what I've seen and my opinion. I also want you to notice this is TEEN chick flicks, so The Notebook,Titanic and the Devil Wear Prade aren't in here. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this and get some inspiration for a girls' night in!

Submitted: April 11, 2011

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Submitted: April 11, 2011



Top Ten Teen Chick Flicks of All Time

10. Eclispe

Now before I get started I just want to make everything clear. I. Do. Not. Like. Twilight. At. All. I know this is very petty of me but the only reason I put this here was because there certain scenes in the movie that just made me very happy, like everytime Jacob totally burns Edward.Edward. Don't you think that's a funny name? Getting back on topic. I want you to know that my last name really is Cullen. And sometimes I hate it. People like linking me back to Edward Cullen and it makes me want to scream. I do not like Edward. He's creepy. Honestly! What kind of hundred year virgin watches someone when they sleep? Eeeewww. But my favourite part is when Bella and Jacob kiss. It's kind of like "SUCK ON THAT, EDWARD! WHOO, YOU'RE GIRLFRIEND TOTALLY CHEATED ON YOU! YEAH! BUUUUUURRRNN!" I also love how when Jacob's lying on the field naked and helpless (*wink*) you can see Edward looks at Jacob and he has this kind of jealous look on his face like he saw Jacob's man-junk and was all like "Dang!"

9. Clueless

Now not many people actually know that this is actually a variation of Austen's Emma. The only problem I have with this fim is the fact she ends up with her step-brother. I mean I know they're not technically related, but it would still be mega weird. Just like 10 Things, which is one here, I hate/love this movie. I love it because I go "Oh, Brit. Look how cute and pretty you look there! God, I just want to eat you, you're so adorable!" then I hate it 'cause I'm like "Oh, God. I cannot believe that such a wonderful girl is dead..."

8. Bring It On

Okay, I know that this movie was a bit... lame. The only reason I liked it was for two reasons. One, they didn't win in the end (whoops, spoilers!), which I think was great, because everyone was expecting them to win with all their blonde-ness, but instead it went to the African American team who had to work hard just so they could pay to get in, let alone how hard they worked to actually win the competition. The second reason I like this film is because wow, have you seen those dances. A-mazing! How many times have I watched it and just though "Damn, I wish I could do that!" I'm sure I'm not alone.

7. Legally Blonde

Yeah, yeah. I know. What  pathetic movie. But one with a good message. Now I myself am not blonde, but my sister is and she's been taunted for being dumb all her life and ever since that movie came out, she's just kind of showed every one that the movie is right when it says not all blondes are dumb. She's now studying genetics and some kind of biology I'm not even going to attempt to spell at Sydney Uni. I also think it's cute how she solves the courtcase. I mean you've got to hand it to her, not many lawyers would figure it out by their knowledge on perms. I also CANNOT wait for the muscial that's coming to Australia. From what I've read it's due to come out some time in Septemer, 2012. I already know one of the songs because we did a dance to it at my Rock Eisteddfod (we came third out of all the schools! PRIDE!!!).

6. Hairspray

Yes, Hairspray. I know that most of you will probably be like 'Ew. Hairspray? That crappy musical. I've just lost all my respect for this writer." But the reason why I liked it is because it goes beyond that normal girl meets boy scenario. It really delves into the issues on discrimination back then. If you ever read about the racism that went on- which I suggest you do- you'll discover just how horrible they were treated. And just like nearly all chick flicks, the ending is all happily ever after, which discrimination abolished and everyone in love (nawww).

5. Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging

English chick flicks. I don't know why but I like them. They always have something cheesy in it and are totally unrealistic, but they're always cute. I guess the main message in this was that you don't need to be perfect or superficial to get a guy, because if he doesn't like you for who you are, forget him, because then you know he's a dick. If there's one problem with this movie it's I don't lke hoe everyone falls in love. I find that way too over the top. That and Robbie's voice. It's like c'mon man, I thought you were a dude. Don't ruin your hotness by having a high voice.

4. John Tucker Must Die

It's been years since I last saw this film, but I remember that it was funny, witty and a plot that I didn't think was at all cliche. And after all it just kind of taught guys not to go cheating because if we find out they are going DOWN! I've also never seen any other film like it. The whole idea of a boy balancing three girlfriends then bombarded with revenge is classic! I also found it hilarious! Like when he's unknowingly taking estrogen and when he's in the g-string thinking that he's in the right room, but then the teacher walks in on him. LMAO!

3. Easy A

I loved the story. And I'm serious when I say I bet this has happened to some poor girl. I also find it so true that if a girl is said to have slept with one person then she's a totaly slut and will totally do you. I don't actually believe this, but that's the attitude in high school.

2.10 Things I Hate About You

Maybe it's just 'cause I'm an Aussie chick, but I LOVE Heath Ledger. I love this film so much and even though at some points it's very cheesy, other parts are just amazing. I don't know about anyone else, but when they have the paint-bombing session I cannot surpress a smile. If you didn't know, 10 Things I Hate About You is actually a variation on Shakespeare's' Taming of the Shrew, so right from the beginning you know that the plot is clever, twisting and unpredictable. I don't actually like the ending of this film (except for the singing on the rooftop. That would be so cool to do, don't you reckon?), because I want to know what happens after that. I mean, she's moving away and it's implied that they're not seeing each other again and that really bums me out. I also love/hate this film because of Heath Ledger. I love it because it's kind of like "Aww. There's my adorable Aussie. Look how cute and talented he is!", but I hate it because it leaves me facing the horrible reality that Heath Ledger died from a drug overdose.

1. Mean Girls

This was an amazing film with a good plot. It also really shows what high schools are like (yes, Aussie schools are kind of like that too). Even though it was heavily stereotypical it did show the basic hierachy of public schools. Not to mention the cast was awesome (even Lindsay Lohan who I still adore because of this movie only). I mean, even the unpopular kids were hot (have you seen Caplan in True Blood? DANG!) and I found myself laughing all the time. Not to mention I love how they were able to make a way to have the school at peace. At first I thought they couldn't do it because I loved the Plastics so much and I didn't want them to break apart, but at the end it was like "no, actually, I like it better this way". My favourite character had to be Damien. Although he wasn't needed for the plot he added this spark to the whole movie and made it really funny. And quoting the Facebook group Mean Girls is actually the best quotable movie" and I find this so true. I love it. An must for a girls' night in!

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