Lies I Thank for

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Feeling low AND on a computer...? Hm... Time for depressing poetry!

I'm told I'm very pretty.
They even comment I'm witty.
 They say I have nice eyes,
blue like the skies.

I thank them once or twice,
and so I act against my vice.
I hold back my saddened sighs,
I'm not worthy of their lies.

When I sit alone
I listen to harshest tones
They whisper the truth to me,
there is no mystery.

I try to be bold,
claim my soul can't be sold
I cling to a fake face
What lies beneath; a disgrace

Ugly on the inside,
all my worth lies outside.
Even then it's not a lot,
secured vanity instead of fantasey sought.

Submitted: January 27, 2012

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