Pain, Don't Pretend!

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This poem was written about 8 months ago when I felt that no body cared and no body understood and its just mainly about how pretending you get another pain just makes things worse.

Submitted: January 06, 2012

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Submitted: January 06, 2012



Pain, Don't Pretend

As a tear drops from my eye

Everybody else wonders,

"Why does she cry???"

All they see is the fake smile.


I hide it away

Tuck it inside

Until it's too much to bear

Then I lit it all come out


I try to be strong

Hide the tears

And put one a show

But sometimes,

I can't handle it and give in.


Nobody to talk to

They don't understand

I'm scared to be judged

For the emotional side of me.


I put up a wall

Few people have gotten through

Or over...

Few try.


Even the few that try and succeed

Don't understand completely

They are always confused.


Im tired of explaining

Im tired of the confusion

Everybody feels differently,

You just don't understand my pain.


The thing that makes it worse:

Trying to pretend.

Not just on your part,

But on mine.


You pretend you know

Like you get me

But you don't

And it just makes it worse.


Letting the tears spill over

Is easier then explaining

Look at me strange,

But it's my way

Of handling the pain!

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