Rejection The Play Of Sarah

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Cast of Characters


SARAH JONES A woman in her early 20’s

  MICHELLE JONES A woman in her early 20’s


 TINA JONES A woman in her early 20’s


CATHY JONES A woman in her early 20’s


MAGGIE TAYLOR A woman in her early 40’s


LINDA DAVIS A school teacher.





Scene 1 1-1


 SARAH was born on September 2, 1982 by mother name MICHELLE and father TONY at cook county hospital in Chicago, IL. SARAH had an older sister name TINA who was born on July 31, 1977 from a previous father. MICHELLE was born on October 14, 1959 father CATHY MICHELLE came from a middle class family who had 5 other siblings. MIKE was a baseball player who travel in out of town playing baseball while CATHY on the other hand, was a stay at home mom who was raising 5 of her children. MICHELLE was the life of the party she was smart and people love to be around she had five other siblings.


MICHELLE had older sister name LINDA who seems to be quite jealous of her. One night MICHELLE went out and to a party and got drugged.

MICHELLE was never the same everyone notice the changes in MICHELLE’s behavior and she was no longer the friendly girl everyone once loved.  MICHELLE ended up developing a bad drug addiction which ended up having an effect on SARAH which whom MICHELE and TONY had conceived.






SARAH started having trouble with temper tantrums and was mistreated as a child SARAH  sadly, SARAH was  diagnosed with a learning disability.


 SARAH this hurt SARAH seeing MICHELLE on drugs and in /out of drug programs. CATHY and MIKE seem to show TINA all the attention while the rest of SARAH’S family made fun of her. Teachers called for several conferencesSARAH’S behavior issues.


MIKE, MIKE never seen to pay SARAH any attention because he was in and out of town while CATHY went to the school to see about TINA SARAH- SARAH was always laughed at and picked on in kindergarten SARAH underwent seeing various doctors and therapist. Teachers hated seeing SARAH like this SARAH at times felt like killing herself and felt all alone.



SARAH confined in TINA who SARAH looked up to as her big sister and that made SARAH feel happy.


SARAH, TINA I hate going to school the kids are picking on me.



1-1-5 TINA

TINA, TINA replied I know SARAH I hate seeing mom like this and I will protect you and make sure nothing happens to you.


SARAH, SARAH replied thanks TINA you are the best sister one can ever have.



 Scene 21-2-6


I am glad CATHY and MIKE are taking care of us.


SARAH- SARAH was always the outcast of the family MIKE was out of town attending baseball events he did not spent time with SARAH.


CATHY never seems to pay her much attention as well CATHY started receiving monthly checks for TINA and SARAH sadly, MICHELLE was no longer able to take care of SARAH and TINA.





1-2-8 TINA always got what she wanted TINA was CATHY MIKE pride/joy unfortunately SARAH always was getting left out of everything TINA was the one CATHY was spending the most money on.




1-2-9 SARAH will often cry and try to talk to CATHY and get ignored.


SARAH, SARAH replied to CATHY it’s not fair that TINA gets everything she wants and not me. I am tired of feeling lefted out.




SARAH, SARAH  had no one by her side MICHELLE was  in and out of drug rehab facilities while the rest of the family was doing their own thing. SARAH felt like the only one she could confine in was  aunt MAGGIE. MAGGIE use to date one of SARAH’S uncles who eventually become close MAGGIE and her family was very fond of SARAH who took SARAH and TINA in.


MAGGIE, MAGGIE CATHY I think you need to spend more time with SARAH and try to figure out why SARAH is acting out in school and she feels like no care about her.






CATHY, CATHY replied you don’t tell me how to raise SARAH in a (Demeaning Voice )


 CATHY, CATHY replied to MAGGIE I being taking caring of her and TINA ever since they both came into the world.


MAGGIE, MAGGIE replied CATHY that’s not what I am talking about SARAH is dealing with some emotional issues about MICHELLE and you seem to show TINA all the attention.












SARAH, SARAH finally made it to eighth- grade SARAH wasn’t taking regular classes like regular students. SARAH never had any friends and SARAH always seem to be the shy kid in the back- ground.




Teachers like  SARAH who will often spend time with her after school. SARAH will talk to MRS. DAVIS about her problems at home SARAH  didn’t have no one else to really talk to  TINA  was off doing her own thing.



 As time went on TINA ended up moving out and getting pregnant with her first child that  MIKE and CATHY help raise.

SARAH, SARAH was not trill about this seeing TINA getting all the attention and not her.



As time with on MIKE develop lung cancer that took a toll on the family.  Often SARAH will attend church services  where SARAH  began to grow very strong within her religious beliefs  church members outside of SARAH’S family.



SARAH, SARAH MRS, DAVIS I thank you for spending time with me you and MAGGIE have being nice to me. CATHY don’t seem to happy about them wanting to spend time with me I also hate that TINA is now  pregnant and MIKE is ill.




MRS, DAVIS, MRS,  DAVIS replied SARAH I hate you are going through this and can’t understand why CATHY mistreats you like. You are a good girl who never gave anyone any problems and I wish they took time out to you to help improve your learning skills. I am glad you attend church that helps you take your mind off of things at home and let you be around other people.  



SARAH , SARAH replied thank you  MRS. DAVIS suddenly I  don’t feel alone now since I got you by my side and those who really care about me. 


MRS, DAVIS, You welcome SARAH.

SARAH, As time went on MIKE lost his battle with cancer and that left SARAH feeling sad. SARAH already had trouble in school and had to deal with MICHELLE drug addiction sadly, SARAH didn’t seem there was no way out. MRS. DAVIS was spending a lot of time with SARAH to help take her mind off of things at home and the loss of grandfather.  CATHY was becoming quite  annoyed about that meanwhile, SARAH’s uncle TOM moved in and his things were began to up space in the basement.




 SARAH tried to confine in CATHY about the way she was getting mistreated and was feeling neglected. SARAH was preparing to leave school one morning and SARAH found her clothes in the basement all gone.  SARAH was wondering what had happened to the clothes the people at church had  gave her SARAH had confined  CATHY asking what had happen to her clothes in any event, SARAH will be graduation grammar school on her way to high school.  CATHY response to SARAH l got rid of them to make room for my clothes and TOM’s clothes by then TINA had moved and got own apartment.


SARAH, SARAH replied to CATHY what happen to my clothes TINA is no longer here.


CATHY, CATHY replied to SARAH I got rid of them to make space for my clothes and some of TOM’S things.

1-2- 19


SARAH, SARAH replied CATHY Oh my god you got rid of my clothes without even telling me you now I don’t have much as it because you won’t give me any money and now hearing MIKE have died from cancer now this how you could you.


CATHY, CATHY replied to SARAH this is my house in (snobby voice)you don’t tell me what to do.

SARAH, SARAH replied how you CATHY those things were mind you got rid of them you are so mean I can’t wait to leave this house and never to come back.


SARAH, SARAH seeing SARAH clothes thrown away in the garbage left SARAH felt like she wanted to explode.

1-2- 20

As weeks went on MAGGIE was the only one to show SARAH love and concern. By this time MICHELLE had gotten sobered and finally came about around who SARAH loved very dearly. MRS.DAVIS wanted to spend more time with SARAH who be soon calling to meet with CATHY after what she had done to SARAH she was not to thrill about it.  

SARAH, As time went on uncle TOM settled in which MIKE despised about being in the home eventually SARAH will be soon preparing for her eight grade graduation. As weeks went on SARAH finally got the call from MRS, DAVIS. SARAH was still yet grieving due to the loss of her grandfather and how she was being mistreated by CATHY uncle/ TOM. SARAH felt as though she didn’t have anyone in her corner to furthermore MICHELLE was not able to care take care of her.

The Phone RINGS. MRS, DAVIS is the telephone



1-21- 22

  CATHY, CATHY Puts up Hello my I ask whose calling .

MRS, DAVIS,  Replied Hi MRS, CATHY  it’s a pleasure speaking with you I would like to meet you and I feel there are some concerns which I feel needs to be addressed in regards to SARAH.


 CATHY, MRS. DAVIS replied SARAH I agree SARAH acts like she hates she is always having temper tantrums and never seem to want talk to me.


 MRS, DAVIS Replied MRS. CATHY SARAH feels as though no cares about her and SARAH is having some emotional problems. I feel these needs to be addressed with your permission I would like to invite SARAH to my house to meet my family.


1 -22 – 23


 CATHY replied MRS. DAVIS I have no problem with that maybe you can get through to SARAH because I can’t her mother MICHELLE is always in/ out of hospital SARAH’S Grandfather MIKE is no longer around and I just don’t have the patience to help deal with her.


MRS, DAVIS, Replied MRS,CATHY that will be great I will let SARAH know.


SARAH was already having a rough time and to wanted to spend time with MRS. DAVIS and her family. SARAH’s hated being at home and SARAH’s mother already felt bad that she wasn’t able to take care of her.




MICHELLE, MICHELLE replied to CATHY I don’t like how you are mistreating SARAH and how you are letting TOM run this household. TINA is always getting what she wants while on the other hand, SARAH is feeling neglected.  You got rid of all SARAH”S clothes and  you are starting to treat SARAH like you used to treat me as a  child  I am glad MAGGIE is in her life you are not being fair with SARAH.






CATHY, CATHY replied MICHELE I treat SARAH the same like everyone else does and she gets the same things as TINA.

TINA is grown now this is still my house I pay all the bills here, CATHY I let TOM moved back in because him and wife were having problems MICHELLE you are not responsible for SARAH.







ACT 1 1-3-25





SARAH, SARAH was becoming more and unhappy living with CATHY due to all the escalating attention that was happening in CATHY’S house.  TOM was becoming a problem as weeks finally went by SARAH got the call from MRS. DAVIS SARAH finally got the invite to  her home and boy was SARAH excellent.





SARAH, CATHY this MRS. DAVIS my school teacher who has being helping me at school and soon will be helping me with graduation.


CATHY, CATHY replied SARAH I spoke to MRS. DAVIS over the telephone and I know who she is.


MRS, DAVIS enters the home hello MRS, CATHY this is MRS, DAVIS SARAH’s teacher and it’s a pleasure meeting you. 


CATHY, Replied it was a pleasure meeting you MRS, DAVIS SARAH has told me a lot about you and I hope you two have fun.


SARAH and MRS. DAVIS heads towards the car and SARAH is overcome with joy this was SARAH’s to talk.


1- 3- 27

Was having at home with TOM and to discuss the plans concerning her graduation overall SARAH no ever took up with her and being with MRS. DAVIS was a big help.

SARAH, SARAH arrive at MRS. DAVIS house where SARAH got the chance to meet MRS. DAVIS  husband and son  who appeared to be friendly people and were happy to meet SARAH. MRS. DAVIS gives SARAH a tour around the house where SARAH got the chance to see their family dog after meeting everyone MRS. DAVIS took SARAH out to lunch. SARAH,

SARAH and MRS. DAVIS arrive at local burger joint where SARAH and MRS. DAVIS seat down to have hamburgers and drinks.





  1. 3 -28


MRS. DAVIS tells SARAH how much she appreciates her as being one of outstanding students in class SARAH as time went on SARAH was preparing to graduate from school.



SARAH, SARAH finally  arrives back CATHY’S house and the look on CATHY’S  face she was not happy about SARAH being away from home and that MRS. DAVIS  was spending time with SARAH. 


CATHY, CATHY Replied to  SARAH how was your day you just walk right straight past me without saying a word and you act like you are not happy about being home?



1-3- 29


 SARAH replied I am not happy being back here after what you did getting rid of all of my clothes and allowing TOM to mistreat me and the rest of the family. CATHY you also mistreat MICHELLE mean as well and I am felt good MRS. DAVIS wanting to spent time with me the rest of family don’t seem to spend to.


CATHY , Replied SARAH that’s a lie  I do spend time with you and try to get close to but you won’t let me and you always  running to MAGGIE’S house.



SARAH, SARAH replied CATHY I do appreciate the things you do I am tired of feeling like black sheep of the family. My eight grade graduation is coming up soon I hope you buy the things that I need like you did TINA.




CATHY, CATHY replied we will see SARAH this is MICHELLE respondisability  and TONY’S who  aren’t hardly ever around  as long as you are living in my house you don’t keep no doors shut around here and you follow  my rules . SARAH you better start showing me some respect I just bout had enough of you and when you get 18 years old you can move out.


SARAH, As weeks went on SARAH prepares to go dress shopping CATHY finally agrees to take SARAH and boy SARAH was not to thrill about going. As SARAH proceeds to enter into the shopping mall SARAH couldn’t believe what see was seeing all the pretty dresses had SARAH on cloud 9. SARAH  finally picked out the one she wanted but the look in CATHY’s face she did not seem pleased.




SARAH, SARAH replied CATHY I found one pink flower dress it’s so cute and I like would to try this one. CATHY how much does it cost I  am not spending a whole a lot of money for a dress also shoes.


SARAH, Replied CATHY the dress is nothing but a $100 dollars that’s not a lot of money and the shoes aren’t that expensive. CATHY you brought anything TINA wanted without any problem why can I have the same thing.



CATHY, CATHY replied SARAH gets the dress and shoes so we can leave.




SARAH, SARAH finally got her dress and will soon be ready to walk across that stage. 



SARAH, SARAH big day arrives SARAH finally got everything together hair, and makeup done.  MAGGIE was there helping her which made SARAH very proud by the time SARAH had gotten dress  she looked like a beauty queen. With a smile on her face MAGGIE couldn’t of being so proud of her MAGGIE”S family took in SARAH as if she was one of their own. SARAH finally arrives at the school with cap / gown in hand the school was only a couple blocks up the street where SARAH had lived MICHELLE and BILLY  was sobered  to see SARAH walk across the stage to receive her eight grade diploma.







 SARAH was nervous nothing like this ever happen to SARAH before  no one showed up to SARAH’s graduation day but MICHELLE and TONY SARAH was left in  tears but luckily SARAH had MAGGIE by her side SARAH  arrives back home where she appears to not see any flowers or balloons at hand from CATHY or TINA.  SARAH  felt like her graduation from school didn’t seem to matter to anyone SARAH who  soon will be starting high school and that was something SARAH was not looking forward to.

As weeks went on SARAH was starting to prepare for high  school SARAH finally got registered and got accepted.  SARAH didn’t know how she was going to make it SARAH was already being teased yet made in the neighborhood.

 MICHELLE was hardly ever around but still yet deep down inside SARAH cared about her mom and SARAH didn’t know how she going to make it in high school.



1-33 -34

 As weeks went on SARAH started her first day of high school where she saw everyone was more advantage than her luckily SARAH older cousin was there.


 SARAH, Replied Oh my God they are going to eat me alive? 


 SARAH, SARAH this was SARAH’s first year of high school and she couldn’t wait to start this new journey.  Freshmen year of high school it started off kind of rough for SARAH was already dealing with problems at home and trying to fit in. SARAH never hung with the in- crowd likewise, SARAH freshmen was pretty rough she did have many friends.





SARAH, SARAH replied CATHY I need lunch money for school I want to buy snacks like the rest of the students in the school cafeteria.


 CATHY, Replied SARAH I am not giving you any money and you don’t need to buy any snacks from that school lunch room eat what’s there like the rest of the students.


SARAH, Replied but CATHY I don’t like what they serve in the lunch room all time I want to have money like the other students  where I can go and hang out with like the other students.  After school some of my classmates always go to the local candy store to buy snacks.  I am a teenager now you did it for TINA when she was in school you gave her money and why not me now.



CATHY, CATHY replied SARAH I cook for you here and you don’t question me about any money. I put a roof over head and take care of you also help take your mom MICHELLE I get a check for you that money is to help pay on my bills don’t ask me about no money end of discussion.


SARAH, SARAH replied that’s not fair CATHY I am in high school now and  I need pocket change just in case of an emergency I want to buy clothes  and go shopping like the other teenage girls.



SARAH, SARAH felt like she had no one in her corner CATHY didn’t want to give her money and SARAH will cry about this luckily SARAH had MAGGIE and MRS. JONES she could confine in.  


1-3 -35

SARAH‘S sophomore year seem be going on quite well and she was doing well in her studies even the boys had started to  notice SARAH never any boyfriends while growing up and this made SARAH feel insecure about herself SARAH was always laughed and talked about. Boys were starting to notice how SARAH was developing into this young woman neatly to say SARAH was teased for having a big butt.  As time went on some of the other students were starting to invite SARAH out to the mall to hang out after school and asked to attend high football games SARAH couldn’t believe this no one ever asked SARAH to go anywhere and this really put a smile on SARAH’s face. SARAH was starting to get noticed and was no longer the shy girl SARAH did well in all of her studies and knew she will be preparing for her senior year soon. SARAH.


1-3 -36


MRS. JONES, Replied SARAH I am so proud of you and what you are doing how you are becoming a young woman, I know you are a little bit timid and having problems at home. I hate that CATHY won’t give you any money starting junior year  I going have students attend job training where they can get jobs and earn extra money.


SARAH, SARAH replied on wow MRS. JONES that will be great CATHY is not giving me any money and she gets a check for me every month.

SARAH, SARAH made it through her sophomore year and was about to start her junior year SARAH couldn’t believe how time was moving so fast and how much support she was getting from outside of her family.



1-3- 37

TINA being the older sister never seems to have any time for SARAH TINA was now on her second child and living her own life. SARAH at times didn’t want to be at home and sometimes after school SARAH will stay at MAGGIE’S house. TOM was making it quite uncomfortable for SARAH to stay there always stealing her things and calling her names and CATHY would never say anything about it. SARAH had to prepare for her junior year of high school she dreaded telling CATHY SARAH knew that CATHY didn’t seem to care about no one but TINA and TOM.


SARAH, SARAH replied CATHY I need something’s for school I am going into  my  junior year  I am  17 years old and I need  items for school.






SARAH, finally got the things that she need even though CATHY was ridiculing into doing it. MRS, JONES help SARAH get a part job also other students a local fast- food restaurant. This was a way to help SARAH earn extra money and help buy things she needed for school.


SARAH, SARAH prom day will soon be arriving and yet graduation day SARAH was excited but yet nervous at the same time she couldn’t wait to see all of her friends.

CATHY was getting on SARAH’s nerve SARAH’s mother MICHELLE ended back in drug rehab. SARAH finally started her job and boy was she excited SARAH ‘s first day working SARAH was a bit scared  but she got used  to it and from then/ on SARAH was making friends with everyone.  



SARAH was making still maintaining good grades in school and still attending church on Sunday that was the only time SARAH could get some peace and escape the problems she was facing at home. SARAH felt the only person she could go to was MAGGIE who was very fond of SARAH and TINA when they were little for the most part, MAGGIE was like aunt to SARAH.



SARAH, SARAH as weeks went by SARAH‘s boss was starting to misuse  SARAH MR. THOMAS would have SARAH stay late after hours and SARAH  would have to do all the work. This was becoming a problem for CATHY didn’t like SARAH coming home all times of night SARAH would ask MR. THOMAS why she had to all the hard work while the others didn’t SARAH’s manager was showing the other employees flavorsome over SARAH.





SARAH, SARAH MR. THOMAS why do I always have to stay late while the others always go home before me and


MR. THOMAS Replied, SARAH what are you talking about I treat everyone the same including you there is no favors at this job nevertheless,  I did hire some of my family members at the job they get treated no differently than you get back to work.







1-3 -41

SARAH, SARAH was working these late shifts that were wearing her out MR. THOMAS wasn’t cutting her any slack CATHY didn’t seem to only care about the money SARAH was bringing home from her paycheck.  SARAH had to pay rent out of her paychecks that made SARAH very angry and it was bad enough CATHY wasn’t giving SARAH any money before SARAH would sometime bring extra food home and TOM would eat it up.  SARAH would buy food from the grocery store that sometimes SARAH would  have  to hide in the freezer, so  TOM would not eat it up.


SARAH, SARAH replied CATHY it’s not fair  I am tired of  TOM  eaten up my food  and stealing  my  things since  I started working all you care about is the money.



1-3 42


CATHY, CATHY replied SARAH you are living in household SARAH and you are now obligated to pay rent in this house and I don’t want to hear nothing else about it.




 SARAH, SARAH was a breaking point dealing with issues at work and at home. SARAH could not wait until that moment where she would graduate from school and off to college. SARAH was proud of herself that she made this far and did not give up.


SARAH, SARAH as weeks went on SARAH soon will be preparing for her senior year SARAH was excited that she would soon be leaving high school. MRS. JONES help mentor SARAH at times she will spent hours talking to SARAH after school.



MRS. JONES.  Replied SARAH I am sorry you have to go through things  you are the only  student in my class going  through  issues at home and I would like to talk your grandmother.




SARAH, SARAH  was not looking forward  to this CATHY already seem  jealous that MAGGIE was spending more time with her  and other church members at church . SARAH still was disgusted weeks prior how CATHY  thrown  away  all of SARAH’s clothes  weeks ago and that left SARAH very upset  furthermore,  SARAH didn’t want MRS. JONES talking to CATHY.

SARAH, SARAH weeks went by SARAH finally got the phone call from MRS. JONES. The look on SARAH’s face was a look of fear yet relief .

The phone RINGS.





 CATHY, CATHY Puts up the telephone hello may I ask who’s calling this is MRS. JONES SARAH’s teacher from school.  How are you today?


 MRS, JONES , MRS JONES replied  to  CATHY l hear that SARAH is having some problems at home and that she feels unloved  yet wanting to kill herself.


CATHY, CATHY replied MRS. JONES what are you talking SARAH never mention this to me SARAH acts like she hates me and seems to be unhappy living here.




MRS, JONES , MRS  JONES replied,  I think SARAHis afraid  to  open up  about her feelings I deal with  students with emotional problems all the time  and I  see  how SARAH acts especially, when she goes to after school therapy


CATHY, CATHY replied MRS, JONES I appreciate your concern but you  have nothing to do this and I don’t why SARAH is  telling you all these lies about me .


MRS, JONES Replied  I am not trying to cause any problems I am concern about SARAH and would like to  invite to her my house to meet my family.


CATHY, Replied OK


1-3 -46

SARAH, SARAH as weeks went by SARAH could feel the tension between her and CATHY was growing due to the conversation CATHY and MRS. JONES had. CATHY was not happy about SARAH talking to  MRS, JONESabout what was going on within her home and that made CATHY very angry with SARAH in the long run,  SARAH had a lot of making  up to do get back in good gracious with CATHY. The day finally arrives SARAH is off headed to school going by her normal day and SARAH decided to stay after school where MRS. JONES end up giving SARAH a ride to her house.

SARAH, SARAH, Gets out the truck with MRS. JONES they proceeds to enter  into the house CATHY is standing by the doorway with a  look of shock on her face.  SARAH introduces CATHY to MRS, JONES as they greet each other CATHY didn’t look to happy about meeting MRS. JONES S SARAH look a little disappointed.


1-3 -47

SARAH, SARAH  after  the meet and greet with  CATHY and MRS. JONES is headed out the doorway on her way to way to MRS. JONES house and SARAH  was more happy than ever to get away from CATHY’s  house to clear her mind.


SARAH, SARAH Replied to MRS. JONES Thank you for inviting me out soon you will help preparing for prom. I hate my MOM isn’t around or my sister TINA. 

MRS, JONES , MRS, JONES replied  you welcome SARAH I know what you going through at home our grandmother CATHY just don’t want to admit her wrongs.


SARAH, SARAH replied to MRS, JONES CATHY always treated me different.


  1. < >BILLY, Feeling DRIVING







    SARAH, SARAH and BILLY arrive at prom all of SARAH’s classmates couldn’t believe how amazing SARAH had looked. All of her friends were complying her even MRS. DAVIS who proud to see all of her students on how far they have come and will be starting college soon. The  party was just beginning all of her  friends  started dancing, drinking punch, and seem to be having a  good time but BILLY SARAH had noticed that BILLY  seem  to  be little bit tired instead  SARAH decided to have  him to seat down the  rest of the night.

    SARAH, SARAH replied Billy why are you so tried what’s wrong?

    BIILY, Replied SARAH I am sorry, I over sleep and had to work late BILLY had part time job, helping his dad fix cars .




     SARAH, SARAH replied it ok BILLY?

    SARAH, SARAH and the rest of her friends continue to party the night away as everything was getting ready to come to a close all of SARAH’S  friends decided to go out to a late night restaurant stand and ask SARAH did she want to go. SARAH said yes BILLY declines the offer. SARAH left with her friends and BILLY gets into his car to drive off. SARAH classmates were asking what happen to BILLY I thought he was coming with  us SARAH told her friends that BILLY was tired and that he had to go work the next morning nevertheless, SARAH  friends precedes to go on. SARAH and  her friends arrives they enter into the restaurant where they  begin to order there food SARAH  orders a steak  with  and mash potatoes with French fries  in addition SARAH didn’t have no set curfew or was the type to stay out late.


    SARAH, SARAH replied on my god you guys I having so much fun?

    1. 3 -55

      SARAH, Feeling Eating STEAK

    SARAH, SARAH as the night begins to end SARAH didn’t make it home until almost 3:00am everyone in the house was still Asleep, SARAH  had to prepare for graduation that following week CATHY did not mention to SARAH or  ask questions on how her night had went. The Following week go by graduation day finally arrives.

    SARAH, Students make their way to the center stage and from there SARAH name got called to receive her high school diploma. SARAH was so happy that she finally graduated and that following week she will prepare to go to college in Holly Springs MS. SARAH couldn’t believe how far come no one in the family supported SARAH. 



    SARAH, SARAH gets her accepting’s letter then from there SARAHgoes shopping for college.  SARAH was who was on/out of SARAH’s life.

    1-3- 56

    TINA took SARAH shopping where SARAH got everything needed. CATHY was not happy about this SARAH was now older enough to  get her own money where she can took her care of herself  and don’t  have to be under  CATHY’s orders  likewise,  dealing with TOM selling her things.  The day finally arrives SARAH is getting ready to leave for college no the family is there to show SARAH  any support but MAGGIE, and her  sister TINA  who will  be drivingSARAH to school no one never taught SARAH how to drive. 



    1- 3-57

    CATHY comes outside stands on the porch with a look of disappointment on her face CATHY never replies to SARAH gets into the car and TINA drives off.Deep down SARAH  was hurt  it seem  like nothing she did was good enough for  CATHY  TINA  seem to  always be the apple of  CATHY’s eye, TINA and SARAH are driving on the road SARAH tries to start an conversation with  TINA. TINA  starts to open up  to SARAH  they  start communicating with each other this is something that TINA hasn’t done in a long time with her SARAH. 



    TINA, Feeling TALKING

    TINA, TINA replied SARAH  I know l haven’t being the best sister and showing you love and support, I want to tell you l am proud of you?

     SARAH, SARAH replied thankyou TINA you are my older sister and I love you.


    SARAH, SARAH and TINA are still driving on the road where SARAH and TINA made several rest stops SARAH was enjoying this time. TINA was spending time with SARAH never experienced in a long time.  TINA didn’t have  very to go the  college was only a couple of more miles and SARAH stomach was in knots this  is her first year in college  yet being on her own in another city in any event, SARAH wanted to make herself proud.

    TINA, Feeling DRIVING

    SARAH, SARAH TINA and SARAH made their way to the college


    SARAH, SARAH and TINA head’s towards the college and SARAH couldn’t believe how big the school was. SARAH meets the freshmen sorority advisor to assist students to their room’s hello SARAH my name MRS. RUSSELL I will be showing to your room and you can meet your new room.


    SARAH, Hi my name is SARAH nice to meet you?

     JESSICA, Replied nice to  meet you SARAH


    SARAH, SARAH and JESSICA hit it off quite well that and TINA  was thrilled to see that.  TINA help SARAH unpack her things as well as, help took pictures. SARAH was thrilled in spending time with TINA SARAH and that made SARAH very happy likewise JESSICA‘s family seemed to be pleased of SARAH.


    SARAH and JESSICA couldn’t wait to start classes that folowing week.



    SARAH, As the week went on SARAH got register for her classes and everything seem to be going well for SARAH. SARAH started her first day of class SARAH’S major was computer science also, got a chance to meet all of her college students. Everyone seem to get along in the long run, SARAH ended up passing all of her studies and as time went by SARAH started her sophomore year, SARAH’s first year was  yet challenging but she  managed  to pull through. SARAH found herself doing a lone and feeling as if no one cared.  At the Sarah moved with her life with love .








The mirrored sunglasses caught everyone attention involving  this murder in the long  run,no one has come forth to speak about what happen that night to kenneka Jenkins.  She did not deserved to die and it goes to show that murders involving black women throughout the world goes unsolved.

Black police officers don’t seem care and let these murders be left swept under the rug furthermore, not to many black community  leaders do not speak up or go involved in helping to save  our black women.


 Black women have being murdered to long overall, theyhave raped and mistreated by men.









In Conclusion


May the killers of Kenneka Jenkins come forth and that this case will soon be solved to many young girls are been trafficked and murdered on the street. A lot of young girls have met guys online and suddenly they were kidnapped likewise raped.  This young lady did not have to die the way she did and people mocking and laughing in regards to her death . I hope one day all the murders among black women will get national headline attention and to let people know they are somebody’s child.


Too many mothers are finding their daughters dead some young and some old yet middle age in addition, Kenneka Jenkins was in the prime of her life and those girls were  never  her true friends.


I hope young girl’s choose their  friends wiselyand  know who  to surround themselves with  may  Kenneka Jenkins rise and may she continue to inspire other girls in the world today in spirit.


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