Here I Am Today

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a distant love

Submitted: April 17, 2007

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Submitted: April 17, 2007



Here they come

the stars to shine so bright,

each one looking down

on me and you tonight.

And as the wind outside

blows the air away,

I will still always love you

til the end of each day.

The light from the sun

shining down its heat,

having you next to me

would be the complete.

As time is counting down

for the end of the year,

the day is running out

and night is nearly here.

Without you, I need you

dont know what to do,

but I'll always still be loving

everything of you.

An eternity that we will share

just you and I,

a tear is falling

from up above the blue sky.

Wind blowing through my window

onto my face,

this magic from you

no one will ever replace.

If you could see me now

in the heat I sit,

no one will wash away

the flames we lit.

Here I am today

and to the world I'll smile,

just to prove you have

made my life worth while.

And I love you now

I'll love you tomorrow,

you've taken away

the sadness and sorrow.

If you could see me now

I'd tell you more,

because our love is stronger

than ever before.

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