One Last Chance

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This is something I wrote when my dad had passed away and this helped me to express my feelings.

Submitted: April 07, 2007

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Submitted: April 07, 2007



I sit here alone,

I feel so bad,

Whatever happened?

What made me so mad?

I thought I had something,

A hope or some dreams,

Everything within me,

Not much as it seems.

The glistening glint of silver,

I hold in my hand,

Will this be the moment,

I leave here, my land?

The choice now is mine,

Should I choose to die,

I blink all but once,

A tear slips from my eye.

I think of whats gone,

So far away,

What was in my life,

Before this very day.

I wasnt the greatest,

girl in the school,

I was always the one

Trying to be cool.

I felt excluded,

And I didnt know why,

I had no real love,

Although I did try.

My boyfriend just dumped me.

After three months of love,

I thought there was something,

That came from above.

My guardian angel,

Now seems to be gone,

The heavens above me,

Higher than the dawn.

Depression I suffer,

There's an awful fate,

I hear a bell for me,

At heavens gate.

Would anyone miss me,

If I was not here,

My parents dislike me,

Out of my way they veer.

My marks are dropping,

They arent really that great,

Everything around me,

Is so second-rate.

I have such a low look,

On my whole life,

Why not end it now,

With the silvery knife?

I look at my wrists,

And cry a small tear,

My mind is racing,

But I have no fear.

The blade slices open,

My slightly tanned skin,

The crimson comes out,

Dripping from within.

It will all be over,

Not a second too late,

I'll fly with the eagles,

Away from the life I hate.

The salty tears coming,

I know what I have done,

I now will die,

There wont be any more fun.

I slit the other wrist,

In one smooth slice,

This was a stupid move,

With my life as my price.

Maybe if someone helped me,

I wouldnt have died,

With the pain and the hurt,

That I kept inside.

I'm dead in the morning,

When my parents wake me for school,

I'm never late,

That is my rule.

But I'm not coming back,

And they can see,

What their lives are like,

Without little old me.

Everyones crying,

I do have friends,

I guess I didnt notice,

They stuck till the end.

I'm sorry you all,

I wasnt true,

I wish I could go back,

And say I love you.

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