Bonding on Vacation part 1

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Sarah, is 17 and bisexual. When she is dragged on a family vacation she thinks it's going to be boring... She is in for a surprise!

this is all imagination! take into consideration this is my first story. please comment and let me know what you think!

i didnt think it was going to be a novel but i think it wll be! comment if u want more.

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012



I was dragged on vacation with my stepmom and her family. I was not into the whole beach thing or even people for that matter. So being dragged to the beach with family was not my idea of fun!

I had begge to bring one of my friends along, but my stepmom, Terry, said no. I was pissed but that was the only answer I was getting. I slept in the car for the ten hour drive, when we got there I was surprised to ee my older cousin had brougt his girlfriend.

"Hey," My cousin kyle said, "This is Jennifer, my girlfriend." Jennifer rolls her eyes at him. "I can speak for myself." She turns to me and smiles.

I decide to introduce myself. "I'm Sarah." I look her over and decide maybe this stupid trip won't be so bad after all.  just need to get rid of Kyle. "So how did you get dragged into this thimg?"  asked, returning her smile. She giggled, which kind of turns me on. " I wasn't dragged like I'm guessing you were. Kyle invited me and it seemed a lot better than staying home!" I nodded in agreement only half listening to what she was saying. My other half was trying not to look at her nicely formed body,which imcluded her nice and perky tits that were trying to escape her shirt.

It was announced that Jennifer and I would be sharing a room. I didn't mind in the least!

Later when we were unpacking she truned to me and said somthing. I didn't hear her since  had my head phones in and my iPod was blasting. "What did you say?" I asked as soon as  took my headphones out. "I said that I should let you know that I am bi since we are going to be sharing a room. Nothing will happen,nut I thought you should know."I laughed and shook my head. "Believe me. It' not a problem at all!" She looked at my funny but I grinned and put my headphones back in. While  was unpacking I made sure to let her see me put my dildos and vibrators in the nightstand between the two beds. I looked at her and she was blushing like crazy. We finished unpacking and went upstairs for dinner.

Every one was tired s no one said much. "So how was unpacking with my grouchy cousin?" Kyle asked Jennifer. She looked up at me and  winked. "It was fine, hon." She looked down at her plate and continued eating though  could see her start to blush. Since she was right across from me I started to rub her calf with my sock laden foot. She looked up at me with surprise. I stopped before  got caught be anyone else.

After dinner I went to change into my bathing suit. I looked myself in the mirror. The white bikini complemented my dark brown hair and my bright blue eyes. My tanned complection surprised me because I usually don't go outside. My freckeled face makes me look youger than I am but I didnt mind too much. Jennifer walked in the room still blushing. I thought it was cute, but apparently she dissagreed...

"What the hell was that about?" She hissed. I smiled at her . "What do you mean?" She glared at me. I went through her dresser and found a light blue strapless bikini. "Wear this on. It will look good on you."Sure enouh it did. Her pale voluptuos body made me so horny. I smiled and as I went to open the door I gave her a quick hard kiss on the lips. I left her in the room dumb founded.

I was sittng by the pool when she came out with Kyle. I was a little jealous, but I knew that I would have her cumming tonight not him.

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