How Love makes one feel

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

No matter how challenging the situation is, a man who truly loves a woman will never let Her go. By the way, a real man would never lift a hand or hit a woman Cause love isn't supposed to hurt in that way. A Woman who truly Loves a Man will get Angry at the man for so many things. But she will still stick around.

Some words show feelings; Some representations express different thoughts,

Some words transform us all, and They touch the deep of our souls.

There are magic words: sweet ones,

Simple ones that we need to hear but are Powerful.

Some words have ambrosia flavor,

some ones-roses- smell and color.

There are words - finally- that bring us hope and Peace.

Amongst all words, However, for example, my comments.

My words that I wish to share with you all Like so.

In the year 1990, I met a 13 and half-year-old Boy.

I to was 13, but something about him. Felt as though he meant just for me, My Soul-mate My true Love, the one.

Some said it was Puppy Love; for some reason, Duke and I knew different we had a bond for some reason.

Duke was the New Kid that my babysitter Barbra was going to babysit for the very first time. I was sitting on the couch in my little glasses, long bleach blonde hair held back with a bit of red string I was wearing that day, my slight short daze dukes freshly cut by my Mom.

A little red and white checkerboard summer tank top was sitting on the sofa watching my favorite Tv. Show Mr. Ed.

Earley that morning when I heard Barbra's doorbell ring but wasn't paying very much attention for was too busy watching my show.

Barbra answered the door, and Dukes' Mom said Hey! morning Barbra, this is Duke.

I reamer like it was Yesterday. Duke walks in Bow-Leg-it straight to the sofa where I was sitting, Mumbling. Baby- Girl.

I turned to look at him; excuse me.

Duke said in Awe. he cleared his throat. Howdy!

Almost like he had already known me somehow.

Duke said, what are you watching there.

Did I say, Mr. Ed?

Duke said, cool, I like him. Is anybody sitting here?

I giggled. Does it look like it?

Duke said Well, No, so then can I sit here?

I said sure.

Duke said, cool.

He was much, significantly taller than me but built to be 13 and a half years old.

Duke crawled up on the sofa and sat beside me, Slipping on his glasses too.

I swallowed hard, looking at him, and asked him; you.

Were glasses too?

Duke said, sure, do, and smiled.

I said, wow, then I don't feel so lonely now.

Duke said, is that a bad thing or a good thing?

I said bashfully, maybe a good thing.

Duke said Alrighty then.

I asked him, so what is his Name?

He said, Duke, what is yours?

I said Vicky, Duke.

Duke said Awe. Wow, your last names the same as my

First Name.

I "giggled." it's a good thing your cute; no, My Name is Vicky, Duke.

Duke said Awe, and I knew that was seeing if you were

Paying attention and Cleared his throat.

I giggled again.

He was very Humourious; however, he always said something or another to make me giggle or Laugh.

I suppose that's one reason I liked about him.

He was so cute, and he was very tall, Built he had Bleach.

Blonde hair. Bowl cut. His bangs came over one side of his face, kind of the wet look like he had taken a bath or shower before came.

So obviously, he was clean.

We watched Mr. Ed until the sun came up after Barbra.

Made us Breakfast and then let us go outside and play. Duke was playing with the other kids there for a little.

I was over at Barbra's beautiful Rose bushes, smelling them; I love the smell of fresh Roses, such a sweet,

Succulent relaxing smell.

When I happened to catch some bright eyes on me,

He was standing against the corner of Barbra's brick house with one leg on the wall and big arms crossed.

looking at me through his long sweaty bangs from playing with the other kids, no shirt on but still in his

Knee-high shorts, all were sagging with a double brown braided belt on with a chain wallet hanging down his thick Bowleg, I reamer like I said Yesterday chewing on a Cinnamon toothpick.

He was Watching me smell the Roses.

When He saw that, I saw him looking at me. Duke arched his eyebrow.

I liked that.

I bit my little lip with a bashful smile.

With a curl of his lip, Duke smiled back.

I don't know how long that he was standing there watching me, but he was.

Duke then Started walking over to me Bow- leg- it.

I was thanking ah-oh.

Duke came over to me, and he'd put one big hand in his

Pocket and he'd ask me what are you doing over here all by your lonesome.

Looking down at me through his long sweaty bangs, humph?

I said Awe. Mm smelling Barbra's Roses, and I guess I

I can't be around too many kids; they make me nervous.

Duke said Awe, I see but are two too many?

I giggled; well, No, I suppose not.

Did Duke say, OK, look up at me?

I did; he said, tell you what may do something?

I said, what?

Duke picks a Rose from Barbra's Rosebush and takes his big finger's moving my hair a little bit his lip, then put the Rose to his nose than in my hair and said Mm. that's better this Rose is for you, baby-Gurl and Smiled at me.

Duke arched his eyebrow and winked at me.

My bright eyes glistered as they narrowed, looking up at him.

Duke said Beautiful.

I blushed.

Duke said, ah, are you Blushing, or do my eyes deceive me?

I said yeah.

Duke smiled thought so.

So other than Smelling Roses, what else do you like to


I said Play chase.

Did Duke say, Play Chase, sounds theory and smiled OK, want to play Chase? I mean with me if you want?

I Blushed then smiled sure.

Duke said alright, then go ahead right behind you.

I laughed, and I started to run, and he ran after me around all the Rose bushes; it was so fun until I fell on my behind between two Rose Bushes.

Surprisingly he fell over me, looking down at me.

That is when I notice out the Blue Dukes nose started bleeding. I said, Awe, Duke, your nose is bleeding?

Duke said, yeah, it does that when I get too Angry, too upset, or too hot. Mm suppose I got a too hot hold on as he tried to grab into his shorts, But I had already taken.

Tissue from my pocket and took his face in my hand gently, but he jumped back. Suppose I couldn't help but feel that maybe he was abused or something the way he jerked back his face, I said, no, hold on. He swallowed hard and slowly moved his face back to me, and I

I Took the Tissue to his nose, held it there to stop it from bleeding, and then removed it, putting it back into my pocket. My bright eyes narrowed, looking up into the most beautiful bright eyes I have ever seen as, at my surprise, he rewarded me with my very first kiss upon thy


He let my lips go with a curl of his lip the sweetest—big shiny tasting lips.

Gazing down at me, realizing what he did, he looked all around then took his finger to his lips with a shah;

Please Don't till on me?

I had my hand over my mouth, moving it as my eyes glistered. I won't tell.

Duke was such Cute dripping sweat from his bangs, though however, his Bright eyes glistered so brightly so

shiny looking down into mines.

The rest of the day, we'd walk together, talk to each other, and hold hands started out being one of the best days of my life but ended up being the saddest day in my life?

And obviously, I don't only speak for myself. I can't help.

To feel my heart; Dukes, too, I guess the bond we have somehow.

Why, you ask?

Because that day Duke's Mom had to work over and she'd call Barbra and ask her if she could please take

Duke home and told her how to get there.

Barbra wrote it down and said, sure.

So she loads us all up in her car, me and Duke in the back with two other kids she was watching. Buckled us all up, Duke held my hand, all the way home.

Duke was nervous and scared the same time I could feel it in the way he held my hand; his hand was so sweaty yet cold and shakey rock his big long leg from side to side and back and forwards.

I said, what's wrong, Duke?

Duke said I don't want to go home; I want to stay with you?

I said, but you can't.

Duke said I know, but I wish I could and swallowed hard. look as if he was trying not to cry.

Did I ask why?

Duke said they are very mean and abusive to me; he whispered, licked his big shiny lips; for some reason, Vicky, I have a terrible feeling, and I'm not too fond of it; it makes me sick at my stomach.

He swallowed hard.

For some reason, I already knew that it was something like that.

Duke asked Barbra could you please you Vicky and the kids stay with me for a little while?

Barbra said, sure, sweety.

Duke said thanks.

Then he looked back at me and said, well, good, more time with you, Baby-Gurl.

I could feel his somewhat of a relief, and he surf.

He loosened his grip, holding my hand so hard.

But he still held my hand.

We all go to Duke's home, which was a doublewide at this time, and he had woods at his house but fenced in.

It was fun; we all played in his woods.

He showed me a place in them that was the place he went to get away from it all.

I was sitting on the ground talking about why he was throwing rocks at a tree.

Duke said I always do.

All of a sudden, we were talking.

And I heard something, I asked him what are you doing back there and looked, and he was peeing, I said, oh my Goodness.

I knew my face was pitch red first boy ever pee in front of me.

I said I'm sorry.

Duke said, don't be; it's OK when you got to go, you got to go better out than in, right?

I said suppose.

Then it started raining, so we all went in.

To Duke's house, the others watched Cartoons why Duke took me to his room; it was spotless and immaculate; he kept his room clean as well as himself.

I could not believe how clean he was, and I reamer how his room looked and was sitting as it was Yesterday.

Duke's twin size bed neatly made up against a window.

Duke had a little table with a bit of TV. And a Nintendo and his games in a roll on a shelf below.

He also had this huge bookshelf full of books.

Top Shelf full of Skitch books it looked he had a little.

Desk and chair, Believe it or not, even a weight bench he asked me you like Mario. Brother's?

I said yes, my brother and I play it all the time.

Duke said do you want to play?

I said yes.

Duke said Alrighty then and turned on the game.

We played it for a little, and I believe he'd lose on purpose and say, Oh man.

And Crack me up the way he'd say it.

But to be honest with you, I thank maybe he gazed at me.

I more than got into the game.

I caught him once I said what?

Duke said May I kiss you again so quick I couldn't understand him.

I said, what did you say?

Duke said, what did you hear.

I said I'm not sure?

Duke said OK, I'll ask again. May I please kiss you again?

I said do you want to?

Duke said I do.

I said, I guess.

Duke surprised me by taking me to his bed.

He came over to me, and he kissed me again.

I kissed him back this time.

Duke kissed me again.

Both our bright eyes just sparkled so brightly, so shiny.

Then he asked me can I show you something?

I said, Donno, what is it?

He got up. I'll show you. You are the only one, though, but you have to promise me that you won't tell on me, please?

I repeated it I won't till.

Duke said OK, he would unbuckle his belt, unzip his shorts, then unbutton them.

He would take him; you know what out showing it to me.

I put my hand on my mouth. Awe Wow.

Then Duke would ask me, do you like it?

I said I don't know, but I thank maybe I do.

Then he said Shah listening and said Stepdad and quickly try and button his shorts but then right when his Stepdad entered into his door he caught Duke zipping up.

Then that's when things got scary to me, but Duke too.

Dukes Stepdad said, what the Fuck is going on in here.

I said ah, he said a bad word.

Duke's dad was trying to come tore me and raised his hand at me, but Duke got in front of me, it wasn't her it was me leave her alone she didn't do it, I did.

I then got to see Duke's Hot quick fuse; in other words, his hot Temper Dukes face was Pitch red, including the back of his neck and a stormy glare in his bright eyes, which was also teary I have you. A stream of blood ran from his nose; you don't touch her, as his breath caught in

His throat, along with streams of blood coming from his nose as streams of warm tears, fails down his smooth cheeks. With an angry curl of his lip, don't touch. Baby- Gurl or hurt her, Or I will hurt you?

Dukes Stepdad tried to Smack me again. I was crying,

Scared, and up against his window, his Stepdad even called me a little Ho, Bitch Whore, that was it soon he and Duke were latterly Brawling throwing. Punches and all, Duke was even headbutting his Stepdad and everything.

I was Scared, and Duke said I told you don't touch her, they were just at it like cats and dog's

Dukes Stepdad grabbed Duke from behind, and Duke headbutts him, and His Stepdad would fall back, and then Duke came to me and took my hand into his trying

To take me out of his room, then that is when his Stepdad Yield Barbra said to her, get that little ugly bitch away from this. thing

Duke said No, No, he would not let my hand go, and I didn't want to his either.

Duke kept tilling his StepDad- Martin is what he called him, No, No, She's Mine but then Martin and Barbra pulled us apart we both crying and As Barbra took me from him and Martin him me Duke screamed out to me I will find you Baby-Gurl I promise.

Barbra put all of us in her white Sadean in the pouring rain, and somehow Duke happened to have got loose from Martin running out the door soaking wet and long bangs dripping over his face as he cocked his head up to grab out for me. I watched him through the back window.

We both crying; I know as I put my hand on the back of the window tore him, and he watched as we drove away from each other.

That's what I meant by it was one of the happiest days in my life but also the saddest day in my life, and I can't help but feel in my heart that it was his too.

The story above is a true story.

I got lost in him; it's the loss that's exactly like being friends and Lovers at the same time.

A moment in my arm's, forever in my heart, if my heart had wings, I would fly to him!

To be someone's first love may be great, but to be there only and last is beyond perfect.

True love isn't easy, but I must fight for it Because it may take all of my life to find it, but once I see and find it, you best believe it will take the rest of my life to keep it.

Because I've always believed that true love is someone that you grow old with and die with, no one can ever replace it cause that first love would be the only love that would take to make it, that would make you feel Whole again, the piece of the puzzle that's been missing from your life for so long.

My heart longs for him; my soul dies for him, my eyes cry for him.

My empty arms reach out for him.

In my heart, our love's a gathered storm I chased across the sky a moment in Dukes' arms became why you alone are my light I would give anything to feel you in my arm's Tonight and forever.

It would feel like a Waterfall, peaceful, calm, so many words.

Yet, none can genuinely describe how love makes one feel.

It's not happy or sad.

It's a bit of both.

No one can tell you how I love him because love is just one feeling that I can't express through words.

Love is something one can only show to another person.

It's just so many things all in one.

So don't worry about if someone loves you.

If one truly loves you, trust me, you will know by the way they show you.

Nothing is better than to have love in your life, but love is a commitment to another person and shouldn't take


So if you have love in your life, be grateful and cherish it because it can be gone in the blink of an eye, in many


Like so in the short story above.

Because right now, If I could have just one wish,

I would wish to wake up every day to the sound of Duke's breath on my neck,

the warmth of his lips on my cheek,

upon thy lips again,

The touch of his hands and finger's on my skin,

the feel of his heart beating against and next to and with mine,

knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than him.

I hope that you enjoyed this; if so, do let me know.

Submitted: February 15, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Babygurl38. All rights reserved.

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