Bullying in schools

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Bullying in schools is getting out of control.

Submitted: March 10, 2013

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Submitted: March 10, 2013



i was a victim of bullying when i was in school.we did not have much money back then. i lived in a small house in charlston missouri.i had four brothers and my mom are dad left a while back.my brothers were more out going then me.  i kept to my self most of the time in my room.  mostly playing games are watching tv.my brothers was older then me except for one.so we went to different schools.so i did not have my big brothers to protect me.  i think it was my fith day at my new school that things started to happen.this boy would all ways pick on me pushing me down kicking me.every day making fun of me.it got to the point i did not want to go to school.i would fake sickness so i could stay home.if i told my teacher it would get even worse.i tried to hide from him it work for a while.but he all ways found me.  the problem was he was in one of my classes.the only thing that saved me was changing schools.my mom found a nother school for me.and i never had any problems again.young people go threw what i have been threw all the time.  and some are so bad that they end up taking there on life.kids has the right to go to school to learn and play and make friends.not be a punching bag. this can end if parents and teachers get educated on bullys.when your child beat up another child for no reason then you as a parent need to step up lay down the law.and teachers need to educate all kids about bullying.  show a short video about it.what those kids are going threw every day.bullying is just not in schools its all so on the internet .harper gruzing is a young singer eleven years old she is a great singer and my friend.she went thre hell from bullys.she was singing the national anthem she did not sound good but that was because she could not here her self sing because of all the horn sounds back ground noises.thats when all the bullying started from grown ups and teens.there was threats and bad stuff said about her on the internet.but she had jesus in her life and a loveing family that stood beside her to help her get threw it.thats when harper wrote a amazing song about it all.and she sounded beautiful.what a brave young lady.we both no what its like to be hurt by bullys.  you will see harper on stage under the lights making beautiful music. bullys you will never bring her down.and to all you kids out there thats going threw this every day.theres a light at the end of the tunnel.talk to your parents tell them whats going on in side you. never keep it to your self.they love you and want to help.my name is clifford nevels and bullying has to stop.we want happy kids not sad ones.god bless you all.

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