jade and her vampire lover.

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about a girl who fell in love with a vampire.

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012



it started on a stormy niight in england.a young lady name jade was watching tv when there was a loud bang.lighting had struck a pole out side her house when she looked out side.standing under the sparks from the pole was a handson guy. he was just standing there looking at jade. when jade wipe her eyes and looked again the young man was gone.then there was a knock at her door.when she open the door a young man was standing in the rain soaking wet.he told jade his name was sergei and he had been robbed .jade invited him in side,  then went up stairs to get him some of her fathers clothes.  then they had some hot coffie. sergei told jade he was from russia. he was in england because his sister live there.they talk for hours.it was getting late jade ask sergei to stay the night until the storm was over.he agreed and went up stairs to a spare bed room.jade went to bed but she was not sleepy.she had a cup of tea and after a while she fell asleep.the next morning she woke up but she felt funny.when she went to take a shower she notice there was to small holes on her neck. she thought it was a spider bite.when she went to check on sergie he was gone.a week went by jade was getting head pains.  her eyes was hurting when she go out doing the day. every time she tried to eat something she threw it up.one day she was eating chicken but it was not cooked well.  she had eaten blood from the chicken.it was the only thing she could eat. she wanted more. so one night she was walking down town.she notice a drunk guy go in to the alley.  she followed him.  she was so hungry.she caught the man in the alley and bit his neck drinking his blood.she felt really good but was ashamed of what she had done.thats when she new she was a vampire.she ran home crying. when she went up stairs sergei was standing there.  he told her he was a vampire. and he said dont be a fraid you will live for ever.  you will stay young for ever.then he said there was more like him all around the world.at first jade was afraid.  but sergie help her cope with it.  jade and sergie fell in love. they sleep in the basement of sergie castle doing the day. no one is allowed at the castle doing the day. there was plenty of people working for sergei protecting him and jade doing the day.sergie tought jade how to drink blood from bottles that was taken from blood banks.  in sted of attacking people. they lived a long life in the casile. years had went by and they was still young.jade told sergie she didnt want to live any more. she did not think it was right to out live people she loved.  and she was getting sick of drinking blood. she was so alone and unhappy.so the next day she and sergie decided to walk out in to the sun hand in hand.for the last time. there bodys caught on fire and died in to ashes. the end.

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