jade and the baby penguins great adventure.

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a 14 year old girl help some baby penguins escape from the zoo.

Submitted: June 15, 2012

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Submitted: June 15, 2012



it was a hot day in england.jade was eating breakfast when she saw a news story on tv.ten baby penguins was playing in side the zoo.the news reporter said the zoo might have to close.because of lack of money.if that happend the penguins will have to find a new home.jade loved penguins.she had stuff penguins and shirts with penguins.jade finish her breakfast.and went up stairs to get her books for school.on the way she started to get a ideal for getting the penguins out of the zoo.she ask her friend a boy she like to help her.he was 13 years old. and jade was 14.jade has a crush on him.he likes her but not as much as she likes him.but he is getting closer to her.so when they was eating lunch jade put her plan in to action.that night when her parents was sleep.jade went out her bed room window.and went down a tree.she met her friend bobby at the zoo.they went around to the penguin cage.jade fell in love with the baby penguins.bobby brought a crow bar with him.he broke the lock to the cage.jade put the baby penguins in a large crate on back of a truck that bobby was driving.the truck belonged to bobbys father.he taught bobby to drive.jade left a note to her mom and dad.that read am sorry i had to do this.i no you will be looking for me.you want fine me.i will be home when i fine a place for my friends the penguins.that night jade and bobby started on a road trip that will take days.they are trying to go to alaska to find a home for the penguins.they stop in a little town called charlston.to spend the night and get something to eat for them and the penguins.there was a store that sell fish.jade bought enough to feed the penguins.she had took her savings out of the bank.so they had plenty of money.after they ate and got some sleep.they got back on the road.bobby took a back road to make time.they made it to a train station.and put the crate on the train.then went another 300 miles.then they took a cargo plane to alaska.they landed in a open field close to a penguins home. there was thousands of penguins marching down the snowy beach.jade had the crate open at the beach.and the baby penguins join the march.the older penguins excepted the baby ones as there own.and they was free and at home at last.jade was sad to see them go.but was happy they have a home.the penguins marched off in to the sun set.and jade and bobby said there good bys  to the baby penguins.and flew back home.but they will all ways remember that trip to alaska.

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