jade falls in love

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about a young girl that meet four russian boys.likes them all.but fall in love with one.

Submitted: August 21, 2012

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Submitted: August 21, 2012



one sunny day jade went to the park.she found a tree next to a lake.she sat under the tree and started reading a book.there was a concert a cross the lake.four russian teens was singing.jade put down the book and went to watch them sing.jade loved russian boy bands.she was watching the lead singer very close. and he was watching her.jade was a very pretty girl.when the concert was over.the lead singer came up to jade and ask her if she would like to go out for dinner with him and the guys.she was so excited and said yes i would love that.they took jade to a local diner.they all got a table and had a steak dinner.the lead singer andre was the one doing all the talking.he wanted to no every thing about jade.all four russian boys was handsom. jade like them all .  but she had her eyes for just one and that was andre.so they talk well in to the night.it was just her and andre.the other guys had left.andre wanted her to go dancing with him. and then to a movie.  the days went by.  andre ask jade to be his wife. jade was in tears.she said yes yes yes i will be your wife.they got married in a big church with all her friends and parents.and andre had his mom and dad.  after the wedding they bought a big house in russia.there was a huge swimming pool in the back yard.roses all around.they had a house party.  all the other russian boy band and all jade friends came to the party.there was music and food.every one had a great time.a year later jade had a baby girl.her name was samantha.  andre had a suprise for jade and there daughter. he gave them a baby panda. jade was jumping up and down with excitement.  a few months later she had a nother daughter she called lisa.jade dreams have come true.she have a family and living in russia with her husband.andre moved her family to russia to be near her.jade lived a happy life with the people she loved.  the end

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