Scarlett Quigley a star is born.

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scarlett is a girl that became a star over night.

Submitted: January 12, 2013

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Submitted: January 12, 2013



Scarlett Quigley was a cute little girl that fell in love with classical the age of eight she started singing her first classical song. she was really good at her age. she would sing on stage at her school.every one loved her except one girl.her best friend wanted to be notice like scarlett. her name was lisa she was a singer to but not as good as scarlett. lisa would tell lies about scarlett trying to get her in trouble.scarlett found out about it and burst in to tears. so the next day she told lisa to stay away from her.and that she never want to talk to her again.scarlett moved a way with her family to a new town. she became a star after only two years.she travel all over the world. she was singing for queens and kings. every where she went people was shouting her name scarlett scarlett. a star was born. scarlett quigley was on all the talk shows nation fifteen she was having the time of her life.then one day she wanted to do a concert for her home town, ever one was so excited to see her come home.there was a band and people welcome home signs. but there was one person a girl holding something in a bag.looking at scarlett she called out scarlett name. then pull out a gun and shot her two times.the girl that shot scarlett was lisa. lisa shot her self on the street and died. every one was in shock . so many people was crying.scarlett was rush to the hospital she was in a coma. a week went by but there was no change.the doctors gave her no chance. but one night she open her eyes and reached out to her mom.her mom was so excited to see her little girl moving.the news soon got out that scarlett was going to be all right. when scarlett was strong enough to go home she decided to go see lisa grave to tell her that she for give her and that they will all ways be friends. after a year off scarlett went back to singing and she was better then ever. she was winning awards all over the world.she was bless by a angel to get a second chance.yes a star was born.

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