Tayler Blackwell and the puppie farm.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
this is about a young girl that rescues puppies from harm.

Submitted: March 06, 2013

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Submitted: March 06, 2013



Taylor Blackwell is a young girl that loves animals.she has a dog and a cat that she loves.her dog name is dusty because he is all ways playing in the dirt.taylor hate when people mistreat animals she started a fund for animal abuse. with the help from her mom and dad.taylor was on her way to school she all ways walk because its not that far from her house.while she was walking she saw a man in a old truck park on side of the road.she notice the man get out of the truck and walk in to some one yard and take a puppie that was playing.he ran back to the truck with the puppie.she heard other puppies in the truck.taylor ask the man what was he doing with those puppies.the man just said go to school dont worry about it. after school taylor decided to do a little spy work.her dog dusty was a hunting dog that was very good at finding people thats lost.she decided to take dusty to the house where the puppie was taken.lucky for her the house was on a dirt road.it had rain on the day the puppie was taken.so there was tire tracks from the truck going in to the woods.she got dusty to track the truck in to the woods.they came upon a old farm house.taylor walked up to the house she made sure no one saw her.she looked in to a window.what she saw made her really sad and mad.so many puppies that was hungry look like they had not ate in days.some could not walk.when they would try to stand they would fall back down.taylor new she had to do something.so she ran back home with dusty to call the police.when the police came to her house she showed them where the old farm house was.the man that was taking puppies from homes.was taken to jail.the puppies was taken to a animal clinic where they was fed and taken care of.taylor became a hero.she got a hero badge from the police department.her parents was so happy for her.  taylor was happy for all the puppies that was safe and no longer hungry.taylor blackwell and her dog dusty went on to solve other crimes.she will never for get that day when she help those sweet puppies get a second chance.

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