the meanest old man in the world.

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about a old man that hated animals.and got what he deserve.

Submitted: June 16, 2012

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Submitted: June 16, 2012



Once opon a tIme In a far away land a old man was chasing a puppie in a field.he was a very scary man with eyes that sunk in.he hated all animals even cute puppies.he would catch dogs and drown them for the fun of it.his back yard was a grave yard for animals he killed.  that summer he went in to town to get some traps.he was planing to kill as many rabbits  as he could.up on a hIll was a big house. two little girls was playing with there dog.they saw the old man lookin up at there dog.he had a big club in his hand.the old man yelled at the girls to bring the dog to him.  the girls just laugh at him.and ran back in night the old man decided to go up the hill to get the girls dog.he went around to the back yard.  but the dog was in side the house.  the girls was watching threw the window . the old man went back down the hill shaking his fist at the girls in the window.he yell am going to get that dog you just wait and see.the next morning the old man went to check his traps.he had caught eight rabbits.he said am going to have some good eating to night.  the next day he was out in the field.he heard barking in the bush. it was the puppie he was chasing.the old man said am going to get you this time. so he started chasing the puppie in to the woods.the puppie had escape again.the old man was hotter then a fire cracker.he went in side his house to get his shot gun.he started lookin for birds to shoot.there was a red bird in a tree feeding its nest of baby birds. he shot the bird and blew the nest out of the tree with his shot gun.he then went back to his house laughing.i shot the tar out of that bird. hahaha.he then cooked the rabbits he caught. and ate until he was full.then he decided to go out side to smoke his pipe.he heard the puppie barking again.the old man got his shot gun and chase the puppie in to the woods again.  the old man said where are you.the puppie ran pass him really fast. the old man saw him just standing there not moving at he got closer to shoot he fell in a big hole with lots of snakes.  he did not have a chance.the snakes was biting him over and over.the puppie was looking at him.then ran back in to the woods. what the old man did not no was that the puppie belong to the girls  on the hill a family of witches.the two little girls was standing by the hill looking at the old man in the hole and started one ever new what happend to the mean old man.just the girls and there think twice before you try to kill a puppie ; it might just belong to the little girls on the hill.

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