The New Hit Girl

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the old hit girl dies and her lost sister takes her place.

Submitted: January 15, 2013

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Submitted: January 15, 2013



Hit girl had one last thing to do. after killing all the bad guys she went after some drug dealers at her school.there was five guys selling drugs to kids.hit girl came up with a plan.  she talk to the drug dealers and told them to meet her in the school yard at night.she told them there will be buyers waiting for them.after school closed hit girl put on her costume and took two guns from her dads house and went to the school.when the drug dealers came up to her they ask where is the buyers.hit girl said your looking at her and started shooting she killed three and  had to chase down the other two.she found one and stabbed him with a knife.  the other hid in the bushes but hit girl saw him and shot him in the head. but what hit girl did not no there was a six guy.he sneaked up on hit girl and shot her two times.hit girl died in the hospital with all her friends and the man that took care of her.  it was a sad day for the whole town.she was laid to rest next to her father who was killed a month a go.the drug dealers was getting stronger they was taking over the schools.two weeks later a girl came to town she was hit girls sister who found out about her death over the news.she was a lot like hit girl she fought crime where she lived.  she told the guy that was taking care of her sister that she will continue the fight untill every drug dealer is dead.  so she put on hit girls costume and and loaded up on weapons and stared hunting for the dealers.  she ask around the bad neigbor one wanted to talk so she started to use scare tactics.untill some one told her where they was hiding out.she found her fathers super car which was loaded with weapons.she drove around the bad streets looking for the man that killed her sister. and all the other dealers.  up on a hill was a big house with a iron gate.thats where all the dealers hide out. the king pin of the house was a bad man who had a long scar on his face. the same man that killed hit girl.  hit girl sister called her self the crime fighter she wore a purple costume with green hair.she had hit girls fighting power.she drove the car up to the gate there was two body guards walking in the yard and one on the roof.crime fighter took out two guns with silencers and shot the two guards in the head. she moved over the gate like a cat and went up a tree. she shot the guy on the roof.  then she went threw a window.there was a meeting going on up stairs every one was in that room.crime fighter went up stairs and took out a smoke bomb and threw it threw the open door every one came running out shooting.  they could not see for all the smoke crime fighter had on special glasses that could see threw the smoke.  she started shooting every one in site it was a bloody battle after a few minutes there was silence.they all was dead except the one that killed her sister.he had escape threw a special door.  crime fighter saw him driving a way.  so she ran to her fathers car and started the chase she caught up with him a mile a way. he had crash in two a tree and jumped out and started to run in two the woods.crime fighter chased him down and they started fighting.crime fighter was hitting him with every thing she had. but he was a big guy. he hit her across the head and she landed in a ditch daze.he found a big rock two hit her with.when he raise the rock crime fighter said this is for my sister hit girl.  and she shot him threw the neck and finish him off with a knife in the heart.a month went by and crime fighter decided to be the new hit girl for her sister.and she spent her life fighting crime.

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