the road to heaven and hell

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its about a husband and wife and there 16 year old daughter.who crash there car.and enter a new world.

Submitted: June 10, 2012

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Submitted: June 10, 2012



the road to heaven and started on a sunday afternoon.a family of three was getting ready to take a trip to there uncles farm.for a family reuion.the father sam.ask his daughter tammy to bring down her bags.his wife cathy was still packing.sam wanted her to hurry.he wanted to get on the road befor they loaded every thing in the car.and started to drive to the high way.tammy who was 16 was excited to see her uncle.they was very close.they stop at a small diner to get something to eat.tammy notice a strange man in black smiling at her.his face was pale.tammy turn to her father and said did you see that man over there.when he looked there was no one.what man said her father.tammy looked around. there was a man in black.smiling at me.sam started to laugh must been the food you was eating.after they ate.they got back on the high way.sam was in a hurry to get to the he decided to take a back started to get dark.cathy told sam that he was driving to fast.just as she said that.sam lost control of the car.and ran in to a tree.the car was total.sam ask if every on was ok.except for a few bruises.they was fine.sam said the car want they will have to walk to the farm.a bout two miles they was walking a thick fog came out of no where.tammy said she cant see a thing.then they notice a dull light a head of them.tammy said hey may be thats a car.when they got closer.the fog started to lift.there was two roads one go left and one go right.tammy said which road should we take.cathy saw a old man walking .she ask him if he new if there was a farm close by.the old man did not say a word. he had a strange smile.he just pointed to the left.cathy said thank you.and they started down the road on the left side.half way down the road.a little boy told them dont go that way.take the road on the right.befor cathy could ask why.a man in a black coat chase the boy a way.the man and the boy vanish in the woods.sam said i wonder what that was all they started walking.tammy notice a little town a head,she said theres a town up a head.when they got was like a ghost one in the was very hot out side.tammy wanted a drink of they knocked on a door.a old lady in black came to the door.may i help you.cathy ask if they could get some water.and use the phone.the old lady said yes i have water.but i dont have a every one got a drink of water.and started walking again.the thick fog came back out of no where.tammy started to here moaning.people was saying help us.tammy screamed.there was voices every where.there was a army of people walking real slow.some had no skin.there bodys was rotting.maggots all over.the family was in shock and they started to run.they stop.there was people every where.a man with bloody eyes.and guts hanging out.grab tammys arm.the man said help me.tammy she tried to pull a way.the man arm came off.maggots fell to the ground.he started laughing.tammy ran with her family.untill they got to the end of the road.the same little boy they saw befor.told them to run to the road that go they made it to the road.and kept running.untill they came to a nother was peaceful.the people was all in white.tammy saw her grandma.who died a few years a go.thats when they new they had died in the car.and is now in heaven.thanks to the little boy.and just being lucky.they escape hell.and there at peace at last. the end

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