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Recalling the memory aof a broken hearted love

Submitted: May 11, 2016

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Submitted: May 11, 2016



Sometimes out of the blue a memory coming up in my mind
all sudden, often I don’t recall why
then I ask myself, was I that blind
I think we could had make it a try

Sometimes the memory is making me terrible sad and crying
my heart full of tears and sadness
what reason made us stop for trying
how did I fall in this mysterious madness

Sometimes I really think she still loves me so much, like before
when she was proud to call me sweetheart
and I was proud at her, the woman I adore
she is the best, my number one in the chart

Sometimes I dream about the times when she danced in my arms
just two hearts beating a rhythm of love
slowly melting in love and all the charms
two bodies fit together like a long glove

Sometimes I need to be all alone, dreaming of flying far away
on my broken wings into the unknown sky
all alone what is the reason here to stay
leaving all behind, but I can’t, don’t know why

Sometimes I think I am the luckiest guy in the whole world
just because I can call her my special friend
I do keep saying but my focus look so blurred
why did our love stopped, where did it end

Sometimes I don’t know to express my feelings for her
I could say I love you in a simple love song
laughter and remember the way we were
the love for the past, felt so very strong

Sometime I just need to write it all down, yes in tears
don’t know what it really is bringing for me
write it down so I can stop all my fears
to open my soul and set my hurting free


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