strange day

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bout some friends and a murder crime

Submitted: August 04, 2008

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Submitted: August 04, 2008



so there are 4 people and dere was a murder crime dat had happened in dat neighbor hood dat alex and lexy one person name is chris da otha is alex and max and lexy

so da are best friends chris is 12,alex 11,max 12,lexy 10 so da go to dis mmiddle school in newyork so da was walkin home one da from school alex and lexy are sistas so da two go in same direction den chris and max does  so max and chris live in da same neighbor hood so dat same night in alex and lexy's neighbor hood da heard gun shots so da ran to dere rooms and hide under da bed both of dere parnets wasnt home yet so day were scared so da went to sleep around 11:00 so da woke up at 7:00 to get ready for school den da noticed dere parents still wasnt home so da jus went to school dere mom was home wen da came bac dere mom was crying den da sayed weres daddy her mommy started crying louder den on da news da said there was a killer in dat neighbor hood da didnt show da face so da started to question da killer the killa said he wasnt hme dat night he was at a friends house and da lie detecor said dat was true so it wasnt da killer dat did it so who did???den da next moring da found 3 more suspectes and da all had guns so da was all men da first one's name was jessy joey and deandra

leave me comments tellin me who u think did it and ill write u bac sayin if ur right or not\"\"

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