The Memory Book.

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A person can't leave you forever if you don't want them to. They will come back in your memories.
This started out as a poem about my grandfather that I loved alot but died a long time ago. I started writing the poem but couldn't stop so I made it into a short story. I am portrayed as Mia, but are stories are compleatly different. Mia had the heart to read the memory book by her grandmother. I still choak up at the thought of reading my grandfather's writing. I know I will open it one day. He would want that.

Submitted: January 06, 2008

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Submitted: January 06, 2008



 Mia searched the attic looking for some of her old toys to send to the Toys 4 Tots Christmas drive. "Ah-ha! Here they are!", Mia yelled finding an old box marked "Michell's Toys". She picked up the box that was sitting on some old books. As she lifted the box all the books from the pile came tumbling down. "Oh gosh.",Mia  said sadly. She put the old box down and started picking up some of the old books. "How to Build Ariplain Models, Betty Crocker's Basic Cook Book, A day at the Farm. Wow, some of Mom, Dads, and my old books. I don't even remember some of these.", Mia said picking up some of the books. All of a sudden Mia stopped searching threw the books. She saw an old purple and white book with no title."What the? A diary?" , Mia said. She never had a diray. And neither did her Mom. Her dad had a work journal, but not a diary. Puting down the other books, Mia picked up the diary. She opened to the cover page and it read "These are writings and memories of: Sheral M. Farais." Mia had to think a bit, she had heard that name before, it was in the back of her head. "Grammy Farais!", Mia burst out her memories coming back. Grammy Farais had been Mia's "Bestest Friend ever" when Mia was 5 years old. Mia's happy expression slowly faded from her face, the name "Farais" sprung back the good and bad memories in her mind. The memory of people dressed in black and crying came into her mind. Mia was only 5 then so she didn't know what was happening, but now she was 13 and she knew exactly what it was. Funeral. Death. Tears. Questions. Grammy. Gone forever. "Grammy Farais's diary.", Mia turned the page and looked at the writing. It started out about 2 years before Grammy died.

"My sweet daughter Sarah and her husband John visited with Michell today. They are leaving in two days. I am so glad to see them. Little three year old Michell has Danny's eyes, Danny's dark blue eyes, It's been almost five years scence he died. I miss him greatly, but Michell is so much like him, rebelous, cranky, and fights for what she wants. She just threw a fit when Sarah tried to feed her carrots. In the end Sarah finally caved and gave her a cookie. I'm sure Michell will become a great person one day." Mia started to blush and felt a few tears coming up so she flipped the pages a few times.

"Lily-Sue is eightteen and going off to collage just like her mom and her Aunt Sarah. And me. Just like a real Farais woman.",  Lily is Mia's much older cousin who has her own family now. This passage is from when she was four years old. Mia turned the page again.

"Michell's forth birthday party was today. She called me two days ago asking me to come. I think her exact words were,"Gwanny, Gwanny! Come to my party pleez! I'm gona be four yeer old! Peez come!" She's such a great girl. I love her so much. I know she'll be a great preson one day. But hevan help the boy who stands her up for a date, I dread what would have happened if i didn't come! I love her so much." Mia had tears trailing down her face now. She turned the pages some more.The passage was from a few months before she died.

 "I fear I have become ill. The doctors say they can do nothing more." Mia stopped reading there. She knew there were only a few passages left. She turned to almost the end of the book. Small pictures and captions were on the next 4 pages. After looking through pictures of weddings and babys and parties and people, she went to the last page.

 "No one lives forever and neither will I. I want all of my family to read this and sign the back of the book after I am gone. I leave this book to little Michell, my little Mia. I hope you read this book with fond memories of me. Please, when you are older fill in the blank spaces with stories from your life. I love you all so much." Mia's chest was in a knot and she couldn't choose between tears of saddness, or happiness. Mia put the book on top of the box of toys and climbed the ladder back down to the garage of her house. She put the box on the kitchen table and took the book. Just as she was about to rush to her room with book in hand her mom stopped her.

 "What do ya got there Mia?", she asked.

 "Nothing but a few memories.", Mia responded and then rushed to her room.

  Mia looked at the back of the book and counted the signatures. There were nine signs from family she knew, and 4 signs from family she didn't know. Mia opened to the first blank page in the book and just before she started writing she thought of somthing. Turning to the front of the book she wrote "Memory Book", Mia had thought every good book needed a title, so why not this one? Then she went to the back of the book and wrote,"Little Michell." Mia then turned to the first blank page and wrote:

 "Hello I'm Mia. Today I found this book up in the attic. It was written by my late grandmother. I loved her very much. Here's the story of the memory book..."

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