Backcountry Psycho: The Ghastly Death of Todd's Mother.

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An excerpt from Backcountry Psycho-

"The man you’re ready to follow into the wilderness murdered his own mother. Everything Todd has ever done in his life has ended in disaster. Think of Todd as a VCR that eats videotape. The moment you press play, your movie is over.


Submitted: March 21, 2014

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Submitted: March 21, 2014




Based on staggering real events.

By: Patrick McFadden Jr.

An excerpt from Backcountry Psycho-

"The man you’re ready to follow into the wilderness murdered his own mother. Everything Todd has ever done in his life has ended in disaster. Think of Todd as a VCR that eats videotape. The moment you press play, your movie is over.

Todd wasn’t always an evil man, it’s the drugs that turned him into an unpredictable psychopath. Trust me boys, any drug you can make in your own sink is not a drug you want to get hooked on. You’ve seen what Todd looks like, he looks like a cross between an albino and Mad Max who got shot in the face with rock-salt. You’ve seen the pock-marks. And, if you can believe it, he’s only 28 years-old.

The death of Todd’s mother is the worst death I know of and I’ve seen a lot of people die. Todd cooked up this plan to take his mother camping. And, while they were camping, Todd’s girlfriend was set to rob the house and steal all of his mom’s jewelry. Now, mind you, Todd’s mother belonged in the wilderness like an Eskimo belongs on a camel. The woman wasn’t even 50-years-old at the time, but she was already walking around like a cheese-curl and physically broken from years of drinking Prairie Chickens. A Prairie Chicken is mixture of bourbon, egg-yokes, and salt and pepper. Todd’s mother invented the drink out of necessity because she refused to cook.

Well, I don’t know how else to say it: Todd led his mother straight into a bear trap and then left her to be eaten.

Todd filled a backpack with books, magazines and beer, strapped it to his mother’s back and pointed her down a trail littered with snares and bear traps. And, within a few hundred yards she stepped on one. The teeth of a giant steel trap meant for an 800 pound Grizzly nearly split Todd’s mom in half. But, the little woman didn’t die straight away.

After that, Todd took off running. Seeing his mother ripped open like a zipper and hearing her bloodcurdling screams was just too much. He ran all the way back to the car, drove an hour to town, and then went on a ten-day, drug-crazed bender and forgot all about his mom out in the woods. It wasn’t until two weeks later that a few elk-hunters discovered Todd back at the scene rummaging through what was left of his mother’s pocketbook. Now, I know one of the hunters who was there that day, and the story he told made me wish I was born deaf. But, in the end, it was Todd’s mom who had the last laugh.

No one even knows how Todd got his mother out of the house that day, let alone convince her to go camping; we’re all assuming he drugged her. But, a few hours after Todd ran off and left his mom in the bear trap, a Grizzly sow and her cubs strolled out of the trees and started eatin’ the woman alive. It was at this point that Todd’s mom must’ve freed herself from the trap, just enough to grab a pistol she had stashed in her purse.

Todd’s mom squeezed off five rounds into mama-bear while it was sittin’ there chewing off her legs. She even managed to kill one of the cubs. But, what his mom didn’t take into consideration, was that by shooting the bear in the head, it was gonna roll backward and crush her. And, that’s just what happened. And, that’s how she died.

When the authorities went through what was left of her purse, they found, buried at the bottom, Todd’s mother’s last will and testament. It stated that Todd must’ve killed her by now, and that his girlfriend was, in all likelihood, burglarizing the house and dripping blood all over her bedroom. But, incredibly, it also stated that if Todd provided his mother with a proper Christian burial, whether he actually murdered her or not, he was to be awarded the house, the car, and all of her jewelry. Sadly, since Todd can’t read a lick, and he’s totally blinded by the thought of his next high, he ransacked his mother’s purse and grabbed everything except her will, which he probably thought was nothing more than a grocery list.

So, the authorities decided not to tell Todd about his mother’s final will and testament and waited to see if he provided her with a proper burial. Todd’s girlfriend was against any funeral. See, Todd’s mother hated his girlfriend more than she hated Todd. And, before his mom left the house that day to go camping, or should I say, go get eaten, she placed a dull hatchet above her bedroom door, inviting Todd’s girlfriend to come right in and rob her, as long as she didn’t mind getting thumped in the head by a falling ax. Todd’s mother placed that axe perfectly. Todd’s conniving derelict girlfriend lost half of her face and three fingers. From what I’m told, she left trail of blood over a mile long as she hobbled home carrying her fingers. She was so disgusted at one point that she just decided to throw her severed fingers into the river. And, from there an infection grew. Todd’s girlfriend was so deathly afraid of the law and of going back to jail that she decided to let her fingers and head just keep bleeding. And six months after Todd’s mother was eaten by that bear, Todd’s girlfriend died from infection. Her family cremated her body and threw her ashes right in the garbage.

Todd, on the other hand, never did have a funeral for his mother. There’s not even a gravestone saying the woman was ever even on this planet. After 90 days of waiting for a funeral, the authorities brought Todd in and showed him the will. They explained to him that the house, the car, and nearly $50,000 in jewelry could’ve all been his if he just showed his mother a little compassion. But instead, everything went to the owner of the liquor store where Todd’s mother bought her bourbon. When Todd realized he was now getting nothing and would soon be out on the street, do you know what he did? He walked out of the police station, went right back to his mother’s and started an electrical fire that burned down the entire house. If there’s one thing that man knows how to do it’s start a fire. Which is lucky for you two boys, since you’re about to follow him into the wilderness. Have fun on your trip boys, and whatever you think about Todd, don't think he's ever gonna bring you back alive."


A staggering adventure based extraordinary real events.

For decades a chilling myth loomed over a stretch of unexplored wilderness deep in the Rocky Mountains. It was said that somewhere, days away and many miles on foot into the mountains, lived a cluster of men and women who had not been out of the forest for over thirty years. They had cut off all ties with civilization and turned into a pack of murderous savages.

Then, in 1996, they were forced to send one of their own out of the forest. He was a man so wild and dangerous, that many who sent him on his quest prayed he would never return. For a few families; however, he was their only hope. His mission: to find two healthy young men and lure back them into the forest to sire children and put an end to decades of inbreeding and sexual chaos. 

Now, eighteen years later, one of the young men lured into the backwoods and held hostage during the winter of 1996 tells an unprecedented tale. A story that centers around two boys and their unimaginable journey with Todd into a forgotten wilderness to meet the Backcountry Psycho.

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